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Entered as Second-class Mail Matter, at New York, January, 1899.
WM. COWPER CONANT, 468 W. 151st St., New York, Publisher.


As heretofore, the turn of the Year is unmarked by change in the plan of SALVATION, which still seems to have comprehended the most important subjects which it is possible to select; while those less important may well, as they must be dispensed with, in a publication evoked by the peculiar religious needs of the times and not by the mixed aims of projectors. In the hope of presently enlarged opportunity and material for its Jews' department; but with undiminished breadth of view to all the more urgent interests of the truth and kingdom of God; “SALVATION” will continue (if the Lord will) to press the same objects as from the first, in summary as follows:

I. GOD AND REDEMPTION The all-absorbing centre for every Christian's life and hope and powers of every sort.

II. THE REVELATION OF GOD In the Christ and the Prophets and Apostles authenticated by Him; as inerrant and inviolable per se, and also by demonstration that commands the submission of the rational intellect with a force proportioned to its training in the principles of exact, positive and comprehensive science. The same Revelation, further, the object of incessant critical search for its yet imperfectly discovered riches.

III. THE CHURCH OF GOD In the Wilderness, wandering, sinning, ignorant though self-satisfied; yet still the Body of Christ in the world as holding in Him One Absolute, Divine and Undivided Head, and thus inviolably One for the loyalty of every one of His members.

TERMS OF THIS PUBLICATION. While freely placed by the Publisher, as heretofore (so long as providential sustenance may be continued), in all religious, academic and other Reading Rooms that will receive its monthly issues, and also in permanent annual volume form for their Libraries; the support of its expenses (merely mechanical) will devolve in great part upon the subscriptions of such as may find it edifying to themselves or the Church of God. It is not an organ, and has no share in the revenue, of any

mission or of any other body in the world; and no one besides the publisher and those who see fit to help him support it, has any kind of responsibility for it.

Neither, on the other hand, is it charged with any part of the support of any mortal; except the paper-maker and the printer.

THE PRICE OF SUBSCRIPTION is One Dollar a year (calendar); but to no one who finds it or makes it useful will it be withheld on account of inability to pay the full amount. Nothing according to ability will be despised as an equivalent. BACK VOLUMES OF “SALVATION” AS A PREMIUM

FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS. We are anxious that all who have not had an opportunity to follow the Biblical Examinations begun in the first volume of this periodical, shall be enabled to review them in connection with the present and future continuations of the same.


Because the expenditure for printing fresh and clarified views of the Evidences, Truths and Demands of the Most Holy Faith, was justified to the conscience of the Publisher, by a conviction that some of these views are of profound importance in the representation of that Faith to mankind, whether before or after believing. The same conviction, therefore, impels him to offer the first two volumes in paper covers, as far as possible to all NEW SUBSCRIBERS, if desired, without charge; or to such as feel free to pay the cost of binding and postage, at 25 cents each for Volumes I. and II., (1899 and 1900-), or 50 cents for any volume in cloth binding.

We take pleasure in connecting with subscriptions to “SALVATION,” in a club price of $1.50 per year for both, the valuable Jewish-Christian quarterly published by Mr. B. A. M. Schapiro, lately missionary to the Jews in Brooklyn. A range of information on the general Hebrew question and people, not available in a small monthly journal like ours, is afforded the readers of The People, the Land, and the Book," together with a fac simile in miniature of the Hebrew Scroll of the Law kept in the Jewish Synagogues, as a gift to every subscriber.





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How Much of a Christian Can One Be Without Being Saved ?...

Early Conversion, 3; "God's Great Secrets and Great Plans”.

“When the Son of Man Cometh Shall He Find Faith on the Earth?".. 33

What Think We of Christ?....


The Meaning of St. John's Epistle.....,

A Possible Forecast of Providence for American Negroes.


The Law of Life in Christ.


What is on the Lord's Table?.


What do We Mean by Salvation?..


“The Dispensation of the Fullness of the Times”.


A Section of the Day of Judgment. ...


Should We be Willing to be Damned?...


The French and German Mystics—Armelle Nicolas.


Conviction, Repentance and Conversion not Superseded, but Deepened

by Spiritual Progress.



What is Presbyterianism?.


The New Christendom in Heathendom...

Intellectual Degeneracy-Pantheism run Mad.


A Crisis in Methodism, etc.


What is the Test of Christian Fellowship?.


“Transferred to God”—Actually.....,


Where is Jesus ? (During the Dispensation of the Holy Spirit). 321

“Nowhere in Sight.” 324. What is the Key Note?..



HISTORICAL OUTLINE CONTINUED :Moses, the Law, and the Primitive

Gospel, 6; The 40 Years in the Wilderness, 44; The Institution of Laws

and Sacrifices, 75; The Book of 'Numbers,' 109; Period of the Theocracy,

or "Judges,' 136; Jephthah, His Vow, and the Fate of His Daughter, 176;

From Jephthah to Samuel, 199; Period of Theocracy ended with Samuel,

228; The Abortive Kingdom of Saul, 261; The Throne of David, 295 ;

Trial and Fall of the Typical King, 327; The Chastisements of David's

Crimes, 356.

BIBLE REVISIONS REVISED : Matthew xviii:15-20, page 3, xviii:21-35,

p. 47; xix:1-12, p. 48; xix: 13-17, p. 80; xx: p. I-16; xx: p. 17-34; xxi:
1-14, p. 141; xxi:15-32, P. 181; xxi: 33-46, p. 201; xxii:1-13; xxii:15-33,
P. 265; xxii:34-46; xxiii:1-12, p. 332 ; xxiii:13-26; 361.

THE APOCALYPSE: The Evil Æon, Babylon the Type, 12; Assyria the

Type, 49; Tyre the Type, 115; The Great Day of Wrath, 149; Jerusalem the

Type, 182; Israel's Chastisement and Restoration, 202; Judgment and Sal-

vation, in the Latter Days, 243; The Great Day of Jacob's Trouble and

Deliverance, 268; Studies resumed, at Chapter xx, 299; The Last Insur-

rection, Resurrection and Judgment, 333; Mysterious Passing and Restor-

ation of the Earth and the World, 363.

Points on HIGHER CRITICISM: Revival of ‘Theology,' 43; Hist. Short

Method with the Critics, 55; Late Archæological Discoveries, 55; 'Higher
Criticism, its Methods and Originals (Infidels), 81; Unity of Rev. and
Science (Patton), 82; Pan-Theology out of the Question, 83; The Mummy
of Merenptah, 84; No Ethical Basis in Evolution (Patton), 85; Spoiled by

Philosophy and Vain Conceit, 142; The Bible Demands all Tests, 114;

The Testimony of Jesus, 208; The Bible and Anglo-America, 209; Wonder-
ful Remains of Primitive Man, 233; Unity of the Bible Books, 235; Com-
posite Isaiah Impossible, 266; Prophecy proves Inspiration, 267; The Essen-
tial and Everlasting in Religion, 293 ; The Animals of Deuteronomy, 337.


Glimpses of Sunday-School Mission Work, 19, 87, 102, 147, 175, 274, 312,

341, 374. North Bethany Mission, 41, 239. Utah Mission, 276, 309, 343.

Prominences on Mission Fields : India, 40, 279, 304-5, 340. Korea, 43,

236, 373. China, 105, 106, 279, 280, 281, 339. Japan, 282, 340. Turkey,

106, 174, 305. Africa, 105, 106, 306, 373. Am. Indians, 313. Mexico, 278.

MISSIONARY ARTICLES :. “Profitable for all things” for All, 23; Church-

Skipped Essentials, 38; “Doctrine of the Church of the Atonement, 39;

Am. Polish Revolt from Rome, 41; Mountain Men of Tennessee, 86;

The Story of Mme. Tsilka, 89; Awakening of yria, 104; The Word of

God in Arabic, 104; A Divine Challenge, 107; An Intolerable Reproach,

260; The Way to “Revival,” 369; Some of the Lord's Own Today, 370;

Gospel Tents in Philadelphia, etc., 370; What a Chapel Car Can Do, 372;

Missions and Bulgarians, 376.

PRACTICAL PIETY: One who was Persuaded of the Promises, 4; Love and

Emotion Distinct, 5; 'The Man that Died for Me,' 70; Conversion of Young

Children at Musselburg), 143; Speer at Toronto Convention, 100; Caught

by Escaping, 107; Rich, but Rich Toward God, 149; Heaven in the Kitchen,

173; His Love to Me, 273; The Prayer of the Destitute, 293 ; Degeneration

of S. S. Psalmody, 294; Novel Detail in Church Worship, 338; The Atti-

tude of Consecration, 355.


EDITORIALS: Life of John Hall (24) and the Warszawiak Controversy,

26; Why has N. Y. but a Single Mission for 300,000 Jews? The Latest

*Christian' Work of the Moneyed Combine (Tjader), 31, 62. What Do the

Christians Believe about Jesus? 56. Help in Mission Meetings, 63. Jewish

Work, Grand Street, 92. Gradually Turning, 93. Jewish Bible Class (on

Acts), 188; Israel Divides, 217. Mr. Warszawiak a “Faith Missionary,” 211.

New Status of the Warszawiak Mission, 250. Who are the 'Lost Tribes?'

154, 254. The Jewish Sabbath, 255. Grand Street Mission in July and

August, 283. Wanted a Living Judaism, 288. Jewish Intolerance Intoler-

able, 314. A Marvellous Thing and a Great Occasion, 344. The Great Day

of Atonement, 345. The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, 379.

Present New Aspect, Grand Street, 380. Financial, 251, 346, 382.

LETTERS from MR. WARSZAWIAK, 58, 124, 186, 213, 252, 317.

Various Jewish Missions in New York: 62, 93, 94, 122, 126, 128, 348.

Jews and Missions Abroad: Morocco, 95, 123; Glasgow, 120; London,

120, 224; Persia, 223; Jews in the McAll Mission, Paris, 377; Chicago,
127, San Francisco, 185, 285.

JEWISH MISCELLANY: Increasing Affliction, Europe, 64. Jewish Colony
at Roesnhayn, N. J., 127. Ben-Zion M. Gordon, 153. Present Position
of the Jews, 155. Jewish Assistance, 191. For a Revival of Christian
Zionism, 222. Jewish Agr. Aid in Chicago, 256. Christian Hebrews, Or-
ganize! 256. Burial of Chief Rabbi in N. Y., 286. Jews Opening to
Christianity, 346. Repudiate Messianic Psalms and Prophets, 247. Jew-
ish New Year and Atonement Ceremonies, 349. A Picture of Palestine, 350.
A Glimpse of Jerusalem, 352. Call to Prayer for Israel, 351.

The Only Firm Ground for Christian Assurance. 1


BEING SAVED ? Many will say unto Me in that Day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in thy name, and by thy name cast out demons, and by thy name exercise many powers? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you. Matt. VII:22-3.

If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass or a clamorous cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophesy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith so as to remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing. And if I bestow all my goods to feed [the poor), and if I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profiteth me nothing. 1 Cor. XIII:1-3.

These quotations have doubtless been a terror to many sincere followers of Christ. For what fruit of the Spirit or evidence of salvation can we name, except the intangible element of love, that is not here declared compatible with a state of damnation ? Nay, what is the evidence of love itself, that is not here named among those exercises that may have nothing to do with it? And as to the consciousness of love in itself, as sentiment or emotion, who does not know that every emotion known to man may be cultivated, up to any pitch of tears, or zeal, or self-sacrifice, by sufficiently purposeful and persistent practice, under natural motives, without producing or involving anything similar to the all-round goodness of God in Christ, which is undoubtedly what Paul, John and the other Apostles, with their common Master, meant by the word love. I remember, many years ago, the case of a woman among the most devoted and saintly-esteemed members of a church, whose cruelty to a little 'bound' girl in her house was so outrageous as to invoke the interposition of the law for her punishment and the release of her victim. Here was an evident instance of religiosity cultivated to an unusually high degree, without abating in all directions, in one direction, at least, the depravity of that nature from which we are to seek salvation. Such inconsistencies between the parts of character in individuals are rife, in smaller degrees, within the religious acquaintance of all, and, alas, within the personal experience of the most of us. Special philanthropy, as well as special zeal for Christian truth and Church, has been too often conspicuously displayed in connection with a malignity that passed the border of natural human wickedness at its worst.

We need not go to any of these extremes of inconsistency, to find in ourselves enough of the same kind of thing, to be terror-stricken

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