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599 Winona & St. Peter R. Co., Smith








(Minnesota Supreme Court, December 9, 1889.) Special Findings-Motion to Set Aside-New Trial.-When there is a general verdict, and also special findings of fact, it is not proper practice to move to set aside one of the findings of fact as contrary to the evidence, without asking for a new trial of the whole issue or of that particular question of fact, especially if setting it aside would require a judgment different from what would be required if it were allowed to stand.

Obstruction of Surface Waters-Construction of Railroad Across Prairie.The rule that a land-owner may improve his own land for the purpose for which similar land is ordinarily used, and may do what is necessary for that purpose—as, to build upon it, or raise or lower its surface, even though the effect may be to prevent surface water which before flowed upon it from coming upon it, or to draw from adjoining land surface water that would otherwise remain there, or to shed surface water over land on which it would not otherwise go-applied to a railroad company constructing its road across a prairie country.

APPEAL from District Court, Clay County.
W. B. Douglass for appellant.
M. D. Grover and W. E. Dodge for respondent.

GILFILLAN, C. J.-From the course of the trial in this case, as shown by the settled statement of the case, it is apparent that the parties did not, by consent, enter upon the

Complaint. trial of any other than the issues made by the pleadings. This makes it necessary to refer to the complaint to ascertain what issues it presents; that is, what act of the defendant it alleges as wrongful. It alleges that the defendant wrongfully, unlawfully, wantonly, negligently, and maliciously cut, dug, and made, and caused to be dug, cut, and made, two certain large ditches about six miles in length, one on each side of its roadbed, parallel with and about ten feet from it, and connected them by means of five large culverts, the locations of which are given, the ditches running through large quantities of low and wet land, and which ditches did and do gather and accumulate large quantities of water by draining said low and wet lands, and did and do at certain seasons of the year convey large and enormous quantities of surface water from said culverts and from said two ditches, which water, by reason of and on account of said ditches and culverts, was unnecessarily made and forced to run in large and destructive currents through the ditches and culverts over large quantities of land, including that of plaintiff, whereby plaintiff's land was overflowed and covered with water, damaging his crops. It is not alleged that there was anything wrongful in the mode of constructing the ditches or culverts; that the former were (if properly there) either too large or too small, or were unskillfully or badly constructed ; or that the latter were badly constructed, or were insufficient in capacity or number, or improperly located ; or that either ditches or culverts as constructed were unnecessary to the proper construction of the railroad. The complaint really calls in question only the right of the defendant to have the ditches and culverts there, even though necessary to the railroad, if their effect would be to accumulate surface water, and cause it to flow on plaintiff's land, where it would

not otherwise flow. The jury rendered a general verdict in favor of the plaintiff

, and also returned answers to 16 specific questions of fact, which the court submitted to them to find upon. The plaintiff moved to set aside one of the special findings on the ground that it was contrary to the evidence, which motion was denied; and the defend. ant moved to set aside the general vereict, because inconsistent with the special findings, and for judgment on the special findings, which motion was granted, and judgment was accordingly entered, and the plaintiff appealed.

Where there is a general verdict and also special findings, we do not think it proper practice to move to set aside one

of the special findings upon an essential fact on the Motion to set aside finding. ground that it is contrary to evidence, without ask

ing to have a new trial, either of the whole issue or of the particlar question of fact. If such a finding could be set aside on that ground, leaving the general verdict and other special findings to stand, then, if setting it aside would require a judgment different from what would be required if it were retained, the setting it aside on the ground stated would have the effect of a trial by the court without the jury.


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