the example of a house so unfortunate as that of the Stuarts, stands unprecedented in history.

The first of the Scottish Kings, whose name was James, after having been eighteen years a prisoner in England, was assassinated with his wife, by his own subjects. James II. his son, was killed at the age of 29, in fighting against the English! James III. was thrown into prison by his people, and afterwards perished in a battle against the revolters. James IV. was defeated, and slain. Mary Stuart, his granddaughter, driven from her throne, became a fugitive in England, and, after having languished eighteen years in confinement, was condemned to die, by English judges, and beheaded.

Charles I. (grandson of Mary,) King of England and Scotland, sold by the Scotch, and adjudged to death by the English ; perished on the public scaffold. James, his son, the seventh of the name in Scotland, and the second in England, was driven from his three kingdoms; and, to add to his misfortunes, even the legitimacy of his son was disputed.

The attempt of James the Second's son to ascend the throne of his ancestors, was productive only of the death of his friends, by the hands of the executioner: and we have seen Charles Edward in vain uniting the virtues of his ancestors, and the courage of King John Sobieski, his maternal uncle, performing exploits, and experiencing misfortunes the most incredible. If any thing can justify those who believe in an irresistible fatality, it is the continued misfortunes that persecuted the house of Stuart, for the space of 300 years.


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