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No. 230.]

AUGUST 1, 1812.

[1 of Vol. 34.

As long as those who write are ambitious of, making Converts, and of giving their Opinions a Maximum of

Influence and Celebrity, the most extensively circulated Miscellany will repay with the greatest Eftet the Curiosity of Chuse who read, whether it be for Amusement or for Instruction. -- JOHNSON.

ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine.

Alvaon, 15th April. SIR,

I now proceed to give you an account EEMING the following interesting of the stormning of Badajoz. D account worthy of a less perishable

At eight o'clock at night, on Monday record than the columns of a Newspaper, the 5th of April, we were formed without I transmit it for insertion in your Maga- knapsacks, and in half an hour marched zine. It was communicated to me by a

in an indirect line towards the town, mutual friend, as exhibiting a striking pic- under strict orders,

" that not a whisper ture of war in reality divesied of the should be heurd!" Part of the 5th divie pride, pomp, and circumstance,” of its sion were to attack the town on the south parade. Su splendid, and yet at the same side, wbile the third division, to which I ume so mourniul an event, to many fa was attached, with their ladders were to milies, as the storming and capture of scale the citadel, and the rest were to Badajoz, has rarely occurred in modern assault the grand breach. times.

I procured a soldier's jacket, a fireluck, A. 0. C.

sixty round of ballecartridges, and was on Ketiering, June 10, 1812.

the right of my company.

But, before I proceed, I will give you Camp before Badajoz, 5th April, 1812. some information which I have since obe MY DEAE FRIEND,

tained, to shew you where, and to what, I arrived here a few days since, with a we were going! The governor is allowed detachment, by Villa Franca, Santarem, to be one of the best engineers in the Thumar, Abrantes, and Elvas, We march. French service, and he has so proved ed fourteen days op a hilly country, about himself; though our fire was continued eighteen miles a day, without halling, at the breach, he had pieces of wood Tie Portuguese bebaved tolerably well, fastened into the ground, with sword but they usually put on a most forbidding blades and bayonets fixed to them, slanting aspect when presented with a billet, outwards; behind this a chevaux de (looking like some people in England frieze was chained at both ends across when they receive a lawyer's bill,) yet I the breach; the beain of it about a foot met with good accommodations in general, square, with points on all sides projecting except at Abrantes. An opinion is very about a yard from the centre, and behind prevalent among the common Portuguese that was a trench four feet wide and four that they are under no obligation to us; deep. Covering all these, soldiers were they therefore make their market of us, planted eight deep, the two first ranks to and will be sorry whenever the war is fi- fire as fast as they could, and those beBished. The more enlightened think, hind to load for ihem. Thus prepared, however, very differently; their soldiers he told the men, “ if they stuck to their improve much; and we have two fire re: posts, all the troops in the world could gineits with us.

not enter.” Trenches were also dug We expect to storm Badajoz to-night about fifty yards round the breach in case in three separate places, so I shall soon did in! In short the oldest offi. see real service; and it is expected to be cers say that no place has been defended very sharp work unless they surrender, with so much science and resolution in our which is not likely, as General Philippon times. very determined fellow. The French



On the march all was silent, except seem, however, to be short of powder that our cannon kept up their fire at the and shot; or perhaps they are reserving breaches, till we got within a quarter of it for us to.might. They fie a shell or a mile of the town, when there were two bomb about every two minutes, while we or three fire-balls thrown from it in diffekeep up a constant fire upon the breaches rent directions, one of which falling close and upon the town.

to us, we silently whispered to each

other, “ Now it will begin!" As the MONTHLY Mag. No, 230.


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