The subject of laying out and making gardens has been intentionally avoided, believing that space is more profitably occupied with cultural directions, and in explaining the principles and practice of arranging, flowers. It is, however, hoped that some, if not all, of the designs given may prove suggestive to those concerned in laying out or remodelling groups of beds in flower-gardens; although their special object is to illustrate the principles which the Author conceives should guide the flowergardener in planting. Simplicity instead of intricacy of design has been studied as being compatible with beauty, and most generally applicable.

To be practically useful to all classes of learners, has been the object throughout the whole work. The selection of plants and their treatment have been given, not from the florists' but from the popular point of view, and with an eye to general effect in flower-beds and borders.

Archerfield Gardens, Drem,
January 10, 1868.

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Wintering Tender Plants In Cold Frames—Management

Before Planting-out—Preparation Of Beds And Soil, 108

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