Out West, Volum 19

Land of Sunshine Publishing Company, 1903
Includes reports and notices of the Southwest Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

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Side 206 - ... flesh, by which many of them became so tame, that they would lie about him in hundreds, and soon delivered him from the rats. He likewise tamed some kids ; and, to divert himself, would, now and then, sing and dance with them, and his cats : So that by the...
Side 334 - ... manly habitude Of upright souls be mine. Let winds that blow from heaven refresh, Dear Lord, the languid air ; And let the weakness of the flesh Thy strength of spirit share. And, if the eye must fail of light, The ear forget to hear, Make clearer still the spirit's sight, More fine the inward ear ! Be near me in mine hours of need To soothe, or cheer, or warn, And down these slopes of sunset lead As up the hills of morn ! THE BREWING OF SOMA. "These libations mixed with milk have been prepared...
Side 102 - Great storage works are necessary to equalize the flow of streams and to save the flood waters. Their construction has been conclusively shown to be an undertaking too vast for private effort.
Side 102 - It is as right for the National Government to make the streams and rivers of the arid region useful by engineering works for water storage as to make useful the rivers and harbors of the humid region by engineering works of another kind.
Side 730 - YEARS by MILLIONS of MOTHERS for their CHILDREN WHILE TEETHING, with PERFECT SUCCESS. IT SOOTHES THE CHILD, SOFTENS the GUMS, ALLAYS all PAIN, CURES WIND COLIC, and is the best remedy for DIARRHfEA. Sold by Druggists in every part of the world. Be sure and ask for Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, and take no other kind.
Side 102 - Constitution declares one of the objects to be to provide for the common defense and to promote the general welfare...
Side 205 - ... so that he said he was a better Christian while in this solitude than ever he was before, or than, he was afraid, he should ever be again.
Side 205 - ... the woods and up the rocks and hills, as we perceived when we employed him to catch goats for us. We had a bull-dog, which we sent with several of our nimblest runners, to help him in catching goats ; but he distanced and tired both the dog and the men, catched the goats, and brought them to us on his back.
Side 541 - The arts are, I believe, about to take upon their shoulders the burdens that have fallen from the shoulders of priests, and to lead us back upon our journey by filling our thoughts with the essences of things, and not with things.
Side 205 - Duchess" showed a French ensign. Immediately our pinnace returned from the shore, and brought abundance of cray-fish, with a man clothed in goat's skins, who looked wilder than the first owners of them.

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