Mississippi river opposite Hannibal, in the State of Missouri, on the south-east quarter of section number seventeen, in town.

ship number four south, and range eight west of the fourth Exclusive principal meridian; and they shall have the exclusive right right for 30 to ferry across said river from said point for and during the

term of thirty years, which said exclusive right shall extend one mile up and one mile down the said Mississippi river from the point at which said ferry may be established, on the said south-east quarter of section seventeen, hereinbefore

more fully described. Cley turnpike Sec. 2. In consideration of said grant the said Glascock

and Hawkins, their heirs and assigns, shall locate and construct a good and substantial clay turnpike road from said ferry through the lowland east of said ferry to the highland, intersecting the road from Atlas, in Pike county, to Quincy, in Adams county, at or near the farm of Dennis Davis, the

whole distance being about six miles; the width of said road Width of road shall not be less than eighty feet, and shall be graded where

bridges and culverts shall not be necessary, as follows, viz: from the river to the first slough, the distance being about threefourths of one mile, the grade is to be three feet in height,

neatly rounded, and from the said slough to the Snycartee, To be graded. the road is to be graded and raised two-feet in the centre,

and from the Snycartee to the highlands, near Dennis Davis's, the average grade of said road shall be three feet, the slopes shall be gradual, not less than two feet horizontal to one foot perpendicular, and when finished to be at least twenty.

five feet surface on the top of the grade; a good and substanFrame bridge tial frame bridge shall be erected across Snycartee, and un

til the erection of said bridge a good boat or boats shall be

kept and hands to ferry over said stream. Ferry to be es- Sec. 3. The said Glascock and Hawkins shall have said tablished

road opened and graded, and a ferry erected at the said Misyears.

sissippi river, and at the said Snycartee, within three years from the passage of this act; the bridge to be erected within five years over the said Snycartee; the said Glascock and

Hawkins, their heirs and assigns, shall be allowed the right Right of way. of way over all lands on wbich said road shall be located, and

shall be liable to the owner or owners thereof for any damage which may be sustained to private property by reason of the location and opening of said road, which said damage shall be assessed in the same manner that damages are now asses

sed in similar cases. Boats, &c. Sec. 4. The said Glascock and Hawkins, their heirs and assigns, shall

erect and keep at the said ferry on the river a good and sufficient boat or boats, to be propelled by horse or steain power, safe and convenient to pass over said river all travellers and other persons who may desire to cross the same, and all horses, wagons, carriages, and other property, of whatever kind or description, speedily and without delay, and they shall be and are hereby authorized to receive such




rates of toll for the same as may be established by the county Tolls.
commissioners' court of Pike county, which shall in no in-
stance be less than is charged at Quincy, in Adams county,
or Louisiana, in Pike county, Missouri; the rates of toll at
the Snycartee shall not exceed one-third the amount allow-
ed for crossing persons and property over the said Missis-
sippi river.

Sec. 5. It is hereby made binding on the said proprietors Rates of ferof said ferry, their heirs and assigns, to keep up at the river riage to kept ferry, in large letters and figures, the rates of ferriage allowed by the court aforesaid, to give strict attention to said ferries, to facilitate the crossing of persons and property with Road kept in safety and without delay, and to keep said road in good repair.

repair. Sec. 6. Whenever the said Glascock and Hawkins, their heirs and assigns, shall manifestly fail or neglect to comply When charter with the requisitions of this act, a reasonable allowance being made for high water and cases of emergency, the circuit court of Pike county may, on a full investigation of the facts and the evidence adduced, and in view of the justice of the case, declare this charter null and void; and it is hereby expressly provided that this act is not to be binding upon or create any liability on the part of the State, to secure to the Not binding said Glascock and Hawkins, their heirs or assigns, the rights and privileges herein granted to them, unless they shals legally and equitably possess themselves of the land on which said ferry at the river is to be established, hereinbefore more particularly described.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

null and void.

on the State.

An ACT supplementary to an act entktled "An act to incorporate the
Cairo city and canal company," approved, March 4th, 1837. In force Febo

17, 1841. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the powers con- Powers of ciferred upon the city council of the city of Quincy, and con- ty of Quincy tained in sections numbered from one to forty-one inclusive, of made applica

ble to the city article five of the act entitled “An act to incorporate the city of Cairo. of Quincy," approved, February third, one thousand eight hundred and forty, and such other powers in said act contained as shall be applicable to the hereinafter named city of Cairo, or shall be necessary and proper for the exercise of the powers hereby granted, be and the same are hereby conferred upon the Cairo city and canal company, incorporated in and by the act entitled “An act to incorporate the Cairo city and canal company," approved, March fourth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven; to be exercised by said company and those claiming under them, only in township number seventeen south, in range number one west of the third principal meridian, in Alexander county, in the State of Illinois, and within the boundaries of said city of Cairo, and only in

so far as shall be expedient and necessary, and for the pros. perity, good order, health, benefit and government of the said city of Cairo, and all persons being or residing within the limits thereof; reserving, however, to the General Assembly the power so to alter or amend from and after ten years from the passage hereof, such of the provisions of this act as the public good of said State, and the prosperity of said city of Cairo shall require.

Sec. 2. All suits, actions and prosecutions instituted or

brought under this act, shall be instituted, brought and proseSuits how cuted in the name of "The City of Cairo.' brought.

Sec. 3. All actions, fines, penalties and forfeitures, accruing under this law, or under the resolutions and ordinances made in pursuance thereof, not inconsistent with the laws and Constitution of this State and of the United States, may be prosecuted and sued for before any justice of the peace in said county, to be used for the improvement o: benefit of said city of Cairo, and appeals shall be allowed in all cases arising under the provisions of this act, or of any ordinauce or resolution passed in pursuance thereof, to the circuit court in and for said county of Alexander, and every such appeal shall be taken and granted in the same manner and with like effect as appeals are authorized to be taken from the de cisions of justices of the peace under the general laws of this State.

Approved, February 17, 1841.

An ACT to incorporate the Pbilomathean Society of Mount Carmel

, In force, Feb.

Illinois. 18, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinoi. represented in the General Assembly, That the officers and mer bers of the Philomathean society of Mount Carmel, Illinois

and their successors be, and they are hereby constituted a Name & style body politic and corporate, by the name and style aforesaii

and invested with all the rights, privileges, liabilities and in munities incident to a corporate bod

Sec. 2. The objects of said society are, and shall be, ki Objects of as- promote and encourage literature and the mental and inor sociation. culture of its members. And they are authorized and empor

ered to adopt and execute such measures, to effect said objects as may be deemed most expedient.

SEC. 3. The said corporation shall have power to esta By-laws and lish and change by-laws, and to prescribe rules and regula rules.

tions for the admission and dismission of its members, and the government and election of their officers, and their duties, a

the management of its property and affairs. Miners to be SEC. 4. Minors shall be admitted members of the socie admitted.

and such honorary members may be elected as the socie Proviso.

may think fit; Provided, That three regular members of

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twenty-one years of age, be elected in accordance with the
laws of the society, as trustees of the same; which said trus-
tees shall be sworn in by a justice of the peace, and when so
qualified shall constitute a board, through which said society
shall act in relation to the community generally.
Sec. 5. The annual income of the real and personal es-

Annual intate, which the said corporation may hold, shall not exceed come not to

exceed $3,000 three thousand dollars.

Sec. 6. The legislature may at any time modify, alter or Powers repeal this act or any of its provisions, should the corpora-served to Letion abuse any of its privileges hereby granted.

gislature. Approved, February 18, 1841.


An ACT to incorporate the Salem Steam-mill Company.

in force, Feb.

20, 1841. Sec. l. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That all such persons who may hereafter become subscribers to the stock hereinafter described, shall be and they are hereby constituted a body pulitic and corporate, by the name and style of the “Salem Name & style. Steam-Mill Company,” and by that name and style they and their successors shall, in law, be capable of suing and being sued, plead and being impleaded in all courts and places whatsoever, may have a common seal, and alter the same at pleas- Powers of corure, they shall be capable in law of purchasing, holding, and poration. conveying real and personal estate for the uses and purposes of said incorporation, which real estate shall not exceed one acre of ground in the town of Salem for the purpose of erecting said mill upon the same, and one hundred and sixty acres of land elsewhere, whereon to erect the necessary enclosures for carrying on the business of said company.

Sec. 2. The corporation hereby constituted shall have Location power to erect a steam-mill in the town of Salem, and State mill. of Illinois, and are hereby authorized to commence and carry on the manufactory of flour, corn-meal and lumber, to export the same and other products of the country and to exercise all such powers and privileges as may be necessary to conduct Powers the said manufactory according to the object of this act as privileges. herein expressed.

Sec. 3. The capital stock of said company shall consist of six thousand dollars (with the privilege of increasing the same Capital stock. to fifteen thousand dollars) to be divided into shares of fifty dollars each.

Sec. 4. For the purpose of carrying into effect the object of this coporation, Mark Tully, Samuel Hull, Urial Mills, John W. Roach, and George E. Lester, are hereby appointed com. Comr's to obmissioners to obtain subscriptions to the capital stock of said tain subscripcompany; the said commissioners, or a majority of them, after tions to capigiving public notice thereof in some newspaper printed in this



[ocr errors]

State, shall open books of subscription to said stock at such time and places as they may direct, and keep the same open until at least one hundred and twenty shares shall have been

subscribed. At the time of subscribing, every subscriber shall Amount to be be required to pay two dollars for each and every share for paid on sub- which he may have subscribed. When the aforesaid sum of scribing six thousand dollars shall have been subscribed, or within fifty

days thereafter, it shall be the duty of said commissioners, or a majority of them, to call a meeting of the stockholders at Salem, by public notice, published in some newspaper of this

State. Election of di- SEC. 5. At said meeting the stockholders of said compa. rectors. ny shall proceed to elect five directors, who shall manage, di

rect and govern the affairs of said company, for the period of one year from the time of said election, and until their successors are elected and qualified. At said election each stockholder shall be entitled to one vote for each and every share

he may hold, and a majority of all the votes given shall be Annual elec- necessary to a choice. The directors shall be annually election.

ted on the first Monday of the month in which the first elec. tion shall take place.

SEC. 6. Immediately after the directors are chosen, as aforesaid, they shall hold a meeting, at which, and at all sub

sequent meetings of said board, a majority of the directors Election of shall constitute a quorum, they shall elect a president from president. their own body, and a secretary who shall be sworn by a jus

tice of the peace, to the faithful performance of his duty, and Secretary to who shall record all acts of the board of directors in a book record all pro- to be kept by him for that purpose, a treasurer who shall give ceedings. bond to such amount, and in such manner as the said presi

dent and directors may direct, and the board shall appoint all

other officers and agents as to them shall seem necessary. To make by- SEC. 7. The said president and directors shall have power laws. &

to make and ordain all such by-laws, rules and regulations, as shall be necessary, not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of this State, and to secure the payment and collection of the subscriptions to its stock and the transfer of the same or of property, and to do all things necessary for the faithful

management and direction of the affairs of said company. In case a fail- Sec. 8. If it shall happen that any election shall not be ure to elect. made on the day when, by the provisions of this act, it should

be made, the corporation shall not for that reason be dissolved; but such election may be held on any other day within sixty days thereafter, public notice being given of the same in some newspaper of the State.

Sec. 9. * This act shall remain in force for twenty years, and take effect from and after its passage, shall be deemed a public act, and shall be construed favorably for the purposes herein expressed in all courts and places whatsoever.

· Approved, February, 20, 1841.

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