shall be stopped, obstructed, impaired, weakened, injured or destroyed, the person so offering [offending] shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall forfeit and pay to said corporation triple the amount of damages, sustained by means of such offence and injury, to be recovered in the name of said corporation, with costs of suit by action of debt, and shall be subject to indictment and punishment for high crimes and misdemeanors as in other cases. Time of com- Sec. 7. The said company shall commence the railroad

mencement&.hereby authorized to be made within two years from .

completion of J * ■ , ,_i-4._

railroad. i . and complete

the same within ten years, otherwise this act shall be null and

void. , ,

May join oth- Sec. 8. The said corporation is hereby authorized to join er railroads, any other railroad now or hereafter to be incorporated, and put in operation, at sucli place, and on such terms as may be mutually agreed upon by the said companies, or in case of disagreement by said companies, upon such terms and at such places as the court of chancery of the district where, such connection is desired, shall decree, upon-bill filed, or suit insti-. tuted for that purpose. Land held by Sec. 9. That the quantity of land authorized to be held company. by said company shall be increased from two thousand acres

to seven thousand acres. Powers. Sec. 10. That if after the necessary surveys for the con

struction of said railroad shall have been made, it shall appear to said company that a canal from their said mines to said Mississippi river, or the making navigable the said Big Muddy river is preferable, that then, and in that case, said company are hereby authorized to lay off and construct a canal from the said mines to the said Mississippi river, or make navigable the said Big Muddy river, and the above enactments so far as the same are applicable, shall, and the same are hereby declared to be in full force and effect. Act deemed Sec. 11. This act shall be deemed and taken as a public public. act, and as such shall be taken notice of by all courts of justice in this State, without the necessity of pleading the same.

Sec. 12. At the next general meeting of the directors, [they] may adjourn to such place as may be adopted within said county as may promote the interest of the company and for the convenience of the directors. Stockholders Sec. 13. The stockholders of said institution shall always liable. beheld, severally, liable to [for] the debts ofsaidcompany to the 'full amount of the stock held by them at the time of their

joint indebtedness. y

Approved, February 26, 1841.

An ACT to incorporate the Illinois Agricultural and Stock Association. In force, Feb.

26, *841.

Sec. 1. Be il enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That Daniel Smedley, **TMTM °TM*" Joseph Duncan, Aquilla Becroft, Thomas Wiswall, James porate Dunlap, William Brown, Silas Massey, James Green, John Semple, Benjamin Hamilton, Henry Sanderson, Jacob Strown, S. M. Chambers, J. T. Cassell, William King, Adam Allison, J. T. Holms, James Halleday, Elihu Walcott and John T. Jones, of Morgan county, William Gillam, Scott Rigs and Elisha Hitt, of Scott county, H. G. Bowers, James M. Bradford, N. W. Edwards, John Williams, James D. Smith, W. Renshaw, Robert Allen and John Crowder, of Sangamon county, John H. Burriss, Elon Eland, Thomas Hobson, George Woodman, John Caldwell, John Hewitt, Isham Linder, and William Yates, of Greene county, be, and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, jm j

under the name of the "Illinois Agricultural and Stock Asso-^TMe an(1 ciation." /

Sec. 2. The objects of this association shall be to encourage agriculture in all its branches, domestic manufactures, and to improve the stock of the State.

Sec. 3. To carry out the objects of the association, it May purchase shall be invested with power to lease or purchase in fee sim- lands pie, and hold real estate in one or more parcels, not ex- .'./,!,„..j

ceeding three hundred and twenty acres, situated in the county of Morgan, for the purpose of establishing thereupon a pattern farm and other improvements connected with the objects of the association. •

Sec. 4. The association shall be empowered to import Mar import stock from ahy portion of the world, and at their exhibitions8took" to grant premiums aj private donations, which it is hereby authorized to receive, and the funds of the association may in the estimation of the directors justify.

Sec 5. The association shall be empowered to establish Agricultural an agricultural school, and to do such acts as may be necessary thereto.

Sec. 6. The capital stock of the association, independent Capital stock of the real estate, shall not exceed fifty thousand dollars, which shall be divided into shares of twetity-five dollars each, one dollar on the share to be paid in at the time of subscrip-; tion, and the remainder at such times and places as the board of directors may require: Provided, That no more than fifty Proviso. i cents on the dollar may be called for in any one year, nor may any call be payable until public notice shall have been given thereof, by publication for four successive weeks in a weekly newspaper printed in Jacksonville and Springfield, Any stockholder who shall fail for the space of two months after the publication of said notice, to pay the call upon his fofgit(^ en stock, shall forfeit the same to the association.

Sec 7. It shall be the duty of the corporators to open books in Jacksonville, in Morgan county, and at such other

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placesas they may deem expedient for the subscription of stock, and so soon as stock to the amount of five thousand dollars shall be subscribed, it shall be the duty of the corporators to call a meeting of the stockholders to be holden inJacksonville,.four weeks notice of the time and place of said, meeting to be given in a weekly paper printed in Jacksonville aforesaid. , •

I §bc 8. When the stockholders shall have assembled, they shall elect a chairman and secretary, and then proceed to elect by ballot (each share bejng entitled to one vote) a-president, two vice-presidents, a secretary, treasurer, and [board of seven directors, of which board the president, vice-presidents and secretary shall, tx-ufficio, be members, who snail continue in office during one year, and until their successors shall have been duly elected and given bond, when a bond shall be required.

Sec. 9. It shall be the duty of the chairman and secreta ry to certify under their hands and seals, the result of said election to the clerk of the counly commissioners' court of Morgan county, who shall record the name [same] and file the original in his office, and the original or a certified copy, under the seal of the court, of the record of the same, shall be deemed evidence of the organization of the association.

Sec. 10. Said corporation shall be empowered to sue and, be supc|, p'ead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, adopt a private seal and change it at pleasure, and adopt by-laws and change the same, and do such other acts as natural persons may: Provided, They are consistent with the Constitution and objects of this act.

Sec. 11, The treasurer shall be required to give bond for the faithful discharge of the duties which shall from time to time be imposed upon him by the by-laws of the association, in such sum as the association may prescribe, with at least two substantial freeholders of the county of Morgan asi his sureties.

Sec 12. The association may do such acts and employ such agents as.may be appropriate in carrying out the provisions of this act^ but shall never permit gaming, or the sale of ardent spirits, or the running or trotting of horse against horse upon their grounds or elsewhere, under the penalty of a forfeiture of this charter.

Sec. 13. Any stockholder who shall directly or indirectly make any bet upon the result of any test which shall be made of tjie speed or .qualities of any horse or other species of stocky under the direction of the association, or upon the result of any exhibition of any species of stock, or of articles of domestic'■ industry, or the products of the soil, shall forfeit his(t stock, and cease to be a member of the association. And thaTany person, other than a stockholder* who shall bet or offer jtp bet upon any,of the.results aforesaid, whilst upon t^gTPWnds of the association, phaU be subject to, a penally often dollars, to he recovered m the name of the' association, for its.'own use, before any justice of the peace of the county of Morgan. .;-tn., l'i •-. -:.' •

Sec. 14. . The stock of said association shall be considered stook declarpersonal property, and the charter hereby granted shall con-ed personal tinue in force for the term of twenty years from the passage *jroper,y hereof., j :.-,' .};in. \:u- !i .Approved, February 26,1811. -i.i..i aji ijq in-. .•'n; •! jr. :i •. .•.". : .i- . '.':•. .. ° „. ,.: ...—. :\ . ..i .,:'::?. -,.i ii,.i,q ... ll. • .• . . i: EH...i* .•:j.: s'n .i

An ACT to incorporate the Nauvoo Agricultural and Manu"cturing As-. ;,, ,,, . ,. .sociution, in the county of Hancock. •.•• .':• "• ..! "'.iln force Feb. . .; . .•.„! .-_...( vii -,ol : ,. ..- 27,1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State mf Illinois,. represented in the General Assembly^ That Sidney :Rigdon, ,, ,r.m . . .•..'. George W. Robinson, Samuel James, Wilson Larr, Daniel H. Wells, Hyram Smith, George Miller, William Marks, iReter Haws, Vinson Knight, John Scott, Don C. Smith, William Huntington, senior, Ebenezer Robinson, R. B. Thompson, William Law, James Aired, John T. Barnett, TheodoreTurley, John C. Bennett, Julias Higbee, Isaac Higbee, Joseph k' Smith, A. Cutter, Israel Bajjlpw,, R. D. Foster, John F. Olney, John Snide.r,. J^onard/,Soby, Q,rBon,Pratt, James Kelley, Sidney Knowlton^ John -p. Greene, John F. Weld, and their associates and,,e,.hereby constituted, a body corporate and politic, by the name of the "Nauvoo Agricultural and Manufacturing Association," and, by that name shall be capable of suing and being: sued, pleading and being ina-., --• .•j

pleadgd, answering and being answered in all courts and „ .

places, an,d may have, a common seal, and may alter the same 8tJie at pleasure. „- . -,, .[:.Ai\, s-- •-.,.-. !i. ,\> e-\ ••.: m i-nc

Sec. 2, . .Tbe,sple. objects and purposes of said association .

shall: be: for the promotion of agriculture and husbandry inp°^°9°*~ all its branches, and for the manufacture of flour, lumber, and usefulaE^cies)fts,are'peoessary for the ordinary parposes of life./:! liu-n Hi.oiv- •• ....t-• ifv i- -i

Sec. ,3. . The.capi ta| stock p,f said association shall be oneCa i(al Btock hundred thousand dollarsj with the privilege of increasing it to the g_u,m ofthree hundred thousand dollars, to be divided intoshares of nftydpllars,which shall be considered personal pro-T perty, and be assignable in such manner as theisaid corporation may by its by-laws provide; which capital stock shall be escluH sively devoted to the objects a#d purposes set forth in the sec- M hoW re_ ond section of this act, and to no other objects and purposes, ai estaten•...'' and to the same end the said corporation shall have power to0 purchase, hold and convey real estate and other property to the amount of its capital. :•-•-j'-.:.ii v". .i. ti .. ,•.!.• I' • • %-1aws

Sec. 4. Said corporation, shall have power, by its trus- „..•. .'.;

tees, or a majorjty pf them present at any regularly called:

3eeting, to make such by-laws for its own government* fort (^purpose,of carrying qu^the objects of this association: Frwtfed, . The,;same arft,PPt repugnant to the .laws and, Con?stitutidn of this State or of the United States.

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Subscriptions Sec. 5, Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon and William Law shall be commissioners *o receive subscriptions for and distribute said capital stock for said corporation. Said Commissioners, or a majority of them, shall within six months after • the passage of this act, either by themselves or their duly appointed agents, open a subscription book for said stock, at such times and places as they shall appoint, and at the time of subscription for such stock, at least ten per cent, upon each share subscribed for shall be paid to said commissioners or their duly appointed agents, and the remainder of said . n ,,,stock, so subscribed for, shall be paid in such sums, and at such times as shall be provided for by the by-laws of said corporation. ■

Booksmaybe Sec. 6. In case the stock of sard corporation shall not all re-opened be taken up within one year from the passage of this act, the duties of said commissioners shall cease, and the trustees of said corporation, or a quorum thereof, may thereafter receive subscriptions to said stock, from time to time, until the whole shall be subscribed.' Concerns of gEC> 7, The stock, property and concerns of said corpocompany rarton shall be managed by twenty trustees, who shall be stockholders of said corporation, any five of whom to be designated by a majority of the trustees, shall form a quorum for the transaction of all ordinary business of said corooration; the election of which trustees shall be annual. The first mentioned twenty persons, whose1 names are recited in the First trustees nrst section of this act, shall be the first trustees of said corporation, and shall hold their offices until the first Monday in .,, .September, A. B^one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, and until others shall be elected in their places. Election of Sec. 8. The trustees of said corporation for every subsetrustees quent year, shall be elected on the first Monday of September in each and every year, at such place as the trustees for the time being shall appoint, and of which election they shall give at least fifteen days previous notice by advertisement in ,r, }.. some newspaper in or nearthe city of NaUvoo. At every election of trustees each stockholder shall be entitled to' one . vote on each share of stock owned by him: Provided,

roviso. That no stockholder shall be entitled to more than twenty votes, and said stockholders may vote either in persoa or by proxy. The elections for trustees shall be conducted in such manner as shall be pointed out by the by-laws of said Vacancies corporation; and whenevera vacancy shall happen by death, how filled resignation or otherwise, among the trustees, the remaining trustees shall have power to fill such vacancy until the next •"' general election for trustees. Election of Sec. 9. The trustees of said corporation, as soon as may ■° cers be after their appointment or election under this act, shall proceed to elect out of their number a president, treasurer and secretary, who shall respectively hold their offices during one year, and until others shall be elected to fill their places,

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