27, 1841.

of ten dollars, to be recovered in the name of the associa- : tion, for itsłowo use, before any justice of the peace of the county of Morgan., 190, isti !

Sec. 14. Thestock of said association shall be considered Stock declarpersonal property, and the charter hereby granted shall con.ed personal tinue in force for the term of twenty years from the passage property hereof...: 15.1046 - Approved, February 26, 1841. 15

ar; 4 IC 1 3.162 's Iria

ecolo si !!! Ån: ACT to incorporate the Nauvoo Agricoltural and Manufacturing A8-" . In sociation, in the county of Hancock.

In force Feb. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That Sidney Rigdon, vd f.) 46.2014 George W. Robinson, Samuel James, Wilson Larr, Daniel H. Wells, Hyram Smith, George Miller, William Marks, Pe ter Haws, Vinson Knight, John Scott, Don C. Smith, William Huntington, senior, Ebenezer Robinson, R. B. Thompson, William Law, James Alred, John T. Barnett, Theodore Turley, John C. Bennett, Elias Higbee, Isaac Higbee, Joseph lo Smith, A. Cutter, Israel Barlow, R. D. Foster, John F. Olney, John Snider, Leonard Soby, Orson Pratt, James Kelley, Sidney Knowlton, John P. Greene, John F. Weld, and their ag. sociates and successors are hereby constituted a body corporate and politic, by, the name of the “Nauvoo Agricultural and Manufacturing Association,” and by that name shall be capable of suing and being; sued, pleading and being imci ryhet leeft pleaded, answering and being answered in all courts and

Name and places, and may have a common seal, and may alter the same style at pleasure.

Sec, ?, The sole objects and purposes of said association shall be for the promotion of agriculture and husbandry, in poration all its branches, and for the manufacture of flour, lumber and such other useful articles as are necessary for the ordina. ry purposes of life.

en 2007 SEC. 3. The capital stock of said, association shall be one Capital stock hundred thousand dollars, with the privilege of increasing it to the sum of three hundred thousand dollars, to be divided into shares of fiftydollars, which shall be considered personal prof perty, and be assignable in such manner as the said corporation may by its by-laws provide; which capital stock shall be exclusively devoted to the objects and purposes set forth in the sec- May hold reond section of this act; and to no other objects and purposes, al estatereo;"? and to the same end the said corporation shall have power to purchase, hold and convey real estate and other property to the amount of its capital.

By-laws Sec. 4. Said corporation shall have power, by its trus

*) aoi tees, or a majority of them present at any regularly called meeting, to make such by-laws for its own government for the purpose of carrying out the objects of this association: Provided, The same are not repugnant to the laws and Cone stitution of this State or of the United States.

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Sec. 5. Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon and William Law shall be commissioners to receive subscriptions for and distribute said capital stock for said corporation. Said commissioners, or a majority of them, stiall within six months after the passage of this act, either by themselves or their duly appointed agents, open a subscription book for said stock, at such times and places as they shall appoint, and at the time of subscription for such stock, at least ten per cent. upon each share subscribed for shall be paid to said commissioners or their duly appointed agents, and the remainder of said stock, so subscribed for, shall be paid in such sums, and at such times as shall be provided for by the by-laws of said

corporation. Books may be Sec. 6. In case the stock of said corporation shall not all re-opened be taken up within one year from the passage of this act, the

duties of said commissioners shall cease, and the trustees of said corporation, or a quorum thereof, may thereafter receive subscriptions to said stock, from time to time, until the whole

shall be subscribed. Concerns of

Sec. 7. The stock, property and concerns of said corpocompany

ration shall be managed by twenty trustees, who shall be stockholders of said corporation, any five of whom to be designated by a majority of the trustces, shall form a quorum for the transaction of all ordinary business of said corporation; the election of which trustees shall be annual. The first

mentioned twenty persons, whose names are recited in the First trustees first section of this act, shall be the first trustees of said cor

poration, and shall hold their offices until the first Monday in September, A. D., one thousand eight hundred and forty-one,

and until others shall be elected in their places. Election of Sec. 8. The trustees of said corporation for every sabse

quent year, shall be elected on the first Monday of September in each and every year, at such place as the trustees for the time being shall appoint, and of which election they shall give at least fifteen days previous notice by advertisen.ent in some newspaper in or near the city of Nauvoo. At every election of trustees each stockholder shall be entitled to one

vote on each share of stock owned by him: Provided, Proviso.

That no stockholder shall be entitled to more than twen. ty votes, and said stockholders may vote either in person or by proxy. The elections for trustees shall be conducted in

such manner as shall be pointed out by the by-laws of said Vacancies corporation; and whenever a vacancy shall happen by death, how filled

resignation or otherwise, among the trustees, the remaining trustees shall have power to fill such vacancy until the next

general election for trustees. Election of Sec. 9. The trustees of said corporation, as soon as may officers

be after their appointment or election under this act, shall proceed to elect out of their number a president, treasurer and secretary, who shall respectively hold their offices during one yeur, and until others shall be elected to fill their places,


and whose duties shall be defined and prescribed by the bylaws of the corporation; and said trustees shall also appoint such agents and other persons as may be necessary to conduct the proper business, and accomplish the declared objects of said corporation, and shall likewise have power to fill any vacancy occasioned by the death, resignation or removal of any officer of said

SEC. 10. This act shall be construed as a public act, and Act deemed continue in force for the period of twenty years, and the public trustees appointed under the provisions of this act shall hold their first meeting at the city of Nauvoo on the first Monday of April, A. D., one thousand eight hundred and forty-one. V

- Approved, February 27, 1841.03 - B47911 19140 o 99761

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In force Feb.

An ACT to incorporate the Rock River Navigation Company. Sro. l. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, 27, 1841. represented in the General Assembly, That all persons who shall become stockholders under the provisions of this act, are hereby created a body politic and corporate, and sball bave existence for and during the full end and time of fifty years from and after the passage of this act; and shall be Name & style known by the name and style of the "Rock River Navigation Company,” for the purpose of rimproving the navigation of said river, by completing the improvements already com. menced by the State on said river, in any way they may deem most advisable, at the Lower Rapids of said river, in Rock Island county, at the Upper Rapids in Wbiteside county, and also the improvement of the rapids at Rockford in Winnebago county, and for the purpose of removing such obstruction to the navigation of said river as said company may think most conducive to the public interest, at all points between the junction of said Rock river with the Mississippi and the northern boundary of the State of Illinois on said river, by building dams, locks, canals, and the creation of slack water navigation,

Sec. 2. That said stockholders and their successors, by Corporate the name and style of the “Rock river navigation company," powers shall have power to contract and be contracted with, and be capablecin law and equity to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, to answer and be answered unto, to defend and be defended, in all courts and places, and in all matters whatsoever; said corporation may have a common seal, which ther may alter and change at pleasure.

SEC. 3. The capital stock of said company shall be two Capital stock hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and to be divided into shares of one hundred dollars eacb; and said capital stock may hereafter be increased to any amount not exceeding four hundredi thousand dollars, should the stockholders deem

the same necessaryyands to be iby them expended in /improving the navigation of Rock river, in the erection of mills, buildings, mechanical works, and the building of boats adap ted to the navigation of said river, when and uwbere, ion or near said river, the said.istock holders shall deem the same useful or necessary, and the said capital stock, or the shares

thereof, shall be held and considered as personal property. Subscriptions Sec. 4. Books for the subscription to the capital stock side of said companyat shall be opened on the e first Monday in

June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, and continue open for at least two days, at Rockford, in Winnebago coun ty, at Dixon, in Lee county, and at Stephenson in Rock Island county, after giving at least thirty days' notice of the time and place of opening said books in three of the newspapers published in this state, and nearest to the place of receiving said subscription; and should the whole of the capital stock of said company not be subscribed for at the time I and places beforementioned, then the commissioners hereinafter named, or the adopter and directors hereafter created, ipower to

measures for the further disposition of said capital stock as to them shall seem most: advisable, and the sum of five dolțars on each and every sbare

of said stock shall be paid at the time of subscription, and When stock the residue at such times and in such instalments as the presball be for. sident and board of directors hereinafter created shall call

for the same, and unless the instalments shall be so paid when called for by said directors, said stock iso subscribed for shall

be forfeited to said company. nie Com'rs to su- 1 SEC 5. S. M. Church, of Rockford, L. Andrews, of perintend sub-Grand de Tour, John Dementand Samuel M.Bowman, of Dixscriptions

on, Nelson Mason, of Sterling, in: Whiteside county, and Silas Read, of Stephenson pare hereby appointed commissioners to superintend the subscription to the capital stock of the company hereby created, and as soon as twelve hundred and fifty shares of said vstock shall have been subscribed for, and the first instalment of five dollars als aforesaid) shall have

been paid in, the bomniissioners, or a majority of them shall Election (f give public notice that an election will be held in the town of directors

ci Dixon by said stockholders, abowhich election the said com219** missioners) shall be judges for the purpose of electing seven

directors to manage the affairs of said companywo Each share shall be entitled to one votewhich may be given in person or by proxy, and the seven persons voted for who shall have sthe highest number of votesy shall be duty elected, and shall be directors of said company, until others are elec

ted and qualified, and the said directors so elected shall choose. teieso one of their number as president of said company, and shall

have power to appoint such other officers and agents as they may deem necessary for the good management of ther business, and the said commissioners shall certify to the names of those thus elected directors and shalls deliver over sto


al mortgages


Further pro

them all subscription moneys, books, papers, &c., and shall appoint the time and place of holding their first meeting,

Sec. 6, And for the purpose of more fully and complete. Subscriptions ly attaining the object in the creation of this company, the may be receidirectors thereof shall have power to receive in payment ved in part in for one-half of the subscription to the capital stock, bonds and mortgages bearing seven per cent, interest annually, on unencumbered real estate in this State, at one-half of its appraised value, which value shall be ascertained by three sworn and disinterested persons who shall be appointed by the circuit judge of the district in which said lands lay, and to obtain a loan to the amount of the capital stock paid in, in money, and bonds or mortgages, and to pledge the same, together with all its improvements for the faithful repayment thereof,

Sec. 7. The management of the affairs and business of şaid company shall be by a board of directors chosen annu. Directors cho ally, and who shall hold their office for one year, and until sen annually their

board of directors shall have power to make and establish such bylaws, rules and regulations for the government of said company, and the management of its business, as to them shall - Anjo seem most proper and expedient: Provided, the same is not in Proviso violation of the laws and Constitution of the United States or of this State or of the provisions of this act: And Provided, also, That the said company shall not at any one time acquire and hold more than the amount of three sections of land.

SEC. 8 To enable the stockholders of this company to Obstruetions become fully and completely entitled to all the benefits and to be removed provisions of this act, they shall, within the period of five years from and after the passage of this açt, so far improve and overcome the obstructions to the navigation of Rock river at the rapids thereof pear its mouth, at the Upper Rapids in Whiteside

24 vaisring and at the Rapids at Rockford, in Wivnebago coun: ty, either by dams and locks, or canals, as to afford a complete passage to all, steam boats or other water craft draw, ing less than three feet water, and during the progress of these improvements, no construction of this act shall debar said company from all the benefits which may arise therefrom, and when the same shall be created by the operations of the said company, they shall have the sole right and pow:

to use, dispose of or lease all the water power arising therefrom, and in case said improvements as above specified shall 101 lay out of, repair at any one time, making due allowance for extraordinary accidents, for the period of three months, then all rights herein granted shall become forfeited.

SEC. 9. The State of Illinois hereby reserves to itself the Rights resertright to resume the control of the improvements on said riv, ed er, together with all the privileges thereunto belonging at any time after the expiration of twenty years from and after the passage of this act on the following conditions, to wit: by

county, an


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