How paid. Sec. 9. Upon the delivering of the paper in pursuance of, and according to such contract, the Auditor with the concurrence of the Secretary of State and Treasurer, shall draw his warrant in favor of such contractor for such sum of money as he shall be entitled to therefor. Printer to re- ^B0, ^ne public printer shall, within the first week of port. each session, report to the Legislature the amount of work

done by him, the nature of said work, the amount of money received therefor; and the amount and quality of paper used by him as public printer since the commencement of the preceding session of the General Assembly. M e and ^Ec* ^* ^n PrmtmS messages, reports and other docudooSnwnu merits ordered by either branch of the General Assembly, or how printed, in pursuance of any law or resolution of the Legislature, the State printer may place a title at the top of the first page of every such document, but shall dispense with a title page, Proviso and with all unnecessary blank pages: Provided, That a title page shall be prefixed to the volume of reports, and to the journals of the General Assembly.

Sec. 12. In printing the journals of the General AssemDirections to bly, the public printer shall avoid all useless and unnecessary printer. blanks, making no breaks or paragraphs except after a period, and in all respects he shall execute such printing in the Proviso. most economical manner: Provided, That the provisions of this section shall not be construed to apply to the printing of the journals of the present session.

Sec. 13. The journals of all future sessions of the General J°"r^d1 h°W Assembly shall be printed upon type of the size called breprln' vier, or upon smaller type.

> Sec. 14. All bills ordered to be printed by cither branch of the General Assembly shall be printed without space begrimed. h°W tween tne lines, except when otherwise expressly directed.

Approved, February 23, 1841.

An ACT to provide for the completion of that part of the Northern Cros*
Railroad from Springfield to Jacksonville, and for other purposes.

In force Feb.

26, 1841. gKC> J Be it enacte,i fa peopie 0f fa State of Illinois?

represented in the General Assembly, That the Governor be, and he is hereby required to hand or pay over to the Fund commissioner, as many of the canal bonds authorized by him

•^aibondsf1 to be 8old by an act entit,ed "An act to provide a loan for canal purposes," approved, February twenty-third, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, as said canal fund may be indebted to the internal improvement fund, by an act entitled "An act authorizing a certain loan for canal purposes," approved, January twenty-first, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine.

Bonds applied gEC> 2. The Fund commissioner is hereby authorized to apply one hundred thousand dollars in said bonds towards the completion of the Northern Cross railroad from Jacksonville to Springfield, and he is authorized and required to enter into contract with responsible person or persons to Funj Com* complete the same in one jear, and pay them in said bonds, to contract, or so many thereof as shall be necessary, and the excess, if any, shall be applied to the payment of interest upon the internal improvement debt, and to no other purpose; and he is hereby authorized to do all acts necessary to carry the intentions of this act into effect.

Approved by the Council, February 26,1841.

An ACT to incorporate the St. Clair Railroad Company.

In force Feb. 26. 1841

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, ^ represented in the General Assembly, That William C. Anderson, John D. Whiteside, and others, their associates and successors, are hereby constituted a body corporate and politic, Name & le by the corporate name of the "St. Clair Railroad Company," ame 8ty e and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and have power to contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in all courts and places; have a common seal and alter the same at pleasure, and shall have pow- po^re? er to make by-laws not inconsistent with the laws of this State or of the United States, and shall have perpetual succession.

Sec. 2. The said company hereby incorporated may ap- Management point any one or more of its members, or other person or persons, to manage, control, and direct the business and operations of said company according to such by-laws, rules and regulations of said company, as may be passed not inconsistent with law.

Sec. 3. The said company are hereby empowered to fin- ^IJjij^j1*" ish. their railroad from the bluffs in St.Clair county, to the Mississippi river opposite St. Louis; and may also extend their said railroad from the place where it strikes the bluffs aforesaid, in a northerly direction along the base of said bluffs to the Great Western Mail route from VincennestoSt. Louis, and in a southerly direction, not toexceedone mile; and the said company are hereby empowered to acquire to themselves the right of way, not exceeding fifty feet in width, Rightofway. through the whole route of said railroad from the Great Western Mail route aforesaid, to the Mississippi at low water mark; and for the purpose of compensating the owner or owners of the land through which said railroad shall pass, if the same cannot be otherwise agreed upon, the said company may apply to the sheriff of said St. Clair county, to cause the damages, which any owner of land may sustain by reason of Damage*, said road running over the same, to be assessed by a jury; whereupon the said sheriff shall cause a jury of six good and lawful men, who shall be of kin to neither the owner of said

land, nor of any member of said company, who being by the said sheriff duly sworn to enquire of the damages, shall, in view of the land, certify the amount of damages which such owner may sustain by reason of the running of the road as aforesaid, which certificate shall be signed by the said jury, and shall also state the width and length of the land applied for by said company, and shall also contain a description of the same by mttes and bounds, which finding and Certificate to certificate of the jury shall be filed with and recorded by he the recorder of St. Clair county aforesaid. And when the

owner shall be paid, (he amount of damages assessed shall vest the right of way in such described land in said company; hut the said jury in assessing such damages, shall take into consideration the amount which the owner of the land will be benefitted, if any, by such railroad, and deduct the same from the value of the land condemned for right of way as aforesaid.

DepotB on ^Ec> The sa'^ company are hereby empowered to road. make and erect as many depots, and of such dimensions as

shall be necessary for the convenient use of said railroad, and may acquire as much land as may be necessary by purchase or by an inquest of a jury in manner and form as is described in the preceding section for obtaining and acquiring the right of way; and after such an inquest in relation to the right of way as aforesaid, or in relation to land necessary for a depot as aforesaid, if the amount of damages assessed shall be duly paid or tendered to the owner or owners, agent or occupantof the land, no writ of injunction shall prevent said company, or other person acting under its authority, from muKiiig and using said railroad and depots aforesaid. . . Sec. 5. The jury in assessing the damages aforesaid, lege/. shall not take into consideration any ferry privileges which

may he supposed to be affected by the making of such road or depots.'

Skc 6. S.iid company shall cause a book to lie opened subBook open to jeetst all times to the inspection of any member, which shall inspection. contain the names of all the members, and the estimated share of stock which each member may now or hereafter own; and the said shares may be transferred on the said books in the manner to be prescribed in the by-laws of said company, and each member shall share the loss of said company,"if any, in proportion to the amount of his capital, and share the profits in proportion to his capital. Farther pow- Sec. "t' Said company shall have power to acquire, own era. and employ steam power, or animal power, locomotives, cars

and cairiages. necessary for the transportation of pas>engers, coal, and every description of personal property on said road for themselves and all other persons. Act deemed Sue. 8. This act shall be considered a public act, and public. plead in all courts of law and equity.

Approved, February 26, 1841.

An ACT supplemental to "An aut to incorporate the Des Moines In force Feb.

Rapids Railroad Company." 27, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the Slate of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the time specified in the act to which this is supplemental, for commencing the construction of the Des Moines rapids railroad, is hereby extended until the first day of May, one thousand eight hundred Tjme extendand forty-three, and the time for completing the same until the first day of May,one thousand eight hundred and forty-six.

Skc. 2. The Des Moines rapids railroad company may connect the Des Moines rapids railroad with the Peoria and Warsaw railroad, at such point as they may deem expedient, "y conneo1and are authorized to complete so much of said Peoria and Warsaw railroad as lies between the point of intersection, and the town of Warsaw, and use the same until it may he needed by the State: Provided, That the State may resume . the use and control thereof at any time on paying to the com- r<m*°pany the amount of money expended in its completion, with interest at the rate of six per centum per annum.

Seo. 3. The company shall be entitled *.o receive from the State a sufficiency of railroad iron, plates and spikes to raiiroalfiroii! complete the superstructure of the said Des Moines rapids railroad at the original cost thereof: Provided, They make application for the same to the Governor, on or before the Proviao* first day of May, one thousand eight hundred and forty three; and on their entering into bond to be approved by him, to pay to the State within three years from the time of applica- To 8ive bondtion, the value of said iron, togpthei with six per cent, per annu.n interest from the time the said company may receive the same: Providd, That nothing in this section shall be construed so a? to require the State to furnish such iron, unless Prov"°it may be on hand and not otherwise disposed of, or appropriated.

Skc. 4. The time allowed to the Warsaw marine and fire insurance company for procuring subscriptions of stock Extension of and commencing operations, is hereby extended three years from the passage of this act.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

An ACT to aaiho-ize the Mount Carme] nnd Alton Railroad Company

to construct the Southern Cross Railroad. jn (orCP pe|j

Whereas, By an instrument bearing date the thirty-first day 27'' of March, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, and now on file in the office of the Secretary of Stiile, the Mount Carmel and Alton railroad company relinquished preamHe upon certain conditions therein contained, to thrj* State of Illinois, their right to construct a railroad from Mount Carmel to Alton, as conferred upon them by an act entitled "An act to incorporate the Mount Carmel and Alton Railroad Company," approved, sixteenth of January, one

thousand eight hundred and thirty-six; and it being manifest that it will be impracticable for the State to comply with the terms upon which said relinquishment was made, therefore,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, rep* construct ,0 resenttd in the General Assembly, That the assent of the road State be, and it is hereby given to a recession of said relin

quishment, and that the Mount Carmel and Alton railroad company be, and they are hereby authorized to construct said road, as originally contemplated by the terms of their charter, any thing in said instrument relinquishing their right so to do to the State to the contrary notwithstanding.

Sec. 2. That within ninety days from the passage of this

Appraisers to act' sna" ^e *nc ^utv °^ tne Governor to appoint one combe appointed petent person, and the president and directors of said company one other person, whose duty it shall be, after being duly sworn, to ascertain and examine the amount of work done, and materials furnished by the State, on and for the construction of said road; they shall estimate the then value of such work and materials, and report the amount to the Governor, and to the president and directors of said company. Certificates of ^EC" That upon such report as is provided for in the stock. preceding section, being made, it shall be the duty of the president and directors of said company to issue a certificate of stock in favor of the State of Illinois, equal to the amount thus reported.

State may vote Sec. 4. That the State of Illinois, in the government of the affairs of said company, shall be entitled to the same number of votes and influence that an individual would be entitled to who might own the same amount of stock; and it shall be the duty of the Governor of the State, by himself, or his agent, to represent the stock owned by the State, in all elections which may take place under the authority of the act incorporating said company.

Sec 5. That all the rights and privileges conferred up

Powers con- on said company by their original act of incorporation, are

(erred. hereby confirmed to them, and the time limited in said act for the completion of said road, shall be extended to ten years from the passage of this act: Provided, That in the ap

Proviso. portionment of the profits of said road, the State shall be entitled to dividends in proportion to the amount of stock it may own, and be paid thus at the time other stockholders are

Further pro-paid: And Provided, furl her, That said company shall expend

vTM0' in the construction of said road the sum of twenty thousand

dollars annually, until they shall have expended an amount equal tothatsubscribed orowned by the State,the time to commence from and after the first day of January, one thousand

mencement"1" e'gnt hundred and forty-two, and if said company shall fail to expend such sum in any one year, so much of the work and materials as may have been furnished by the State, shall revert to it. The said company shall make out annually

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