are hereby required and commanded to collect from each of the inhabitants of said school district, the several sums of money written opposite their names in the arnexed tax list; and within sixty days after receiving this warrant to pay the amount of monies collected by you into the hands of the treasurer of the aforesaid district, and take his receipt for the same; and if any one or more of the said in abitants shall neglect or refuse to pay the same, you are bereby further commanded to levy on the personal goods and chattels of each delinquent, and make sale thereof according to the law regulating the collection of taxes within this State. Given under our hands this day of A. D. 18

The annexed tax list, A. B. $2 00

L. S. S. P. 4 00

J. D. | Directors.
R. H. 1 75

C.A. S
Sec. 5. As soon as a majority of the voters within said ..

Proposals 10 school district have agreed to levy a tax, the school directors build school are authorized to receive proposals for building a school house house in said district; the lowest bidder and most responsible person who shall offer to exec te the same according to the plan and specifications of the school directors, shall receive the contract. Sec. 6. This act to take effect from and after its passage.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

An ACT 10 incorporate the Trustees of the Winchester Male and Fe. male Common and Preparatory Schools.

In force, Feb. Sec. I. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Minois,

27, 1841. represented in the General Assembly, That Levi Harlan, Elijah Sills, Thomas Kersey, R. C. Brown and Edward G. Mi. Name & style nor, be, and they are hereby created a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of the “Trustees of the Winchester Coinmon and Preparatory School," and by that name and style to have perpetual succession; to make contracts, to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, to Corporate grant and receive by its corporate name, and to do all such powers . things as a natural person; may acquire, purchase, and in all lawful ways, to use, manage and dispose of the same; may have a common seal, and may alier or change the same at pleasure, and may makc by-laws for its regulation not inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States or of this State.

Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That Zalmon Carter, Doctor Metcalf, John Kirkpatrick, Ira Rowen, Barlem Brown,

Thomas Cowhich, John E. Bell, James Rucker, Ben. net Grey, and Thomas Smothers, be, and they are hereby created a body corporate and politic, by the name



Term of Offi

Name & style and style of the “Trustees of the Winchester Female Semi

nary," and by such name and style shall have the same powCorporate ers and privileges that are given to the trustees appointed powers.

and named in the first section of this act.

SEC. 3. The trustees of said institution shall have auFurther pow- thority from time to time to prescribe the course of studies

to be pursued in said institutions, to fix the rate of tuition and expenses, to appoint and employ instructors and such other officers and agents as they consider necessary to the proper management of the institutions, define their duties, and fix their compensation, and at the pleasure of a majori.

ty of the trustees, displace and remove them. tion, Sec. 4. The above institutions shall be located in the in

corporace limits of the town of Winchester, Scott county, Illinois, on such lot or lots as may be chosen by a majority

of the trustees of each institution separately. Foffice Sec. 5. "The trustees of the schools appointed by this

act, shall hold their offices for one year after the organiza

tion of said schools, and until their successors are chosen. School fund. Sec. 6. Nothing in this act shall be so construed as tv

prevent either of the above named institutions from receiving their proper proportion of money appropriated by law for common school purposes, and the trustees named in the first and second sections of this act, and their successors in office, shall do and perform all acts required by law of the

trustees of common schools. Tax for school Sec. 7. The trustees of the town of Winchester may purposes. levy and collect a tax not exceeding one per centum on all

taxable property in said town, to be applied to purposes of education, as said trustees shall from time to time direct: Pro

vided, That before any tax can be levied as aforesaid, and on Proviso.

application of twelve citizens of the town, the trustees shall cause an election to be held, where cach inhabitant residing within the incorporate limits of said town, may have the privilege of voting for or against a tax, and if a majority of two-thirds of the votes given at said election sha!l be in favor of a tax, then and in that case the trustees may levy a tax

and in no other. Time & place Sec. 8. The trustees of the town shall prescrib? the of holding e- time, place and mauner of holding and conducting said elccleotions.

tion, and the returns of the same, anu make it a matter of record; they shall also provide for the collection, safe keeping, and distribution of the tax collected for school purposes; they may apportion the money raised by tax to the schools incorporated by this act exclusively, or to them and others as may best suit the convenience and interest of the inhabiçants

of the town. of, Sec. 9. The trustees of the town are hereby authorized

and empowered to enact and ordain such acts and ordinances in thţir incorporated capacity as shall be necessary to carry the provisions of this act into effect; and for the furtherance

Powers trustees.

of the cause of education, such ordinance, not to be inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States, or of this State.

Sev. 10. That at any meeting of the bodies corporate mentioned in the first and second sections of this act, any Quorum. three of the individuals composing the same shall form a quoruin to do and transact business.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

An ACT to provide for the manufacture of salt at the Gallatin Saline.

In force Dec. WHEREAS the existing leases in the Gallatin Saline are about 9, 1840.

to cxpire on the first of December, one thousand eight hundred and forty: And whereas, also, It is to be apprehended that salt making will altogether cease, unless some legisla- Preamble. tive action is immediately had: And wherecs, also, It is inexpedient that the wells and salt springs should, at this tirne, be put up to sale, because that it might endanger the future manufacturing of salt at that saline, for years to come, to the great inconvenience of a large portion of the people of the State: Therefore,

Sec. 1. Be it eracted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the wells of the salt waters of the Gallatin Saline, situate in the Half Moon, here. Saline lensed tofure occupied by Timothy Guard and Benjamin White, un- to J.Crenshaw der leases from the State, and which expire on the first day of December, one thousand eight hundred and forty, be, and the same are hereby leased to John Crenshaw, for, and during the full end and term of ten years, fully to be completed and ended, commenciny on the second day of December, in the year eighteen hundred and forty; together with all the rights and anpurtenances, and a sufficient proportion of common appurtenant to the same, as laid off, in pursuance of an act of the Legislature, passed January the sixteenth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, together with the present pipe line, leading from the well now worked, to the furnace; and thcre is hereby also granted to the said Crenshaw the right of Right of way. way over any lands now owned by the State; and when the same passes over the lands of others, and disagreements should arise, the said Crenshaw shall have the same proceedings as in cases of right of way.

Sec. 2. In consideration of which grant, in the foregoing section made, the said Crenshaw shall, on or before the tenth day of December, eighteen hundred and forty, execute a bond, Bond to be apwith sufficient security, to be approved by the Treasurer of Sr this State, in the penai sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned for the payment of four hundred dollars to the Treasu- Annual payrer, annually--the first payment to be made on the second day ments, of December, eighteen hundred and forty one, and, yearly, First payment thereafter, until the expiration of said lease; and conditioned, also, that he will well and truly manufacture salt at the said saline works, and at all times, (unavoidable accidents not preventing,) keep a sufficient quantity of salt on hand, to supply all such persons, of the neighboring country, as purchase sait at said saline, for domestic consumption, whenever they shall apply at the works for the same; and conditioned, also, that

he will at no time, during his said lease, charge or receive more Price of salt. than sixty-two and a half cents per bushel for said salt so man

ufactureu; and conditioned, also, further, that lie shall deliver, at the end of said ten years, the said wells and the line of pipes, in as good condition as they now are, without let or delay; and, also, with the further condition, that he shall at no time, during ihe said lease, enter into any scheme or bargain, whereby the manufacture of salt shall be suspended, or a monopoly accrue, to the prejudice of any of the people of this State;

which bond, when so taken, executed and approved, shall be Bond, where filed with the Auditor of Public Accuunts, who shall give to diled said Crenshaw a certificate of such fact, and affix his seal of Cerrificate to office_which certificate shall be evidence of the fact it conbe evidence. tains, in any court of record in this State.

Approved, December 9, 1840.'

An ACT to provide for leasing the Saline Reserve lands, in Jackson coun. In force Feb, ty, and for granting a pre-emption right to certain persuns therein na26, 1841. bied.

Sec. 1. B; it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That David Holliday, of Commissioner Jackson county, be and he is hereby appointed commissioner of Muddy sa of the Muddy Saline,” in the aforesaid county of Jackson, to line.

sell and dispose of a portion, and to lease the residue, of the lands in the Saline Reserve, in said county, as hereinafter prg.

vided; and the said con missioner shall, on or before the first ve hond day of May next, enter into bond, with good and sufficient

security, to be approved of by the county commissioners of the aforesiid county, in the sum of two thousand dollars, to he People of the State of Iilinois, corditioned that he will fully account for and pay over all moneys which may come to his hands by reason of his said office; and that he will fully account for, and hand over to his successor in office, all bonds, papers, vouchers and other property of the State, that may come into his hands, by virtue of this act; and, generally, that he will faithfully do and perform all the duties enjoined upon him by this act; wbich bond shall be entered of record on the records of the county conimissioners' court of the aforesaid county, and transmitted to and filed in the office of the Secretary of State.

Sec. 2. The said commissioner shall, as soon as may be, ded.

have the said Saline Reserve lands sub-divided, by accurate


survey, into lots for a suitable size, not exceeding in any case forty acres; and shall cause to be made out from such survey Plat of reserve a map or plat of said reserve, noting thereon the section, town. ship and range, of said lands, and designate the said lots by Lots to be number; and the said plat the said commissioners shall ackuowl. numbered. edge and cause to be recorried in the record books of the recorder of the aloresaid county: Provided, That the lot on Proviso. which the salt well is situated shall not contain more than tea acres of land, and that the said salt well shall be as near as practicable to the centre of said lot.

Sec. 3. The said commissioner is hereby authorized and Special sales. empowered to sell to Siephen Holliday and Joseph Sorrells, . each forty acres of said land, including the residence and improvem:nts of the said Holliday and Sorrells, respectively, for the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents per acre, at any time before the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two; and if the said Holliday or Sorrells, or either of them, shall pay to the said commissioner, in cash, the sum hereby required for the said land, the said commissioner shall thereuponinakcand deliver to each of said persons or to either oi them, by whom such payment still be made, a certificate of Certificates of sale, describing, particulariy, che number, description and situ.pu ation of such lot, to whom sold, and for what price; and the Auditor of Public Accounts, on the said certificate being filed in his office, shall make and exccuic to the holder thereof a patent for the land therein described: Provided, That the right of pre-cinption to said lands shall not be vested in either the said Ilolliday or Sorrells longer than until the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two; and if the said forty acre iracts of land, or either of them, on which the said Tlolliday and Sorrells, respectively, reside, should not be paid for by the said Llolliday and Sorrells, or either of them, on or before the said tirst day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, the same shall be subject to be leased, in the minner hereinafter provided for lcasing the residue of the said lands.

Sec. 4. The said commissioner shall be authorized to lease Lots may be any or either of the lots into which the said Saline Reserve leased. : shall be sub.divided, for a term of years, not excecding, in any case, ten years, to such person or persons, and for such price and on such terms as to the said commissioner may seem j'ist and proper; and whenever any such lot shall be leased by the said commissioner, as herein provided for, it shall be the duty of the said com missioner to execute duplicate copies of a Duplicate colease, setting forth the teims thereof, and providing against pies of lease. any undue and improper waste of or trespassing upon the said land, one copy of which shall be delivered to said lessee and the other transcribed into a suitable and well bound book, to Leases be kept in the office of the said commissioner, and then filed ded. in the office of the Secretary of State.

Leases recor

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