of the cause of education, such ordinance,not to be inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States, or of (his State.

Sue. 10. That at any meeting of the bodies corporate mentioned in the first and second sections of this act. any Quorum, three of the individuals composing the same shall form a quorum to do and transact business.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

An ACT to provide for the manu"cture of salt at the Gallatin Saline.

In force Dec. Whereas the existing leases in the Gallatin Saline are about 9,1840. to expire on the first of December, one thousand eight hundred and forty: And whereas, also, It is to be apprehended that salt making will altogether cease, unless some legislu- Preamble. . the action is immediately had: And wherecs, also, It is inexpedient that the wells and salt springs should, at this time, be put up to sale, because that it might endanger the future manufacturing of salt at that saline, for years to come, to the great inconvenience of a large portion of the people of the State: Therefore,

Sec. I. Be it evaded by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the wells of the salt waters of the Gallatin Saline, situate in the Half Moon, here- Saline leased tofore occupied by Timothy Gjard and Benjamin White, un-Cren8Daw der leases from the State, and which expire on the first day of December, one thousand eight hundred and forty, be, and the same are hereby leased to John Crenshaw, for, and during the full end and term of ten years, fully to be completed and ended, commencing on the second day of December, in the year eighteen hundred and forty; together with all the rights and appurtenances, and a sufficient proportion of common appurtenant to the same, as laid off, in pursuance of an act of the Legislature, passed January the sixteenth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, together with the present pipe line, leading from the well now worked, to the furnace; and there is hereby also granted to the said Crenshaw the right of Right of way. way over any lands now owned by the State; and when the same passes over the lands of others, and disagreements should arise, the said Crenshaw shall have the same proceedings as in coses of right of way.

Sec. 2. In consideration of which grant, in the foregoing section made, the said Crenshaw shall, on or before the tenth day of December, eighteen hundred and forty, execute a bond, Bom1 tobeapwifh sufficient security, to be approved by the Treasurer of sTauTTreas'r this S^ate, in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned for the payment of four hundred dollars to the Treasu- Annual payrer, annually—the first payment to be made on the second day menlBof December, eighteen hundred and forty one, and, yearly, Fjrst payment

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thereafter, until the expiration of saitl lease; and conditioned, also, that he will well and truly manufacture salt at the said saline works, and at all times, (unavoidable accidents not preventing,) keep a sufficient quantity of snlt on hand, to supply all such persons, of the ncighboiing country, as purchase sait at said saline, for domestic consumption, whenever they shall apply at the works for the same; and conditioned, also, that he will at no time, during his said lease, charge or receive more Price of salt. t|ian sixty-two and a half cents per bushel for said salt so manufactured; and conditioned, also, further, that he shall deliver, at the end of said ten years, the said wells and the line ol pipes, in as good condition as they now are, without let or delay; and, also, with (he further condition, that he shall at no time, ( during the said lease, enter into any scheme or bargain, whereby the manufacture of salt shall be suspended, or a monopoly accrue, to the prejudice of any of the people of this State; which bond, when so taken, executed and approved, shall be Bond, where filed with the Auditor of Public Accounts, who shall give to filet,• said Crenshaw a certificate of such <at:t, and affix his seal of

Certificate to omce—which certificate shall be evidence of the fact it conbe evidence, tains, in any court of record in this State.

Approved, December 9, 1840.

An ACT to pro/ide for leasing the Salint Reserve lands, in Jackson counIn force Feb. ty, nnd for granting a pre-emption tight to certain persons therein na26, 1841. med.

Sec. 1. B-. it enacter1 by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the Gineral Assembly, That David Ilolliday, of Commissioner Jackson county, be and he is hereby appointed commissioner HneaUddy Sa of lhc " Mudl)y Saline," in the aforesaid county of Jackson, to sell and dispose of a portion, and to lease the residue, of the lands in the Saline Reserve, in said county, as hereinafter provided; and the said commissioner shall, on or before the tirst T ivebond of May next, enter into bond, with good and sufficient 'security, to be approved of by the county commissioners of the aforesaid county, in the sum of two thousand dollars, to the People of the State of Illinois, conditioned that he will fully account for and pay over till moneys which may come to his hands by reason of his said office; and that he will fully account for, and hand over to his successor in office, all bonds, papers, vouchers and other property of the State, that may come into his hands, by virtue oi this act; and, generally, that he will faithfully do and perform all the duties enjoined upon him by this act; which bond shall be entered of record on the records of the county commissioners' court of the aforesaid county, and transmitted to and filed in the office of the Secretary of State.

Land gubdivi- c' ^' '^ne sa"* comm'ssner shall, as soon as may be, ded, have the said Saline Reserve lands sub-divided, by accurate snrvey, into lots for a suitable size, not exceeding ia any case forty acred; and shall cause to be made out from such survey p]atofreserve a map or plat of said reserve, noting thereon the section, township and range, of said lands, and designate the said lots by Lois to be number: and the said platthcsaid commissioners shallackuowl- numbered, edge ani cause to be recorded in the record books of the recorder of the aforesaid county: Provided, That the lot on Proviso, which the salt well is situated shall not contain more than te.i ar;res of land, and that the said salt well shall be as near as pr.icticaole to the centre of said lot.

Sue. 3. The said commissioner is hereby authorized and Special sales, empowered to sell to Siephen Holliday and Joseph Sorrells, each forty acres of saiJ land, including the residence and improvements of the said Holliday and Sorrells, respectively, for the sum of one dollar and twenty five cents per acre, at any time before the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and fortvrtwo; and if the said Holliday or Sorrells, or either of them, shall pay to the said commissioner, in cash, the sum hereby required for the said land, the said commissioner shall thereupon make and deliver to each of said per»ons,or to either of them, by whom such payment tiiall be made, a certificate of Certificate! of sale, describing, pirticulariy, the number, description and silu-purc aae' ation of such lot, to whom sold, and for what price; and the Auditor of Puhlic Accounts, on the said certificate being filed in his office, shall ma'<e and execute to the holder thereof a pate it for the land therein described: Provided, That the right of pre-emption to said lands shall not be vested in either the said Holliday or Sorrells longer than until the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two; and if the said forty acre tracts of land, or either of them, on which tiie said Holliday and Sorrells, ie^pectively, reside, should not be paid for by the said Holliday and Sorrells, or either of them, on or before the said first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, the same shall he subject to be leased, in the m inner hereinafter provided for leasing the residue of the said lands.

Sec. 4. The said commissioner shall be authorized to lease Lots may be any or either of the lots into which the said Saline Reserve leased, shall be sub-divided, for a term of years, not exceeding, in any case, ten years, to such person or persons, and lor such price and on such terms as to the said commissioner may seem j'ist and proper; and whenever any such lot shall be leased by the s:iid commissioner, as herein provided for, it shall be the duty of the said com nisdoner to execute duplicate copies of a Duplicate c»lease, setting forth the teims thereof, and providing against pies of lease, any undue and improper waste of or trespassing upon the said land, one copy of which shall be delivered to said lessee and the other transcribed into a suitable and well bound book, to Leases recorbe kept in the office of the said commissioner, and then filed ded. in the office of the Secretary of State.

Sec. 5. That if any person or persons shall be desirous to Persons may engage in any new discovery of salt water on said Big Muddy

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ter on saline Reserve, it shall be the duty of said commissioner lo aulholands, &. hold rize such person or persons to undertake the same, who, on same for ten making such discovery, shall be entitled, under the prcvi-ions years. ^ ^ ^ ^ benefit and profits of such discove

ry, in the manufactory of salt, free "f charge or lease, for the term of ten years; at the end of which term, such person or persons making such discovery shall surrender to the State, all interest and concern in such manufactory of salt that the said State could rightfully be entitled to, except as hereinafter provided by law.

Sec. 6. All timber, or as much thereof as may be neccssaLessees may Ti with such other privileges and immunities as may belong use timber, to said reserve, are hereby declared to be for the benefit of such lessee or lessees as may undertake the manufactory of salt, under the provisions of this act, or to any person or persons who may engage in the discovery of salt water.

Sec. 7. Said commissioner shall pay over into the State Money shall Treasury, to be appropriated, according to law, all moneys be paid into )nat mav ^ receive(j DV hjm under the provisions of this act. State treasury u ts J ••in •

Sec O. Said commissioner shall receive, as a compensa

Compensati'n tion for services actually performed, under the provisions of of oomm'r. this act, not exceeding two dollars per day, for every d.iy that he may actually be engaged in the performance of such services, to be proved by competent and disinterested testimony, or by tho certificate of said commissioner.

Approved, February '26, 1S41.

An ACT to amend an act, entitled "An act relating to the Gallatin -iilinea, In force, Feb. and the lands belonging to the same," approved Jauuary 36, A. U. 1836. 27, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That William J. Gatewood, Commissioner of the county of Gallatin, is hereby appointed commisMoncr, appointed. for |/ne purpose of carrying out the provisions of the act to which this is an amendment, as well as the provisions of such acts in relation to the Gallatin Salines as are still in force and unrepealed.

Sec. 2. Said commissioner shall proceed to sell the lands Duty of com'r belonging to said saline, either at public sale, by giving previous public.notice of the same, or by private entry, if it be Reservation, more eligible, reserving, however, unsold, all salt water wells, with the saline lots belonging to them,as well [asj the common attached to said lots.

Sec. 3. Said commissioner is hereby vested with full power Comm'r may to demand, sue for and recover all money due the State for sue for rents, the rents or sales of said salines, or frsm commissioners or agents hereafter employed in relation to the samu; and he is 295

hereby required to proceed to recover all debts due to the State, on account of said salines, for the purpose of making a final settlement of this matter.

Sec. 4. Said commissioner shall give bond, and be qualifi- Bond of com'r ed, and shall depositc moneys, in his hands, and report, as provided by the ninth and tenth sections of the act to winch this is an amendment; and shall receive, as compensation for Compensation his services, ten per cent, upon all money deposited as afore- of com', said.

Sec. 5. The money paid into the treasury, as aforesaid, by said commissioner, shall be appropriated, according to the provisions of the several acts now in force in relation to appropriations heretofore made: Provided, however, That the Proviso, sum of five hundred dollars, appropriated to erect a bridge

across the Kaskaskia river, at Shelby villc, by the act of Feb- Appropriati* ,i i i • i i ii i i ■ , f°r bndee at

ruarv sixteenth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one, shelbyville.

may be paid immediately, in lands, out of any of the unsold lands in said reservation, (except the lands heiein reserved,) at the last established prices for said lands; to be selected by the commissioners of Shelby county, or the person who may hold the ordei of said commissioners, and being entitled to the same; and a patent shall irsu^ for said lands to the holder thereof, his heirs and assigns; said commissioner receiving the order, and reporting the lands selected.

Sec. 6. If the commissioner herein mentioned shall die, Governor to resign or be removed, it shall be the duty of the Governor to appoint comjr appoint another, who shall discharge all the duties imposed by vacant0.*06" this law, execute bond, qualify, and be entitled to such,compensation as is provided by law. This act to take effect from and after its passage.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

An ACT to incorporate the Rock River Seminary, in Ogle county, Illinois.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the Slnte of Illinois, 18,1841. represented, in the General Assembly, That John Clark, Leander S. Walker, Thomas S, Hi it, Jacob B. Crist, C. Burr Artz, Samuel M. Hitt, John Wallace, Nathaniel Swingley, Anthony Pitzcr. and James S. Beatty, and their successors in office, be, and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, under the name and style of " The Rock River Seminary;" Name & style and henceforth shall be styled and known by that name; and by that name and style to remain and have perpetual succes- To have pe»sion. The number of trustees shall not exceed twelve, exclu- Petua' successive of the principal or presiding officer of the seminary, whoslon' shall ex^pflicio, be a member of the board of trustees.

Sec. 2. The object of said corporation shall be the promo- Object of semtion of the general interest of education, to qualify the youthluary' ol our country to engage in the several employments and pro

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