fessions of society, and to discharge, honorably and usefully, the various duties of life. Sec. 3. The corporate powers hereby bestowed shall be Corporate such only as are essential or useful in the attainment of said powers. object, and such as are usually conferred on similar corporate

bodies, viz: To have perpetual succession—to make contracts—to sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded—to grant and receive, by its corporate name, and to do all other acts, as natural persons may do—to accept, acquire, purchase or sell property, real, personal and mixed, in all lawful ways—to use, employ, moneys [manage] and dispose of all such property, and all money belonging to said corporation, in such manner as shall seem to the trustees best adapted to p/omote the objects before mentioned—to have a common seal, and to alter and change the same—to make such by-laws, for the regulation of the corporation, as are not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States, and of this State. Sf.c. 4. The trustees shall have authority, from time to Course of stu-time, to prescribe the course of study to be pursued in said dies. seminary—to fix the rate of tuition, room rent and other semi

Officers of in-narv expenses—to appoint the principal of the institution, and ■titution. such other professors and instructors, officers and agents, as may be needed in managing the concerns of the institution— to define their duties, powers and employments—to fix their compensations, and to displace and remove the principal or any of the professors, either of the instructors, officers or agents, as said trustees shall deem the interest of said seminary shall Vacancies, be required—to fill all vacancies in the board of instructors and bow filled, among the officers and agents—to erect suitable and necessaTo purchase ry buildings—purchase books, and chemical, philosophical and books, &c. other apparatus, and other suitable means of instruction—to put into opeiation, if the trustees deem it expedient, a system system. oI" manual labor, for the purpose of promoting the health of

the students and lessening the expense of education—to make rules for the general management of the affairs of the seminary, and for the regulation of the conduct, of the studenls. Sec. 5. The trustees shall faithfully apply all funds by Funds, how them collected, or hereafter collected, according to their best applied. judgment, in erecting suitable buildings—in supporting the necessary instructors, officers and agents—in purchasing books, maps, charts and globes, philosophical, chemical and other apparatus, necessary to aid in the promotion of sound learning in said institution.

Sec. 6. Any donation, devise or bequest, made for speLands held in cial purposes, in accordance with the objects of the institution, perpetuity, if the trustees shall accept the same, shall be faithfully and truly applied, in conformity with the express condition or conditions of the donor or devisor; the lands, tenements and hereditaments, to be held in perpetuity, in virtue of this act, shall Proviso. not exceed one thousand acres: Provided, however, That grants, donations, or devises, in lands, which from time to time shall be made to said corporation, may be held for the term of ten years, from the date of any such grant, donation or devise; at the end of which time the said lands, over and above the before named one thousand acres, shall be sold by the corporation; and in case of neglect to sell, said lands, so donated, when lands shall revert to the original donor or devisor, or to the lawful shall revert, heirs of the same.

Sec. 7. The treasurer and all other agents of the institu- Tre"uredr to tion, when required by the trustees, shall give bond, for thegl security of the corporation, in such penalty and such security as the board shall approve. And all process against said corporation shall be by summons, and service of the same shall be gerr°vceed8Sl how by leaving an attested copy with 'he treasurer, at least thirty days before the return day thereof.

Skc. 8. In its different departments of instruction, the seminary shall be open to ail denominations; and the profession be expenej. of any religious faith shall not be required, in order to admission; but those students who are idle or vicious, or whose characters are immoral, may be dismissed from the institution.

Sec 9. Said seminary shall be located in town twenty- Location of four north, range ten east of the fourth principal meridian,seminary. and on seqtion twenty-seven, in Ogle county, Illinois. The trustees shall hold at least one meeting in each year, for bu- Annnai me9t. sincss, and may appoint other stated meetings of the board; ing for busispecial meetings may at any time be held, by order of the pie-nes16sident or any three members of the board, a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum, to do business; and it shall be lavv-QUOrum. ful for the Rock River Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church to appoint, annually, a board of visitors, consisting of six persons, who shall have poiver to sit with the boaid of trustees, at their annual meetings, and participate with them, ex-offiVio, as members of the board, in the appointment of the board of instruction and filling vacant ies in the board of trustees, as provided lor in the tenth section.

Sec. 10. The filling of vacancies in the board of trustees, vacancies Aland the appointment of a principal to the seminary, profes- led at annual sors and trustees, shall be made only at the annual meetings, meetings, as provided for in the ninth section of this act: Provided, That pyjso. the trustees may fill any vacancy in the board of instructors, or employ additional annual tep.chers, when necessary, until the succeeding regular annual meetings.

Sec. 11. This act shall be in force from and after the time Evidence of at which the persons named in the first section of the act, or acceptance of a majority of two-thirds of them, as trustees of Rock River charter. Seminary, shall accept the same; and the evidence of said acceptance shall be a copy of the order of the board ordering this act to be spread upon their journals, certified by the president and secretary of the board.

Approved, February 18, 1841.

In force Feb An to ""Corporate the Le Roy Mnnual Labor University.

25, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That Reverend Charles Adairv--, Rev. Robert D. Taylor, Elisha Gillis, Stephen Conkline:, Rev. David Edwards, Edgar Conkling, and David Gillis, of the Stale of Illinois, and those they may appoint as hereinafter expressed, itnd their successors in office, be, and are Name & style hereby created a body politic and corporate, to be styled and known by the name of the trustees of the "Lc Roy Manual Labor University," and by that name and style to remain and have perpetual succession. Location of Sec. 2. S:iid University shall be, and remain in or wifhin University one-fourth of a mile of the town of Lc Roy, county of McLean, and State of Illinois. Object of cor- Sec. 3. The object of said corporation shall be the proportion motion of the gcnenl interests of education embracing preparatory, collegiate and professional studies. No.oftrustees Sec. 4. The number of trustee; for said university shall not exceed fifteen, one of whom shall be president of the institution, and also of the hoard of trustees; for the present the Vacancies, above named individuals shall constitute the board of trustees how filled. who shall fill the remaining vacancies at their discretion. Appointment ^ec. 5. The trustees in order to have perpetual succession, of secretary, shall have power to fill any vacancy, which may occur in the board by death, resignation, removal, or any other cause. They shall also elect one of their own number to act as secretary, who shall keep a faithful and correct record of all the proceedings of said trustees. They shn.Il also elect one of their own number to act as treasurer of the institution, who shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, give such bonds for the faithful performance of his duties as the trustees

shall require. And all proceedings in law against said incorSemceofpro.porat;ori s}la|i be by

summons; and service of the same


shall be by leaving an attested copy with the treasurer of the institution at least thirty davs before the return day thereof. Annual meet- J5}EC. (j, Said trustees shall meet annually or oftencr if ing' they think necessary, in the town of Le Roy, or at the uni

versity; a majority of the trustees for the time being shall be Quorum. a quorum to do business. The president of ths board of trustees shall have full power to call special meetings of said tiustees, and it shall bo his duty upon the request of three ot them to do the same; bi>t upon any called meetings ten days general notice shall be given by the president, previous to the meeting, and he shall preside over all the meetings of the board when present.

Officers, how Sec. 7. The said trustees shall have the power from time to elected. tjms Q{ c|ec|jng DV ballot, all the officers, instructors, instructresses, managers and servants for said university, and shall be competent in law or equity to take to themselves and their successors in office, in their said corporate name, any estate, real or personal or mixed, by the gift, grant, bargain and sale, „ . Mtate conveyance, will, demise or bequest of any person or persons heij whomsoever, and the said estate whether real or personal, to grant, bargain, sell, convey, demise, let, place out on interest, or otherwise dispose of for the use of said university, in such manner as shall seem to them most beneficial; said trustees shall also faithfully apply all monies or property, real or personal, belonging to or donated to said university, according to their best judgments, in erecting and completing a suitable buildingor buildings, supporting the necessary officers, instructors, managers, and servants, and procuring all necessary publication?, philosophical and other apparatus, for the use, convenience and success of said university: Provided neverlhrksstPro'viBO That in case any donation, devise or bequest shall be made for particular purposes, accordant with the design of the university, and the corporation shall accept of the same, every donation, devise, or bequest shall beapplied in conformity with the express conditions of the devisor or donor.

S"cc. 8. Slid trustees shall also have the power to sueFurthei' Powand be sued, plead and be impleaded, to have a common seal, to alter and change the same at pleasure, to make contracts, to do and perform all acts necessary for the attainment of said object, to make such by-laws for its regulations, as are not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United Slates or of this State, and to confer on such persons as may be considered worthy, such degrees as are usually conferred by similar institutions.

Fec. 9. The trustees for the time being shall have power !rr"s,ee TMny . c i • in i* A r J- be removed,

to remove any trustee from his < nice oi trustee for any dishonorable or criminal conduct: Provided, That such removal shall not take place without giving to such trustee notice of the charges exhibited against him, and an opportunity of defending himself before the board, nor unless that two-thirds of the whole number of trustees for the time being shall concur in ench removal.

Sec. 10. The said university shall be open to all denom-N?^ rreligUj inations of christians, f.nd the profession of any particular reli- oTstudem"6' gious faith shall not be required of those who become students; all persons, however, may Le suspended or expelled from said institution, by the trustees th< reof, whose habits are idle or vicious, or whose moral character is bad.

Si;c. 11. The hinds, tenements and hereditaments, to be Lnndeheld by held in perpetuity by virtue of this act, shall not exceed two corporation sections, or six hundred and forty acres, except such as are for the university building, and necessary appurtenances: Provided however, That if donations, grants or devices in lands Pro»i«o. shall fiom time to time be made to said corporation over and above said six hundred and forty acres which may be held in perpetuity as aforesaid, the same may be received and held by said corporation for the period of ten years from the date of such donation, grant or devise, at the end of which time, if

said lands, over and above six hundred and forty acres, shall not have been sold by the said corporation, then and in that case the said land so donated, granted, or devised shall revert to the donor or grantor, or to the heirs of the same.

Approved, Ftbruary 25, 18-11.

or State.

"-. -e- u An ACT to authorize the Fund Commissioner to compound for and adjust

J^o"., demands in favor of the State.

37, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People, of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the Fund commis

«e°"]'e ° o^ims sloner ^e' an^ ne *s hereby authorized to compound for, and adjust any unsettled demands which the State has against any person or parsons, body corporate or politic, in the State of New York, or elsewhere, who may have been the purchaser or purchasers of State bonds upon such lerms and conditions as he may deem equitable and just, and for the best interest of the State, subject nevertheless to be ratified and confirmed, or rejected by the Governor.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

An ACT authorizing certain debtors of the State to discharge their inilebt In force, Feb. edness in Illinois internal improvement scrip.

27, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by /he People of the Stale of Illinois, Citizens may represented in the General Assembly, That th.^ obligors upon pay debt in a certain bond executed by sundry citizens ot the city of scrip Springfield in favor of the State of Illinois, for the sum of fifty thousand dollars, be authorised to discharge the same or the balance due thereon, in whole or in part, in Illinois internal improvement scrip. Approved, February 27, 1841.

In force Feb ^n A^T in relation to the present State House Commissioners.

26, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the Stat. of I/li ioit, B d f d. rePresented in the General Assembly, That the Auditor of pubtors to settle l'c accounts, Secretary of State, and Treasurer be, and they accounts. are hereby required and empowered to thoroughly investigate the acts and doings of (he State house commissioners, and if any or either of them should be found upon such investigation in arrears to the State, the said commissioners are directed to make-report of the same to the Attorney General, who, on receiving the same shall forthwith bring suit against said delinquent commissioner or commissioners.

Approved, February, 26, 1841.

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