extending or widening of any street, avenue, lane or alley; and shall, moreover, estimate the amount which other persons .will be benefited thereby, and shall contribute toward? compensating the persons injured—all of which shall be returned to the board of trustees, under their hands and seals; and the person which shall be benefited, and so assessed, shall pay the same, in such manner as shall be provided by the board of trustees; and the residue, if any, shall be paid out of the town treasury. The board of trustees shall have power to pass such by-laws or ordinances, from time to time, as to them may seem expedient, and not inconsistent with any public law of this State, as the good of the citizens of said town may require.

Sec. 8. That all ordinances of said trustees shall be fairly Ordinances to written out, signed by the clerk, and published in a newspa- ewnttenom

J)er printed in the town or posted up at three of the most pubic places in said town, and no ordinance sh ill be in force until published as aforesaid. The board of trustees shall also provide a well bound book, or books, in which a fair and correct record of all ordinances and other proceedings shall be Recor(j ^ faithfully recorded by the clerk of said corporation, and signed kept, by the president of the board of trustees, and shall be open at all times for inspection and examination by the citizens of said town.

Sec. 9. That the board of trustees are also vested with Powers, power to declare what shall be considered a nuisance within said town, and incorporated limits, to prevent the running and indecent exhibition of horses within the bounds of said town; to provide for the trial and punishment of persons who may be engaged in assaults, assaults and batteries, and affrays within the limits of said corporation; and to provide that such punishment may be inflicted for any offence against the laws, or ordinances of the corporation as is or may be provided by law for like offences against the laws of this State: Provided, That no person shall be deprived of the right of the ProTisotrial by a jury in any case where such person would be entitled to a trial by a jury, for a like offence against the laws of the State.

Sec 10. The board of trustees shall have power to adopt TaxeBsuch modes and means for the assessment and collection of taxes, as they may from time to time fix upon and determine, and to prescribe the manner of selling property, when the taxes levied upon it are not paid: Provided, however, That no Proylsosale of any town lots or other real estate shall be made until public notice of the time and place shall be given by advertisement in a newspaper or by posting up written notices in three of the most public places in said town, at least twenty days previous to any such sale for taxes.

Sec. 11. That when any town lot or lots, or real estate Redemption shall be sold for taxes, by virtue of this act, the sanie may be "*lot8redeemed at any time within two years from the date of sale,

by the owner of said properly, his or her heirs, er assigns* agents, administrators or executors, paying td the treasurer of said town for the use of the purchaser of said property the fuli amount of purchase money, with interest at the rate of fifty per cent, per annum, together with- the costs accruing thereon. Oath to be :a- Sec. 12. That the members of the board of trustees and tea. every other officer of said corporation, shall, before entering

on the duties of their office, respectively take an oath or affirmation before some judge or justice of the peace, to support the Constitution of the United States and of this State, and faithfully to demean themselves in office.

be"fened l° sec- 13 That there sha11 be one town constable elected, at the same time and place of electing trustees and other officers, who shall hold his office for one vear and until his successor is elected and qualified, who shall be authorized and required to execute all writs, process and precepts, which may be issued against persons for the violation of the laWs or ordinances of the corporation; and to arrest on view, ali persons who may violate such laws or ordinances, to collect all tines, forfeitures and penalties which may be assessed or recovered for the use of the corporation; said constable shall enter into bond and security in such sum as the trustees of said corporation may think proper, and payable to the trustees of said corporation. . • Justice's di.s- Sec 14. That all that district of country included within *lcr the corporate limits of said town, be, and the same is hereby constituted into a district for the election of a justice of the peace. Duties of co. Sec. 15. That the county commissioners' court of the Kno" ofcounty of Knox, are hereby authorized and required to cause an election to be held hereafter as soon as practicable, and at each quadrennial election thereafter, for one justice of the peace, in said district. The justice of the peace elected shall hold his office until the next general election for justice of the peace, at which time his successor shall be elected as in other cases; and the person so selected, shall have and exercise the same jurisdiction, hold his office by the same tenure and be under the same regulations in all respects as other justices of the peace of this State.

Sec. 16. That the board of trustees, for the purpose of «w«e, keeping the streets and alleys in said town, and incorpora

ted limits, and the public roads passing from and through the ,centre of said town in go^d repair, are authorized to require every male resident of said town and incorporated limits, over the age of eighteen years, to labor in said streets, alleys, and roads, not less than one, nor more than three days in each . ^ , year, and any person who shall be notified by the street inspector to perform such labor so assessed as herein provided, and shall fail or neglect to perform the same, shall forfeit and .pay the sum of one dollar for each day's labor neglected to be performed; and the street inspector in said town is hereby authorized to prosecute such delinquent persons in the name of gaits before the president and trustees of the town of Galesburg, be fore justices any justice of the peace in said county, and said street inspector shall be a competent witness against said delinquent, and in case of default as aforesaid, the justice of the peace shall enter up judgment against said delinquent for the amount so forfeited, with costs of suit, and issue execution forthwith.

Sec. 17. That it shall be the duty of any justice of the Juaticcgoflbe peace, residing in said town, and he is hereby authorized and peace empowempowered, on complaint being made to him, on oath, of theered violation of any law or ordinance of the corporation, or upon view, to issue his warrant, directed to the town constable or any other authorized officer, to apprehend the offender or offenders, and bring him or them forthwith before him, and after hearing the evidence, if it shall appear that the accused has been guilty of the violation of any such law, or ordinance of the corporation to impose such fine as shall be provided in such law or ordinance: Provided, Such fine shall not exceed Proviso. fifty dollars.

. Sec 18. That the said trustees are hereby made capable Powers in law to take and hold to themselves ar.d their successors, any lands, tenements, hereditaments and the rents, issues, and profits thereof, which may be necessary for the erection of any market-house, and other public buildings, to promote the Public bnfl(Tjnterest and public good of the citizens of said town, and the*"*8 '° b* •" same to sell, grant. and dispose of if necessary, and to sue andrecte be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, in any courfor place whatever; and all suits and judicial proceedings under this act, shall be brought in the name and style of "The President and Trustees or the town of Galesburg."

Sec. 19. That justices of the peaco and constables who Justices and are required to render services under this act shall be entitled ?onstatjIes to the same fees, and collect them in the same manner as now is, or hereafter may be provided by law.

Sec 20. That the town constabb as provided for in the Give bond thirteenth section of this act, shall have and possess, the same powers, and perform the same duties in olher respects as the constables in the different districts in the county possess, who shall give sufficient bonds accordingly, to be approved of by the board of trustees.

Sec '21. This act shall be deemed and taken to be a public act. Approved, January 27, 1841.

In force Jan- An ACT TMcate a Part of ,ne ,own P!at of 'he town GnggsviHe. 27, 1841.

Sec 1. Be it enacted by the People of ihe State of Illinois, Pa ft represented in the General Assembly, That so mucli of the town, vacated plat of the town of Griggsville, as lies between Federal and'

Stanford streets, being blocks numbered twenty-one, twentytwo, twenty-seven and twenty-eight, be, and the same is hereby vacated. That so much of the town plat of the town of Griggsville as lies between Federal and Bcckford streets being blocks numbered nineteen, twenty, twenty-nine and thirty, be,. IentUtoBbeChad and the same is hereby vacated: Provided, also, That the consent of the owners of lots in said blocks, should there be any other than the proprietor, shall first be obtained.

Approved, January 27, 1841.

In force Jan. An ACT concerning the town of Belvidere.

89, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinoiir

Sales valid represented in the General Assembly, That all sales of lots in the town of Belvidere, in the county of Boone, made by the coftnty commissioners of said county, or by their agent or agents duly authorized to make such sales, shall be as valid in every respect as if certificate of acknowledgment of the plat of said town, had been duly recorded according to the provisions of an act, entitled "An act providing for the recording of town plats," approved, February twenty-seven, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three.

Com'rsrelcas- Sec. 2. Be it further enacted, That the county commissioners of the said county of Boone, and all persons who have acted under them, are hereby released from all forfeitures and penalties incurred by leasing or selling any lot or lots in said town. ,

mcmoTcom'r sec' 3* Be il furlher enacted, That the countv commissioners of said county, or any two of them, shall on or before the first Monday of June next, acknowledge the map or plat of said town before some justice of the peace of said county, who shall make a certificate of such'acknowledgmentr which shall be recorded by the recorder of said county.

Diitjofoomr'a Sec. 4. Be it further enacted, That the coun'.y commissioners of said county are hereby authorized so to alter the State road through the said town of Belvidere, as to make it run through the said town on one of the streets thereof, and from the termination of said street into the present track of said road off of the town plat: Provided, That the release hereby granted in the second section of this act, shall be by reason of this certificate of acknowledgment of the plat of said town not being duly recorded, and for no other cause.

Approved, January 29, 1841.

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..•'."- -!8

An ACT to amend an net, entitled "An net to Incorporate the town of „

Cnrmi," approved, January 30, 1840, and for other purposes. 'n Q^o1.;

8, 1841. i

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by Ike People, of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the first election for trustees whose election is provided for in the act to which Eleclion for this is an amendment, shall beheld on the first Monday of May next.

Sec. 2. That in addition to the persons authorized to be taxed Tedlars to be by the trustees in the act to which this is an amendment, theyIaxed & flare hereby authorized to levy and collect a tax from all pedlars, selling or vending goods, wares or merchandize within the limits of said incorporation of not less than five dollars nor more than twenty dollars; and upon the payment of such assessment, the person paying the same shall be entitled to, and receive from the treasurer of said incorporation, a license, authorizing him to peddle within the limits of said town, for the period of three months thereafter. All persons shall be who deemed deemed pedlars who offer to sell the above enumerated arti-p cles, and who are not permanently settled within the incorporation limits. Persons living within the State, and offering to sell, or barter their own productions or manufactures, shall not be deemed to be within the provisions of this section.

Sec. 3. The act, entitled "An act to incorporate the Car-Penalty for

mi Bridge Company," approved, February six, one thousand ^"j"'"8 over

eight hundred and thirty-five, is further that if any

erson or persons shall wilfullyornegligently travels hoiseor

orses, work oxen, cat'lu, mules, ass, or any beast of burthen,

on or across the bridge therein authorized to be constructed,,, ,., . e L i °m i iii* orfeilure.

taster than a common walk, such person or persons shall be

liable to pay any sum not less than three, nor more than twenty dollars for every such offence, to be recovered by action of debt or trespass, by any person who may sue therefor, or in the name of the county of White, before any justice of the peace in said county of White.

Approved, February 8, 1841.


An ACT changing the name of the town of Chatham in Whiteside county

Iu force Feb.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,' represented in the General Assembly, That the name of the NameofChaitown of Chatham, in the county of Whiteside, is hereby t,nm changed changed to that of Sterling, and the whole of the towns here- SterIinStotbre known as Chatham and Sterling shall hereafter be called and known in law as Sterling: Provided, That the Proviso, change of the name of said town of Chatham, shall in nowise effect contracts, heretofore made and entered into in, relation to said town. Approved, February 17, 1811.

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