day for each day's attendance, the number of days to be

certified by the chairman of said select committee. Solar of G

Sue. 4. The salary of the Governor of this State, af-yernor ter the term of service of the present Governor shall ex-Gov sna,j pire, shall be two thousand dollars per annum, and that the side at seat of Governor shail reside at the seat Of Government. government

Sec. 5. To the treasurer of the county of Peoria, the Treaa. Peoria sum of three hundred and sixteen dollars and sixty-one cents, county to be by him applied to the payment of such sums as are legally due to the justices of the peace, constables and Witnesses, who were required to attend at the taking of depositions in the case of contested election between N. H. Purple and W. J. Phelps, in the said county of Peoria, in the month of September, one thousand eight hundred and forty. ■

Sec. 6. Trie said justices, of a majority of them, shall file with said treasurer, a certificate setting forth the amount tiedTTwit-'1" to which eacK individual is entitled, for services rendered innessfees. said case; and said treasurer is hereby required to pay out said money on application of the individuals certified to be entitled to the same.

Sue. 7. That hereafter all articles purchased for the use All articles of the members of the General Assembly, and for the hereafter purofficers of the same, shall be purchased by the Secretary ^^Asa^y of State, and charge the State under his own name for the same; the statement to be accompanied in all cases by the re- . . ceipt of the person of whom the articles may. have been purchased by said Secretary of State.

Approved, February 27, 1841." .,

An ACT making appropriations for work (lone upon the State House, and

for materials furnished. In force Jan,

29, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the Stale of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That any sum not exceeding thirty thousand dollars, be, and the same is hereby $30,000 apappropriated, which appropriation shall be applied to the propriated. payment of debts due for work done upon the State House, and for furniture and materials furnished by different persons for the State.

Sec. 2. No payment shall be made out of the above appropriation to any person or persons having claims against validity of the State for woik done upon the State House and furniture claim, furnished, until the validity of the same be ascertained as is hereinafter provided for.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the Auditor, Treasurer, Secretary of Slate, or any two of them, to examine all claims Duty of board against this State for work done, upon the Stile House and of auditors, furni'ure furnished, and to give a certificate to all such persons for the amount due them, and it shall be the duty of the

j .•».■■•,- .._t ;; , . , , ;.< • ,-ff _ ) J

MJb i-..- b- . . hi:. J .; :■.:■{ >;;i Auditor to issue his warrant upon the Treasurer, upon the presentation of such certificate, for the amount of the same. Sec. 4. That from and after the passage of this act the State home present State House Commissioners shall be no longer auoomm'n pro- thorized to make any contract respecting the State House, making coTM or anJ' thinS respecting the same, and the pay to which they tracts, & pay may be entitled shall no longer accrue or be paid [to] them, unsnspended. til the further actio* of the Legislature; and that the Auditor of Public accounts be authorized and required to put in immediate train of collection the sum of sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty-[six] dollars and sixty-six cents, due by bond Auditor to from the citizens of Springfield to the State; and that the Au1mm amount ^itor be directed to institute immediate proceedings in favor due on bond, of the State against any commissioner or other officer, who may not have paid over money appearing to be in his hands arising from Saline lands, from the year of our Lord one thouand eight hundred and twenty-six to the present time, and all other debts to the State.

Approved, January 29,1841.

In force, Dec.

18, 1840. A„ ACT making partial Appropriations.

Aud.torto.- ^EC* k Beit enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, sue warrants represented in the General Assembly, That the Auditor of to members. Public Accounts be, and he is hereby required to draw cleriHu'io warrants on the treasury for the sum of one hundred dollars to each member of the Genera! Assembly, and a like warrant to the Speakers of each House, the Secretary of the Senate, and [the] Clerk of the House of Representatives, and assistants of each house, to each of the enrolling and engrossing clerks, and door keepers, and each assistant door keeper of both houses; and also one hundred dollars each to the copyists of the journals of each house. , Approved, December 18, 1840.

In force Feb. An ACT supplemental to an act making appropriations for the years 27, 1841. 1841 and 1842.

Sec. 1. Beit enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, v""^TM* represented in the General Assembly, That there be allowed out of any moneys in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the following persons the following sums, viz:

To James Bell & Co. eighty dollars and sixty-nine cents, James Bell. for articles furnished for the State.

To J. S. Rogers eight dollars and eighty one cents, for J. S. Roger* artjcies famished for the State.

To Robert Irwin & Co. eighty-nine dollars and fifty-six R. Irwin. g^^ for articles furnished the State.

To B. C. Webster & Co, two hundred and twenty-three B.C. Web«,erpilars an(j twenty-eight cents, for articles furnished the State.

To. E. B. Pease & Brother, twenty-one dollars for arti-E. B. Pease, cles furnished the State. ro"

ToOpdycke, Tinsley & Co., one hundred and five dollars opdycke* Co for candles furnished the State.

ToC. B. DeReimer& Co., one hundred and twenty-seven D _ . dollars and fifty cents, lor two round clocks and articles fur- mer. & Co. nished the State House.

To J. A. Hough, twenty-five dollars and seventy-five cents, for repairing tables, &c. for the State. . . oug

To Merriweather & Weston, twenty-one dollars and Memweather eighty-eight cents, for articles furnished the State. & Weston

To James L. Lamb, four hundred and eighty-three dollars and seventy cents, for articles furnished the State.

To Joseph Thayer & Co., forty-six dollars and ten cents, J. Thayer. & for articles for the State. Co

To Hawley & Edwards, one hundred and eight dollars and sixty-six cents, for articles furnished the Slate. wardsT

To S. M. Tinsley & Co., four hundred and fifty-four dollars g M T.nsle and sixty-one cents, for articles furnished for the State.

To Birchall & Johnson, three hundred and seventy-one Birohall & dollars and ninety-two cents, for stationary furnished for the Johnson, use of the State.

To W. Chapin, ten dollars for collecting, removing and ta- w. Chapin. king care of furniture.

To Wm. Lavely, for swearing in members of the General Assembly, five dollars: Provided, These accounts shall first m\ T y" be passed on by the Auditor, Treasurer and Secretary of State.

There shall be allowed to William Walters, for the use of w. Walters,

E. T. & C. Goudy, the sum of six hundred dollars in full for for use of E.

binding laws of eighteen hundred and thirty-six and seven. J-& c* Go'1"

To Elias Hart, twelve dollars and fifty cents for drayage. J... „., m Ti ill"" i. It., i .r.i ii alias riart.

lo Randolph Hughes and Richard Roberts, each, the sum R. Hughs &

of twenty-four dollars, for preparing fuel for the use of the R.Roberts.

General Assembly.

There shall be allowed co A. E. Ames, the sum of two dol- A. E. Ames. lars per day far his services in the office of Secretary of State No. of days during the present session of the General Assembly, the ^jf^L by number of days to be certified by the Secretary of State.

To S. J. Iankiewiez, the sum of three hundred and twenty dollars for services rendered and to be rendered in the Trea-s-J-JenklDSsurer's office in posting the books of the; [board of] public WOrk«. HL Hoffman.

To Hiram L. Hoffman the sum of fifty-seven dollars forproTiso. room rent for the Council of Revision: Provided, That the State Bank of Illinois is hereby authorized to pay the Auditor's warrants drawn on the Treasurer for debts now due for work and materials done on the State House as audited by the board of auditors. Approved, February 27, 1841.


An ACT to authorize the county commissioners of Brown county to ap

_ ,. _ , point an Assessor.

In force, tea.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the count). commissioners of Brown county shall have power to appoint appointed, some suitable person, whose duty it shall be to assess all. the taxable properly in said county that was not assessed in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty, and make return to the clerk of the county commissioners'court of the county of Brown, according to the law regulating the duties of assessors.

Sec 2. That the collector for the year one thousand

eight hundred and forty-one shall proceed to collect all the

lector for °° " taxes accruing from said assessment as tho[ughJ it all had

Brown county been assessed at the same time and by the same person in the

year one thousand eight hundred ami forty.

Sec. 3. This act shall be in force from and after its passage. Approved, February 17, 1841.

An ACT concerning Assessors.

In force, Feb. .

'J6, 1841. Sec 1. Be U enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That hereafter the CouqOne assessor ty commissioners' courts of the several counties in this State, tor each coun- gnaij appoint but one assessor, any thing in the fifth section y of "An act concerning the public revenue," approved Febru

ary twenty-sixth, one thousand eight hundred and thirtynine, to the contrary notwithstanding; which assessor shall °atn- take [the] oath or affirmation prescribed by the said fifth sec

tion of the aforesaid act concerning the public revenue, and perform all the duties required under the existing laws to be performed by assessors.

Sue 2. In making out thj alphabetical and duplicate How list to be list of taxable property required to be made by the revenue mar'.e. laws in force, the assessor shall reserve on the right hand side

of each page in the book containing such list, columns of sufficient width to set down the amount of State tax, the amount of county tax, and if a road tax be levied, also a column for such tax; the assessor shall add up the several columns of figures in the book or list, before delivering the same to the clerk of the county commissioners' court. Persons may Sec. 3. Anj person or persons owning or claiming lands lore judgment advertised for sale for non-uaymentof taxes, may pay tne taxes interest and costs due thereon before judgment: Provided, that such collector shall be required to make a report to the court, before judgment is rendered, of all lands upon which the taxes may have been paid, subsequent to making his return to the circuit court, according to the fourth section of "An act to amend an act concerning the public revenue," approved February second, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine. Sheriffs shall be authorized and required to receive taxes, interest and costs on all lands upon which judgment has been rendered up to the time of sale of such land.

Sec. 4. Assessors shall hereafter have until the twentieth Time of maday of August,annually, to make their returns to the clerks ofkluS re'urn. the county commissioners' courts of their respective counties.

Sue 5. In all cases where lands shall have been, or may be sold by any sheriff under the provisions of the act recited in the first section herein, and such sheriff shall be succeeded in office by another person, the successor of such sheriff is here-Successor of by authorized to execute deeds to the purchasers thereof in sheriff shnll like manner as if the sales of said lands had been conducted elecute dee<1' by him, and such deeds so executed by him, shall follow as near as may be after the form prescribed in the forty-second section of said act, and shall in all respects possess the same validity and efficacy as if made by the sheriff conducting the sale of the lands therein described.

Sec 6. That this act so soon as it becomes a law, shall Act to be pubbe published in the paper of the Public Printerat Springfield.1,ihed

Approved, February 26, 1841.

An ACT to authorize the appointment of Assessors in certain cases.

_ In force, Feb.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, 27, 1841. represented in the General Assembly, That the county commissioners' com t of each new county which may be created at Courts of new

the present session of tho General Assembly, shall at their coun!ies maJ . r . . ■" , appoint as

nrst meeting as a court, appoint one or more assessors, whoSessors.

shall qualify in the same manner and perform the same duties as is now required by law.

Sec. 2. In all cases of vacancy in the office of assessor, vacancies or failure on the part of any assessor to perform the duties may be filled, required of him by law, the county commissioners shall at their next regular or special term thereafter proceed to fill any or all such vacancies, and assessors appointed under the provisions of this section shall make returns to the com mis-Assessors to gioners' court within three months from the date of their ap-niake returnpointment. Approved, February 27, 1841.

An ACT further defining the duties of the Attorney General, and for other purposes.

In force, Feb,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, 26, 1341. represented in the General Assembly, That the circuit court j1]rig(1ict;on of Sangamon county shall have original jurisdiction in all 0f Sangamon causes, suits and motions, against every person or persons, circuit court body politic or corporate in the State, in which the State111 State suJt"shall be the party plaintiff or complainant, whether' such

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