remove nuisances; to suppress all riots and disorderly conduct; to impose and collect fines, for all such offences; to establish night watches; to put up lamps in the streets, and provide for lighting the same; to open, widen, and keep in repair the streels, avenues, lanes, alleys, drains and sewers, and to keep" the same clean, and free from incumbrances; to erect pumps and sink wells in the strects, and kecp the same in repair; to ille build and repair bridges within the limits of the corporation. ,' To subscribe, take and hold stock in the Kaskaskia bridge company, and when necessary, dispose of the same; to estab- Further pot lish, license, and regulate markets; to establish and regulate ers. a fire department, and to provide for the prevention and extinguishment [of] fires; to regulate the storage of gunpowder, and other combus:ible materials; 10 prevent the shooting ... of firc arms; to prohibit and punish the keeping of gaming houses and other disorderly houses...

Sec. 3. The trustees of said town are hereby authorized Still further and empowered to make, havc, and use a common scal, the powers. same to alter and amend at pleasure; to establish not exceed. I ing three elementary schools, wherein reading, writing, arithmcric, geography, and other branches of education may be taught, and for this purpose the trustees of said town'are hereby authorized to purchase lots and erect suitable ţuildirgs in such parts of the town as may be deemed by then the most convenient ind beneficial 10 ihe citizens thereof; and the said ti ustecs are hereby empowered by ordinance 10 direct whatever may be necessary to be done for successfully carrying into operation the provisions of this section.

Sec. 4. No person shall be eligible as trustee, or qualified Qualifcation to vote for trustees unless he shall be a free white male inhab- for trustee or itant in said town of twenty-one years of age or upwards, and lover shall have resided sixty days next preceding such election within the corporate limits of said town, and all persons thus qualified shall be eligible as trustecs, and to vote for trustees, and 10 vote at all town meetings.

Sec. 5. All notices posted up on the door of the court Notices, bow house in the town of Kaskaskia relative to this act, or to the made public acı tu which this is an amendment shall answer every purpose and be equally valid and binding in law as if the same should be printed in a public newspaper printed in the said town of Kaskaskia, any thing in the act to which this is an amendment to the contrary notwithstanding.

. Sec. 6. That the trustees of said town, be, and they are pi, hereby authorized to cause to be made a plat of said town, and to be recorded have the same l'ecorded in the office of the recorder of Randolph county, with like effect as the plat of other towns in this State are recorded, which plat shall be taken in all courts of this State to be evidence of the location and position of the streets, alleys, blocks, squares, and lots, in said town, unless the contrary shall be shown by competent and conclusive evi






SEC., 7. This açt is hereby declared to be a public act, and shall, take effect and be in force from and after its passage, ; ;.

Approved, February 20, 1341."


. An ACT to incorporate the town of Petersburg: In force, Feb. 23, 1841. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That the inhabitants and Name & style. Sestacats of the town o

residents of the town of Petersburg, in the county of Menard, are hereby made a body corporate and politic in law and in fact, by the name of the President and Trustees of the town of Petersburg," and by such name and style shall be

forever able and capable in law and equity, to sue and be Powers of corporation.

sued, to plead and be impleaded, to answer and be answered unto, to defend and be defended, in all manner of suits, actions, plaints, pleas, causes, matters and demands of whatever kind or nature they may be, in as full and cffectual a manner as any person or persons, bodies corporate or politic, can or may do, and by the name and style aforesaid, shall have perpetual succession, and may have and use a common seal,

which they may alter or revoke at pleasure. . Powers vegte Sec. 2. That the corporate powers or duties of said ed in trustees. town shall be vested in and exercised by five trustees, to be

chosen and appointed as hereinafter directed, who shall form

a board for the transaction of business. Present trug. Sec. 3. That James Hoey, John McNeal, William G.

Spears, James Colbey and George D. Adams, trustees of said : town as at present incorporated under the general act of in

corporation, are hereby appointed trustecs of said town un. Term of office

: der this açt, and shall hold their offices until the first Monday of otice in the month of April next, and until their successors are

duly qualified; and on the first Monday of the month of April next, and on the first Monday in the month of April in each year thereafter, an election shall be held for five trustees of said town, who shall serve for one year, and until their successors are duly clected and qualified. The members composing the board of trustees shall be at least twenty

one years of age, inhabitants of said incorporated limits, and Vacancies

bona fide freeholders in said town, and they shall have power bow filled.

to fill all vacancies in their board, which may be occasioned by death, resignation or otherwise.

Sec. 4. That in all elections for trustees every white of electors.

he male resident within the incorporated limits of said town, over the age of twenty-one years who shall have resided therein șix months, or who shall be the bona fide owner of any freehold property therein, shall enjoy the right of an

elector, Officers how Sec. 5. That the board of trustees shall appoint their appointed.

president, and all other officers of their board, and shall be the judges of the qualifications, elections and returns of their own members, a majority of whom shall constitute a board to


transact business, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may compel thc attendance of absent members, in such manner and under such penalties as the board may provide, they may determine the rules of proceedings, Trustees may punish their members for disorderly conduct, and by the con, be expelled. currence of three-fifths of the whole number elected may ex, pel a member, and make such other rules and regulations for their government as to them may seem, proper and expedient.

Sec. 6. That the board of trustees shall have power by Tax to be levordinance to levy and collect taxes upon all real estate ied. within the town and limits of the incorporation, not exceeding the one-half of one per centum upon the assessed value thereof, except as hereinafter excepted. To declare what shall be considered nuisances within said incorporated lim- Nuisances. its, and to prevent and remove the same: to provide for licensing, laxing and regulating auctions, taverns, groceries, theatrical and other shows and exhibitions: to restrain and pro- auctions, &c. bibit all disorderly houses; to prevent the running and indecent exhibition of horses and jacks; to establish and regulatem

To establish markets; to open, grade, pave, and kcep in. repair, streets, markets. avenues, lanes, alleys, drains and sewers, and keep the same clean; to regulate the police of the town; to provide for the

Punishment trial and punishment of persons who may be engaged in as of saults, assaults and batteries, and affrays within the limits of said incorporation; to regulate the election of town officers, and fix their compensation; to require bond and security of

Bond of offitown officers for ihe faithful performance of their duties; and cere. from time to time to pass such ordinances to carry into effect the objects of this act, and the powers hereby granted, as the good of the citizens of said town may require,, ,

SEC. 7. That the board of trustees of said town shall Power to im. have power to impose lines and forfeitures for the breach of pose fines. any ordinance, and provide for the collection thereof; and to direct by ordinance, such punishments to be inflicted for any offence against the laws of the corporation, as it is or may be provided by law for like offences against the laws of the State: Provided, That no person shall be deprived of the Proviso right of triał by jury in any case where such person would, be entitled to a trial by a jury for a like offence against the, .., laws of the State. · Sec. 8. That the board of trustees shall have power to Offenders may provide for the punishment of offenders, by imprisonment in be imprisoned the county jail, in all cases where such offenders shall fail or refuse to pay fines which may be assessed, or for forfeitures or penalties which may be recovered: Provided, That nothing Proviso. herein shall be so coustrued as to prohibit persons from availing themselves of the benefit of any insolvent law which now is or hereafter may be passed by the Legislature of this further proState, if such person would be entitled to such discharge for ads a like offence against the laws of the State; And provided, also, That no person shall be imprisoned under the provisions

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bow pubiistred the peace.

of this act for a longer period than twenty-four hours for eva

ery five dollars of any fine assessed, or forfeiture or penalty Punishment recovered.. for breach of Sec. 9. That the board of trustees shall have power to peace. provide for the punishment of any persons who may at any

time'disturb the peace of the inhabitants of the town, or of any worshipping congregation, or the deliberations and pro

ceedings of any public mecting assembled therein, or of the Jurisdiction. board of trustees when in session.

Sec. 10. That in all cases arising under this act or growing out of the by-laws or ordinances niade in pursuance thereof, any justice of the peace within the county of Menard shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine the same, and appeals may be taken, and writs of certioruri allowed in all such cases in the same manner as now is, or hereafter may be

provided by law for appealing from judgments of justices of Ordinances

Sec. ll. That all ordinances of said trustees, made in pursuance of this act, shall be fairly written out, signed by

the clerk, and the saine, or a printed copy thereof, shall be .. posted up at three of the most public places in said town, or

publislied in some newspaper, printed in said town, and no

ordinance shall be in force until posled up or published as Lots to be aforesaid at least ten days. taxed.

?. Sic. 12. That the lot in front of which any side walk is made, shall, in addition to the regular tax imposed by the board of trustecs, be taxed to pay at least one half of the expense of making such side walk, which tax shall be assessed, and collected in the same manner as other taxes are.

Sec. 13. That the board of trustees shall have power to

adopt such modes and means for the assessment and colleci tion of taxes as they may from time to time fix upon and deProvison ! ** termine; and to prescribe the manner of selling property

when the tax on the same is not paid: Provider, That no sale of any 'town lot or other real estate, shall be made until public notice of the time and place of sałe shall be given by advertisement in a newspaper published in said town, or by posting up written or printed notices thereof in three of the

most public places in said town, at lcast fifteen days previous Lots sold may thereto. be redeemed. Sec. 14. That where ans town lot or lots, or other real

estate shall be s ld for tax, by virtue of any ordinance made in pursgance of this act, the same may be redeemed at any time within two years from the date of such sale, by the owner of said property, or his or her agent, executor or administrator, paying to the treasurer of said town for the use of the purchaser of said property the full amount of the

purchase money, with interest at the rate of fifty per centum Officers per annum together with the costs accrued thereon. " take oath.

Ī Sec. 15. That the members of the board of trustees and all other officers of said corporation shall before entering upon the duties of their respoctive offices, take an oath or affirmation


before some officer authorized by the laws of the State to . administer oaths, to support the Constitution of the United States and of this State, and faithfully to discharge the du. ties of their respective offices.

Sec. 16. That the board of trustees shall have power to appoint a town constable, who shall hold his office during the

Constable to

burg me give bond. pleasure of said board of trustees, and to require of him bond and security in such sum as they may think proper, whose duiy it shall be to arrest ou view all persons, who shall violate the laws and ordinances of said town; to colleci all times, forfeitures and penalties which may be assessed or recovered for the use of the corporation; and to execute all writs, pro-Dutics of cona cess and precepls which may be issued against any person sta or persons for a violation of said laws or ordinances, and for this purpose it shall be lawful for him to go into any part of the county of Menard to serve or exécute any such writz, process or precepts as aforesaid.

Sec. 17. That the board of trustees for the purpose of Labor to be keeping the streets and alleys in said town and the public required. roads passing through the same in good repair, shall have power, and to this end, they are authorized to require every male resident within the linits of said corporation, over the age of twenty-one years, to labor on said streets, alleys and roads, not less tnan two nor more than four days in each ycar; and any person who shall be notified by the street commissioner to perform such labor so assessed, as herein pruvided, and shall fail or neglect to perform the same, shall forfeit and pay the sum of seventy-five cents for each day's labor neglected to be performed, and the strect commissioner in Prosecuțions said town is hereby authorized to prosecute such delinquent in nime of

trustees. person in the name of “The President and Trustees of Petersburg," before any justice of the peace in the county of Menard; and said street cuinmissioner shall be a competent witness against said delinquent.

Suc. 18. That all tics, forfeitures and penalties authori- Fines & forfeized to be assessed by this act, may be recovered in an action tures how.cols of debt in the name of The President and Trustees of the lected. town of Petersburg,” before any justice of the peace in said . county: Provide.d, That no such fine, forfeiture or penalty, shalt exceed tiity doilars, and all sums of money which may Proviso be received for licenses granted to groceries, iaverns, auctions, theatrical and other shows and exhibitions, and all tines, forteitures, and penalties imposed for a violation of any of the by-laws or ordinances of said corporation, shall ? when collected, be paid into the town treasury for the use and benefit of said town.

Sec. 19. That for the purpose of carrying into effect the Boundaries of aforesaid powers, the said trustees are hereby authorized to town. detine the boundaries of said corporation: Provided, That the

" Proviso. same shall not exceed one mile square it,


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