to be null and void. This incorporation may, at any regular annual election for trustees, be dissolved, by two-thirds of the votes given being in favor of such dissolution; then this act shall be null and void.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

In force, Feb

An ACT to incorporate the town of Tremont. 27, 1841.

Sec. l. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the resident inhabit

ants of the town of Tremont, in Tazewell county, are hereby Name & style constituted a body politic and corporate, to be known by the

name of “The President and Trustees of the town of Tremont,” and by that name shall be known in law, and have

perpetual succession, may sue and be sued, plead and be imPowers

pleaded, defend and be defended, in courts of law and equity, and in all actions and matters whatsoever, may grant, purchase, receive and hold real estate and personal property within the limits of said town and no other, (burial grounds excepted,) and may sell and convey the same for the benefit of said town. They shall have power to lease any lands that now are, or which may hereafter be reserved and appropriated to the use of said town, and to do all other lawful acts as natural persons; may have a common seal, and alter the same

at pleasure. Boundaries of Sec. 2. That the limits of said town of Tremont shall intown. clude all the district embraced in the town plat of the original

town of Tremont and the several additions to said town, the

plats of which have been recorded pursuant to law. Powers vested



Scc. 3. That the corporate powers and duties of said town in trustees shall be vested in five trustees, who shall form a board for the

transaction of business. They shall be elected annually on the second Monday in August, by the persons in sad town

qualified to vote as beieinafter provided, to serve for one year Qualifications and until their successors are elected and qualified. They shall

be citizens of the United States, twenty-one years of age, shall possess a freehold estate within the limits of said corpo. ration, and shall have been a resident of said town one year

next preceding their election. Present trus- SEC. 4. That James L. Wilson, John A. Jones, Ralph

Kipp, Albert S. Fobes, and Joseph C. Parker, be and they are hereby declared trustees of said town, to serve until the second Monday of August next, and until their successors shall

be elected and qualified. Appointment Sec. 5. The Board of trustees shall appoint their presi. of officers. dent from their own body, shall appoint all other officers

their board, and shall be the judges of elections and reta

of their own members. A majority shall constitute a co Quorum to do business, but a smaller number may adjourn fror


day, and may compel the attendance of absent members, and under such penalties as the board may provide. They may determine the rule of proceeding, punish the members for disorderly conduct, and by a vote of two-thirds of the whole number elected, expel a member and make such other rules and regulations for their own government as to them may seem proper and expedient.

Sec. 6. No person shall vote for trustees of said town un- Qualification less he be qualified to vote for representatives for the General for voter Assembly, and shall be liable to pay a corporation tax for the then current year, and shall have resided in said town for at least three months next preceding the election at which he offers to vote.

Sec. 7. The board of trustees shall have power to levy Corporation and collect a tax on all real estate and personal property with tax. in said corporation, not exceeding twenty-five cents on the hundred dollars upon the assessed value thereof; to make re. Further pow. gulations to secure the general health of the inhabitants; to ers. prevent and remove nuisances, and to establish night watches; to erect lamps in the streets, and light the same; to restrain and prohibit shooting, horse racing, houses of ill fame, gambling and other disorderly houses; to provide for licensing and regulating, or prohibiting theatrical and other shows or amusements; to regulate auctions; to establish and regulate markets and market houses, wijen and keep in repair streets, sidewalks, lanes, and alleys, drains and sewers; to keep the same clean and free from incumbrance; to dig wells, erect pumps for the convenience of the inhabitants; to regulate the storage of gun-powder, and all other combustible materials; to provide for the prevention and extinguishment of fires; to regu- Town police late the police of the town, and the election of town officers; to fix compensation of town officers, and from time to time to pass, such ordinances to carry into effect the provisions of this act, and the powers hereby granted, as the good of the town may require, and which may not be inconsistent with the laws of the State. For the breach of any ordinances any justice of the peace within the county shall have power to hear and determine the aforesaid offences: Provided, The Proviso. same shall be tried within the limits of the corporation, and appeals may be taken and writs of certiorari allowed from any such judgment in the same manner as is, or hereafter may be, provided by law for taking appeals from judgments of justices of the peace.

Sec. 8. That the board of trustees shall make adequate Damages,how compensation to any person or persons who may be injured adjusted. by opening, widening, extending, or improving any street, alley, or side-walk within the limits of the town under the provision of this act; to ascertain which, the board shall cause to be summoned twelve good and lawful freeholders and inhabitants of the town not directly interested, who, after being duly sworn for that purpose, shall inquire and take into considera

tion as well the benefit as the injury that may accrue to the party, and estimate and assess the damages which would be sustained by reason of the opening, extending, widening, grading, or improving any street, avenue, lane, alley, or side-walk, · and shall moreover estimate the amount which other persons will be benefited thereby and may contribute towards paying persons injured, all of which they shall return to the board of trustees, under tlieir hands and seals, and the person or per'sons who shall be benefited and so assessed shall pay the same in the same manner as shall be provided, and the residue, if any, shall be paid out of the town treasury.

Sec. 9. That the president and trustees of said town shall May borrow money

have a right to borrow, on the credit of the corporation, any sum not exceeding one thousand dollars for the purpose of erecting school-houses, market-houses, digging public wells, erecting pumps in the streets, and for making and improving public roads situated within two miles of the town, which the trustees may think for the best interest of the town, and to receive donations for the purpose of carrying into effect any or all of the objects contemplated by the provisions of this

act. Additional' Sec. 10. The officers of said corporation, in addition to officers.

the trustees, shall consist of one clerk, one treasurer, one col. lector, one constable, and three assessors, and one street com. missioner and such other officers as the trustees of said town may deem necessary, who shall receive such compensation

and fees as the board of trustees shall prescribe. Notice of Sec. 11. It shall be the duty of the board of trustees, in town meeting such manner as they may hereafter provide, to give notice of

all town meetings to be held, whether for the election of trustees or any other purpose arising under the provisions of this act, by posting up notices in three of the most public places in the said town, and stating the object of such meeting: Provided however, That not less than three days' notice shall in any case

be given. Ordinances, SEC. 12. All ordinances shall be posted up in three of the how made most public places in said town, within ten days after they public.

shall have been passed, and if there be a newspaper published

in said town, shall be published therein within ten days. ment & SEC. 13. That the board of trustees shall have power to collection of adopt such modes and means for the assessment and collec

tion of taxes as they from time to time shall fix upon and determine, and prescribe the manner of selling property when the tax levied upon it is not paid: Provided however, That the collector of said town shall proceed in the same manner to sell real estate for corporation taxes, as is required of county collectors to sell real estate for State and county revenue, and all the provisions of the several acts concerning public revenue which provide for the sale and redemption of real estate for State and county taxes, shall apply to the sale of real estate or town lots sold for taxes assessed for corporation purposes under the provisions of this act; and the collector of said



town shall have such fees as shall be provided by the trustees Fees of col.

lector. of said town. Sec. 14. The board of trustees, for the purpose of keep. Three days

street · labor ing the streets and alleys in said town and corporate limits, annua and the public roads passing from and through said town, in good repair, and to this end they are authorized to require every male inhabitant of said town over the age of twentyone, and under fifty years of age residing within the corporate limits, to labor on the streets and alleys and roads, not ex- r;

Fines, how ceeding three days in each year, and any person who shall be collected notified at least two days previous by the street commissioner to perform such labor so assessed, as herein provided, and shall fail or neglect to perform the same, shall forfeit and pay the sum of one dollar for each day neglected to be performed, and the street commissioner in said town is hereby authorized to prosecute such person in the name of the president and trustees of the town of Tremont, before any justice of the peace in said town; and the said street commissioner shall be a competent witness against such delinquents, and in case of default as aforesaid, the justice shall render judgment against the defendant for the amount so forfeited with costs of suit, and issue execution forthwith. Sec. 15. That every officer of said corporation before en- Officer

take oath. tering upon the duties of his office shall take an oath or affirmation before some judge or justice of the peace, faithfully and impartially to discharge the duties of his office: And provided, always, That the treasurer, collector, and constable, before they enter upon the duties of their offices, shall file in the give bond

Officers office of the clerk of said town, a bond with security to be approved by the board of trustees for the faithful performance of their duties.

Approved, February 27, 1841.


An ACT to amend the several acts to extend the corporate powers of the ma n town of Peoria.

27, 1841. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the trustees of the

of town of Peoria, be, and they are hereby authorized and em. Powers powered to cut down, widen, grade, or otherwise alter or remove that portion of the embankment of the Peoria and Warsaw railroad, which is situated on Water street, in said town of Peoria, extending from the public landing to the lower side of Hudson street in said town, in such manner as they deem best to accommodate public travel on said Water street: Provided, Proviso. That said trustees, or their successors, shall restore the said embankment to its present condition whenever the same shall be needed for the use of the State or companies, or shall pay such sum as the State or company shall expend upon the same.

Approved, February 27, 1841.



In force Feb.

An ACT to incorporate the town of Rock Island, in Rock Island county. 27, 1841. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That the name of the town ed. Change of Stephenson, and all the additions thereto, in the county of

Rock Island, is hereby changed to, and shall hereafter be known by the name of Rock Island.

Sec. 2. The inhabitants and residents of the said town of Stephenson, and all the additions thereto, are hereby made a

body corporate and politic in law and in fact, by the name Name & style. and style of “The President and Board of Trustees of the

town of Rock Island," and by that name shall have perpetual succession, and a common seal, which they may alter at pleasury, and in whom the government of the corporation shall be vested, and by whom its affairs shall be managed.

Sec. 3. The boundary of the said corporation shall in

clude all that portion of land contained within the limits of Boundaries. the plat of the town of Stephenson, and all the additions

thereto, as of record in the recorder's office in the county of Rock Island.

SEC. 4. The prisont trustees shall hold and continue in Election of office until the first Tuesday in September next, but there

shall be an election held in the court house in said town on the first Monday in April next, 10 choose four other trustees, who shall act with the present trustees, and continue in office until the first Tuesday in Septeinber next, and until their successors are duly elected and qualified, on the first Tuesday in September next, and on the first Tuesday in September of each and every year thereaster, there shall be elected nine trustees, who shall hold their offices for one year, and until their successors are duly elected and qualified; and ten days' public notice of the time and place of holding any election for trustees shall be given by the president and trustees,

by advertisements in the weekly newspapers printed in said Qualifications town, or by posting up notices in six of the public places in

said town; no person shall be a trustee of said toen who has not arrived at the age of twenty-one years, who has not resided in said town six months next preceding his election; and all free white male inhabitants, over twenty-one years of age, who have resided in said town one month preceding an election, and are qualified to vote for Governor, shall have a

right to vote for trustees. And the said trustces shall, at President, their first meeting after said election in September next, and

at every election for trustees thereafter, proceed to electone of their body president, and shall have power to fill all vacan

cies in said board, which may be occasioned by death, Vacancies resignation, removal or a continued absence from said town of

six months, and said trustees are empowered to elect a clerk, treasurer, one or more street commissioners, an auditor, attorncy, constable, collector and assessor, who shall each give bond and security, in such amount as the presideut and

for trustees.

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