Commence Sec. 3. The said bridge shall be commenced and comment & completion of said pleted within eighteen months from and after the passage of bridge. this act, and shall at all times be kept in good repair so as to

admit of a safe passage of all persons and their property over it on the payment of the toll herein specified.

Sec. 4. That in case the said bridge shall be destroyed Destruction, by high water, fire or other casualty, it shall not create a forof bridge by feiture of the rights conferred by this act, but one year shall casualty not be allowed for the re-erection thereof after the happening of feiture. said casualties.

Sec. 5. This act and the powers therein granted shall be Term of act and remain in force for the period of twenty years from and

after its

Approved, February 17, 1841.

to create for

An ACT to amend "An act to authorize Henry W. Cleaveland to build a In force Feb

bridge across the Winnebago Swamp,” Approved February 19, 1839. 26, 1841.

Sec. I. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That Henry W. Cleve

land and his associates, and assigns, be allowed till the first Time allowed day of December, A. D., one thousand eight hundred and

forty-one, for the completion of the bridge and causeway across the Winnebago Swamp.

Approved, Fe'ruary 26, 1841.


An ACT to authorize Isaac D. Patterson to build a bridge across Salt In force Feb.

creek, in the counties of Menard and Mason. 26, 1841.

Sec. l. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That Isaac D. Patterson,

his heirs and assigns, be, and they are hereby authorized tu Across Salt build and keep for the term of twenty years from the passage creek for 20 of this act, a toll bridge across Salt creek, in township nine

teen north, range six west of the third principal meridian, Location

and at the best point near the place now known as “Day's Ferry," in Menard county, Illinois.

Sec. 2. The said Isaac D. Patterson, his heirs or asTo commence signs, shall commence the building of said bridge within one and complete

year, and complete the same within two years from and after the passage of this act. Said bridge shall be built in a good and substantial manner, so as to give a safe and easy passage, to all persons, and their property, wishing to cross the

same. 2 Toll gate and Sec. 3. After said bridge shall be completed, the said

Isaac D. Patterson, his heirs and assigos, are hereby authori. zed to place a toll gate on either end of said bridge, or elsewhere, where he or they may demand of all and every person passing said bridge, the following rates of toll, viz: for each two horse wagon, drawn by two horses or one yoke of oxen,


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twenty-five cents; for each additional yoke of oxen or pair of horses, twelve and a half cents; for each one horse wagon or carriage, eighteen and three-fourths cents; for each man and horse, twelve and a half cents; for each head of hogs, sheep or goats, one cent; for each head of horses, cattle, mules, or asses, three cents; and six cents for each footman.

Sec. 4. The said Isaac D. Patterson, his heirs and assigns, Kept in repair shall at all times after the completion of said bridge, keep the same in good repair, and allow a speedy passage; and if, at any time, the bridge be kept out of repair, so that the same be impassable for the space of three months at any one time, the said_bridge shall accrue to the counties of Menard and Mason; Provided, however, That the destruction of said Proviso bridge by fire, high water, or other casualty, shall not work a forfeiture of the privileges hereby granted; but said Patterson, his heirs or assigns, shall proceed immediately to repair the same. Sec. 5. When the commissioners of the counties of Me.

Counties may nard and Mason deem it expedient to purchase said bridge, purchase they shall have the right to do so, by paying the said Patterson, bis heirs or assigns, the value of said bridge, in current money of the State of Illinois, which value shall be ascertained by the valuation of three disinterested appraisers, to be appointed by the court of Menard county, who shall be sworn to a faithful and impartial discharge of their duties as such appraisers; or, if the commissioners of said counties will proceed without delay to build a free bridge at the place Free bridge to

be built aforesaid, or if the people of said counties, or any number of them will proceed without delay and build a free bridge across Salt creek at the place aforesaid, and have the same completed within one year from and after the passage of this act, they shall have the power to do so under this act; and the said bridge, when so completed, shall be and remain open and free for all persons and their property wishing to cross the same, and shall be and remain a free bridge to all intents and purposes: Provided, That if the said free bridge, Proviso when so completed, shall remain out of repair for six months at anyone time, the privileges hereinbefore granted to Isaac D. Patterson, shall be revived, and he may proceed to the erec-Privileges re

vived. tion of the toll bridge aforesaid, the same as if no bridge had been erected by the commissioners or the people aforesaid: Proviso. Provided, further, That casualties, or high water, or otherwise, shall not work a forfeiture to the people of said counties, or commissioners, hereinbefore offered to them, but they may proceed immediately to repair the same: Provided, further, That Further prothe county commissioners' courts of the aforesaid counties, shall viso. have power so prevent the said Isaac D. Patterson from building the said bridge, if it shall appear to their satisfaction that the people of said counties are opposed to it.

Sec. 6. If any person or persons shall wilfully do, or Injury done, cause to be done, any injury to said bridge, the person or per. how punished sons so offending, shall forfeit and pay the said Isaac D. Patterson, his heirs and assigns, double the amount of said injury or damage, to be recovered before any justice of the peace or court of record, having jurisdiction of the same.

Sec. 7. The said bridge shall be deemed a public highway, within the mcaning of the laws providing for the punishment of persons injuring, obstructing, or destroying public bridges in any manner or by any means whatever.

Approved, February 26, 1841.


In force Feb.

An ACT to incorporate the Illinois and Missouri Bridge Company. 27, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, Incorporation represented in the General Assembly, That isaac Prickett, created.

William Montgomery, Thomas G. Hawley, Enas Hibbard, George W. Long, Enoch Long, Sherman W. Robulis, and Benjamin K. Hart, with their associates, be, and they are hereby created a body politic and corporate, by the name and style of "The Illinois and Missouri Bridge Company," for the purpose of erecting a bridge over the Mississippi river at or near the city of Alton, and they and their associates, successors, and the stockholders in the company hereby

created, shall have perpetual succession, and by that name Object of the Incorporation and style are hereby made as capable in law as natural per:

sons, to contract and be contracted wiih, to sue and be sued, to plead ard be impleaded, in all courts of law and equity; shall have all the power, privilege and franchise incident to a public corporation, to make and use a common seal, and the same to alter or amend at pleasure, and generally to do and execute all acts, matters and things which a body corporate or politic, or an individual could or may lawiully do: Provided, That the construction of said bridge shall not in

any manner obstruct the free navigation of said river. Capital stock. Sec. 2. The capital stock of said company shall be one

million of dollars, which shall be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, and the persons before named, or a majority of them shall cause books to be opened for the subscription of the stock of said company, at such times and

places as they shall direct until the whole stock is taken up. Election of Sec. 3. As soon as half of the capital stock shall be subofficers. scribed, the said persons, or a majority of them, shall adver

tise a meeting of the stockholders giving ten days notice of the time and place of such meeting, when they shall provide for the election of a president and six directors from among the stockholders of said company, and such of the persons mentioned in the first section of this act as shall not hold any

of said stock shail cease to be members of said corporation. Term of office All officers so elected, shall hold their offices for one year,

and until their successors are chosen; each share of said



stock shall entitle the holder to one vote. All vacancies Vacancies

how filled.' shall be filled by a majority of the directors. SEC. 4. The said company may enter upon, purchase and

Company take possession of so much of the land at or near [the] casteru may enter uptermination of said bridge as may be necessary for the erec-on and take

land. tion of the same, also for a toll house and aecessary roads leading said bridge, and in case (of) a disagreement be- In case of disa tween the parties as to the value of said lands, the same shall agreement. be determined by a jury of twelve men, freeholders of the county of Madison, who shall be appointed for tnat purpose by the county commissioners' court of said county, on application of either party, and the company shall pay the award of said jury, (which jury shall be sworn to make a just valuation) to the owner or owners of said land, and receive a title therefor; and in case of refusal on the part of the owners of said land to receive the valuation and make the conveyance as aforesaid, the same may be paid into the county treasury for the use of the owners of said land; whereupon the treasurer of said county shall by decd convey said land to said company, which conveyance shall pass to said company, all such estate of said owners, both in law and equity. Sec. 5. The company shall have power, by the president

Power and directors thereof, to make such ordinances and by-laws as make by-laws they may deem proper for the carrying on and regulating the business of said company, not inconsistent with the laws of the State.

Sec. 6. The company shall have power to purchase any Company anquantity of land not exceeding in value the sum of thirty thou- thorized sand dollars, and erect a saw mill. They shall have power and manufac

purchase land to manufacture their own lumber and all other materials ne- ture materials cessary for the construction of said bridge, and to do all acts that may be necessary to forward the interests of said company and the speedy completion of said bridge.

SEC. 7. It shall and may be lawful for said company to Tolls. erect toll gates at the end of said bridge, and to demand and

eceive the same rates of tol as are now received by the Alton Ferry Company. This act shall be a public act of Act declared the State of Illinois, and shall be construed liberally for the public. benefit of said company:

SEC. 8. It the Legislature of this State shall after the ex- State may piration of twenty years from the completion of said bridge, purchase make provision by law, and pay over to said company the value of the same, with the fixtures and appurtenances thereunto belonging, then and in that case, the said bridge with all its fixtures and appurtenances, shall vest in and become the property of the Siate.

Sec. 9. The company shall be required to commence said Time within bridge within two years after the passage of this act, and which bridge shall be required to finish the same within ten years there and finished. after, or the Legislature may declare this charter forfeited; Forfeiture. and when said bridge shall be completed, the company shall at all times keep the same in a good passable condition, or ba



subject to such fines and penalties as the Legislature may deem proper, to remedy the evil. This act to be in force from and after its passage.

Sec. 10. The Legislature hereby reserves to itself the Right to re-right to repeal, alter, or amend this charter, if the public good peal charter.

require it: Provided, They cause to be paid to the said com. Proviso.

pany a fair indemnity for damages sustained by said repea! or amendment.

Approved by the Council, February 27, 1841.

An ACT to amend the several acts incorporating the Beardstown and In force Feb.

Sangamon canal company. 24, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, Time to commence canal represented in the General Assembly, That the time for comextended. mencing operations for constructing the Beardstown and

Sangamon canal, be extended for the term of four years.

Sec. 2. The present board of directors of said company

may remain in office until operations shall be commenced, Present direc- after which an election shall be held in the manner provided tors to remain for by the act incorporating said company, to which this is in office.

an amendment.

Sec. 3. The present board of directors, or a majority of Further sub-them, shall have power at any time and place they may deem scription allowed.

proper to cause books for a further subscription of stock to be opened, and to perform any act or acts by which the interest of said company shall be promoted. This act to be in force from and after its passage.

Approved, February 24, 1841.

In force Feb

17, 1841.

An ACT 10 extend the provisions of an act entitled "An act to provide for

the dedication of lots in towns situated on canal lands, to public purpo. ses," approved, February twenty-eight, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, re

presented in the General Assembly, That the commissioners of Canal com’rs the Illinois and Michigan canal, be, and they are hereby auto lst Unitari. thorised to grant and convey to the first Unitarian Society of an society of Chicago, the lot number seven, in block number thirty-eight, Chicago.

of the original town of Chicago, under the provisions and conditions of an act entitled, "An act to provide for the dedication of lots, in towns situated on canal lands to public purposes," approved, February twenty-eight, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine, notwithstanding the said lot may have been exposed for sale, and upon the surrender to

the said canal commissioners of the original certificate of Lot to be vested in society.

purchase of the aforesaid lot, the title to the aforesaid lot shall be vested in the said society, and thereupon an entry

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