Piatt county shall be sufficient therefor, and the same shall be accepted by the commissioners of Macon county, and thenceforth the county of Macon shall have no further claims on any part of Piatt county, on account of said court house debt or interest.

Approved, January 27, 1841.

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of the lovely f

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In force, Feb. , An AÇT to create the County of Grundy from the county of La Salle, 17, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That all that tract of Geundo coun-country, lying and being in the county of La Salle, in townBoundaries of

ship thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three and thirty-four north, of ranges six, seven and eight east of the third principal meridian, shall constitute and form a new county, to be called

Grundy. Election of Sec. 2. An election shall be held at the house of S. county offi- Piney, on the fourth Monday of May next, for the purpose of scers.

"selecting one sheriff, one recorder, one county surveyor, one

probate justice, one county treasurer, and three county com

missioners, and one county commissioners' clerk, who shall ceo hold their offices until the next general election, or until their

successors in office shall be elected and qualified; said election shall be conducted according to the laws regulating

elections in this State. Perry A., Claypool, Robert Walker, lection

e and John Beard, sen. shall be the judges of said election, and

shall make the returns within five days after such election

to the county commissioners' clerk of La Salle county, and election how

of the clerk of said county shall give certificates of election, as made. in other cases for county officers, and the said county of

Grundy shall be organized so soon as the said officers shall be elected and qualified.

Sec. 3. Ward B. Burnett, Rulief S. Derwyea, and WilComm’rs to liam E. Armstrong, be appointed in conjunction with the locate county commissioners of the Illinois and Michigan canal, to locate

the seat of justice of the said county of Grundy.

Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the said commissioners to County seat locate the said seat of justice on the line of the Illinois and to be located Michigan canal, on canal lands, a on canal lands Michigan canal, on cana

this purpose any quantity of the canal lands not exceeding To helaid off ten acres, and after doing so shall proceed to lay off the said in lots land as a town site, embracing lots, streets, alleys, and a pub

lic square, in such manner as they shall deem proper. Divisionof lots Sec. 5. They shall divide the said lots in equal numbers with Statem and county

e between the State and the said county, and shall allot to the

State and the county alternate lots of equal value, or as

nearly so as may be practicable. Liability of SEC. 6. It shall be the duty of the canal commissioners to com’rs for require of the said county, and the inhabitants thereof, in payment of

'their corporate capacity, shall be liable to them for the pav. ment of a sum equal to ten dollars per acre for one half



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of the whole quantity of land to be located as aforesaid, upon the payment of which sum the canal commissioners shall certify the fact to the Governor, who shall there- Gov, to issue upon issue a patent to the county commissioners of said patent to comcounty and their successors in office, for the use of the said a

ald Grundy councounty, for that portion of the lots, by number, which shall ty. be allotted to the county; Provided always, That the monies to be received by the canal commissioners, by virtue of this Proviso. section of this act, shall be applied in aid of the construction of the Illinois and Michigan canal.

SEC. 7. The county commissioners shall meet on the second Monday of June next, and appoint one assessor, and Appointment one collector, and such assessor and collector shall proceed and

d of assessor to levy and collect said tax from the taxable inhabitants of said county according to the laws of this State, and said as- Assessment sessment shall be as legal as if the county of Grundy had been declared legal organized previous to the first Monday of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-one.

SEC. 8. The county commissioners shall prepare a place Place of holdfor holding courts in said county until there shall be public"3 coll! buildings erected. The county of Grundy shall be attached Grundy atto the ninth judicial circuit; and the different times of holding lached to 9th courts shall be appointed by the judge in the above named judicial çır•

"cuit. circuit, so as to hold two terms in each year; all suits commenced in La Salle circuit court shall be determined there, Two termgo although the parties may reside in Grundy county, until after court each the passage of this act, and the election of officers takes place year as provided for in this act.

SEC. 9. It shall be the duty of the school commissioner of School com’rs La Salle county to pay over and cause to be paid over to the of La Salle to

pay over moschool commissioner of Grundy county, as soon as there may be one appointed, all monies, papers, vouchers, &c. that he commiss’rs of or they may have belonging to the said county of Grundy. Grundy

Approved, February 17, 1841.



An ACT to create the County of Kendall.

In force, Feb. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, 19, 18 represented in the General Assembly, That all that tract of land B. included within the following boundaries, to-wit: Commen- Kendall co. cing at the north-east corner of township number thirty-seven north, of range eight east, of the third principal meridian, running thence south eighteen miles, to the south-east corner of township number thirty-five north, of said range, eight east of said meridian; running thence west eighteen miles, to the south-west corner of said township thirty-five north, of range number six, east of said meridian; running thence north eighteen miles, to the north-west corner of township number thirty-seven north, of said range six, east of said meridian; running thence east eighteen miles to the place of

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beginning, shall constitute a county which shall be called and Election of

known by the name of Kendall county. county officers Sec. 2. An election shall be held in the several precincts

or parts of precincts within said county of Kendall, on the first Monday of April next, by the qualified voters of said county, for county officers, to-wit: for one sheriff, one coroner, one recorder, one county surveyor, one county treasu rer, one probate justice, three county commissioners, and one clerk of the county commissioners' court, who shall hold their offices until

the next succeeding general election, and until their succes. Term of office. sors are elected and qualified; said election shall be conducted

and the returns thereof made to the clerk of the county comReturns of e- missioners' court of La Salle county as in other cases, and said lection how clerk shall give certificates of clection, and when said county made.

officers are elected and qualified, the said county of Kendall County when shall be duly organized; said election shall be held and conorganized. ducted in each of said precincts or parts of precincts by the

judges thereof, in such manner as other elections are con.

ducted in this State; and it shall be the duty of the clerks of Notice of e- the county commissioners' courts of the counties of La Salle lection. and Kane to issue all such notices for said election as are re

quired by law for holding elections in this State. In 9th judi- Sec. 3. Said county of Kendall shall be attached to the gial circuit. ninth judicial circuit, and the judge of said circuit shall fix

the times for holding courts therein, two terms of which shall Two terms of circuit court.

be held in said county annually, at such place as the county commissioners of Kendall county may direct, until the county seat shall be located as is hereinafter provided, and until suitable county buildings shall be erected; it shall be the duty of said commissioners to provide some suitable and conve

nient building in which said court may be held. Rights & pri

SEC. 4. The citizens of said county of Kendall are entivileges.

tled in all respects to the same rights and privileges as

allowed in general to other counties in this State, and all Suits com

suits commenced in the circuit courts of La Salle and Kane menced in 0

counties before the first day of April next, shall be determin

ed in said courts, the same as if this act had not passed. School com’rs

Sec. 5. The school commissionerse of the counties of La to deliver o-Salle and Kane shall pay and deliver over to the school comver papers, &c missioner of Kendall county all the school fund belonging to

the several townships in said county of Kendall, and all
notes and mortgages pertaining to the same, so soon as the
said county shall be organized, and the school commissioner
be appointed and qualified according to law, together with
all interest arising out of said money, that has not been here-
tofore expended for schools within that part of La Salle and
Kane counties hereby taken and constituted the county of

Com’rs to lo-

Sec. 6. For the purpose of locating the seat of justice of county

said county of Kendall, the following named persons are hereby appointed commissioners, to-wit: John H. Harris, of


ther counties.


Tazewell county, Eli A. Rider, of Cook county, and William E. Armstrong, of La Salle county, who, or a majority of Time & place them, shall meet at the town of Yorkville, in said county, on of meeting. the first Monday in June, or within thirty days thereafter, and after being duly sworn by some justice of the peace, shall proceed to locate the seat of justice of said county at the most eligible and convenient point: Provided, The said Proviso. commissioners shall obtain for said county from the claimant or owner of the land on which said seat of justice may be located, a quantity of not less than ten acres; a good and sufficient deed for such land shall be given or secured to the county commissioners of said county elected or to be elected, for the use of said county, for the purpose of erecting county buildings.

Sec. 7. The commissioners appointed to locate said coun- Pay of comty seat, shall each be allowed the sum of three dollars


missioners. day for each day by them necessarily employed in the performance of that duty, to be paid out of the treasury of said county. This act to take effect from and after its passage.

Approved, February 19, 1841.

An ACT for the formation of the County of Richland.

In force Feb.

24, 1841. Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That all that tract of country within the following boundaries, to wit: Beginning Boundary of on the south line of Crawford county, where the range


county between ranges thirteen and fourteen west, strikes the same; thence south, with said range linc, to the south line of Lawrence county; thence west, with said south county line, to the line dividing Lawrence and Edwards counties; thence north, with the last mentioned line, to the south line of Clay county; thence west, with said line, to the centre of the Little Wabash river; thence up the middle of said stream, to the mouth of the Muddy Fork thereof; thence up the centre of the Muddy Fork, to the line dividing townships number three and four; thence east, with said line, to the range line between ranges eight and nine; thence north, with said range line, to the south line of Jasper county; and thence east, with said line, to the place of beginning, shall constitute a new county, to be called the county of Richland. Sec. 2. The county aforesaid is constituted upon the fol

of lowing conditions: the people of the counties of Lawrence Lawrence & and Clay, as they are now organized, shall meet at the sev. Clay to eral places of holding elections for senator and representa-formation of

for or against tives to the General Assembly, in said counties, on the first county Monday in June next, and proceed to vote in the same manner of voting for senator and representatives to the General Assembly, whether said county shall be constituted or not.



lection members Gen.


Notice of e. The judges of elections in said counties shall give twenty lection

days' notice of the time and place of holding said elections,

by posting up notices thereof, at six of the most public plaPoll books to ces in each of said counties; and on said day shall open a be opened.

poll book at each election precinct in said counties, in which they shall cause to be ruled two columns, in one of which they shall set down the votes given for the formation of said

new county; and in the other column, the votes given against Electücre to be the same; and said judges shall conduct said election and returns made, make returns thereof, to the clerks of the county commisas in case of e-sioners' courts of Lawrence and Clay counties, as is now pro

of vided by law in the case of elections for senator and repreAssembly sentatives to the General Assembly; and said returns shall be

opened and counted in the same manner as required in such

elections, and if a majority of all the votes given in each of Certificate to


counties, at said election, shall be in favor of the formabe forwarded tion of said new county, a certificate thercof shall be made to secretary of by the clerks of the county commissioners' courts of said

counties of Lawrence and Clay, under the seals of said courts, and transmitted by them to the office of the Secretary of State, of Illinois, to be filed in his office as evidence of the formation of said county of Richland, and said clerks shalı

make a like certificate to be filed in their respective offices, Certificate which shall be made a matter of record at the next succeed

evidende of the ing term of the county commissioners' court of each of said facts stated counties, whicla certificates shall be sufficient to prove the

fact therein stated; after which, said county shall be one of

the counties of the State of Illinois. County

SEC. 3. It said county of Richland shall be constituted by as aforesaid, the legal voters of said county shall meet on the

third Monday of June next, at the several places of holding Donations for

elections in said new county, and vote for the place where county seat. the county seat of said county shall be located, on which day

persons proposing to make donations for the several places proposed to be voted for, shall file with the judges of elections of the several election precincts in said new county their written propositions which shall not be for less than ten acres of land at the place the seat of justice shall be located, and upon the person or persons offering the donation at the place receiving the greatest number of votes, making to the said county of

Richland a good and sufficient convey. County com-ance for the donation proposed to be given, such place shall miss'rs to dis; be the permanent seat of justice for said county, and said pose of land donated donation shall be disposed of by the county commissioners of

seat to be established vote

said county, in such manner as they may think proper, reserving necessary public grounds; and the proceeds arising

from said donation, shall be exclusively used and for the erecElection

tion of public buildings in said county. county Sec. 4. Should said county of Richland be constituted,

according to the provisions of this act, said county shall, on the first Monday of August next, elect all county officers for said county, to be commissioned and qualified as in other cases.

for offi.


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