Id force, Feb. An ACT to locate permanently the seat of justice of Logan county. 17, 1841.

Location of ^ec. ^ Be enacte^ ty the People of the State of Illinois, county seat represented in the General Assembly, That the seat of justice for the county of Logan, be, and the same is hereby declared to be permanently located at the town of Postville, in said county.

Proprietors of Sec. 2. The proprietor or proprietors of the said town of Postville to Postville, shall, by the first day of June next, pay to the pay $3,000 county commissioners of the county of Logan, the sum of three thousand dollars: Provided, however, That the value of all donations heretofore made by the proprietors for the use of the said county shall be included in and form a part of the aforesaid sum of three thousand dollars. Payment to gEC. 3. The payment of the above donation may be made moneyor Uns^n money, or in town lots in the town of Postville, or both, at the option of the donors; and the county commissioners are hereby authorized to receive donations of town lots, the value of which shall be agreed upon by the county commissioners and the parties donating the same. County com- Sec. 4. The county commissioners of Logan county shall m|gS'rs 10 8611 proceed to sell, at public or private sale, such portions of any town lots that may be donated, and at such times as in their judgment will produce the greatest amount of money and be conducive to the best interests of the county; the sales may be made on a credit of six, twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser giving a mortgage on the premises and approved security for the payment of the purchase money: ProviProviso. ded, That if the proprietors of the said town of Postville shall not within ninety days from the passage of this act, comply with the provisions of this act on their part, then this act is to be null and void, and the county commissioners of said county are required to select some place as the temporary county seat, other than Postville, which place so selected shall be and remain the county seat of said county, until the end of the next regular or special session of the General Assembly.

Approved, February 17, 1841.

In force Feb ^n ,0 autno"ze tn6 reoation of the county seat of Clay county.

26, 1841.

Src.. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, wlocatf TMt0 rePresented in the General Assembly, That Ferris Foreman, of county seat Fayette county, John Trapp, of Effingham county, and James Bowman of Jefferson county,be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to relocate the county seat of Clay county.

Time and Sec 2. Said commissioners, or a majority of them, shall place of meet- meet in the town of Louisville, on the first Monday in May ,ns next, or within thirty days thereafter, and after being duly

sworn to the faithful discharge of their duties, shall proceed to examine such parts of said county as they may think proper to enable them to locate said county seat for the public good, the commissioners shall make said location as near the centre of said county, as an eligible site can be procured, Location of taking into consideration the public interest; the commis- county seat sioners shall make out and return to the clerk of the county commissioners' court a certificate of the re-location of said Certificate of county seat, which shall be recorded by the clerk.

Sec. 3. If the location of the county seat shall be made Lots to be doon private property, the owner shall be required to lay off anated town containing at least twenty acres of ground, laying offa • proper public square, which square shall be deeded to the county for public purposes; the owner of said land shall give to the county one third of the lots in said town, when so laid '.

oflf, divided as follows, the owner of the land to take two lots together, and the county the next, and so on through the town; the third part of the town thus falling to the county shall be conveyed by a good deed to the county of Clay.

Sec. 4. The county commissioners of Clay county as Lots shall be soon as the county scat is located under the provisions of this sol(1 act, and the town laid off and conveyed to the county as provided for in the foregoing section, shall proceed to advertise and sell all or such parts of said lots as the county commissioners may think best for the interest of said county, the proceeds of the sale to be applied under the directions of the county commissioners to the erection of public buildings for said county.

Sec 5. After the county seat shall have been located, as Officers to provided for in this act, the county officers of Clay county, TM°6Teeajocoun" who are required by law to keep their offices at the county seat, as soon as they can procure suitable places for keeping their offices, shall move the same to the county seat so located.

Sec. 6. On the removal of said county seat, the county Property in commissioners of Clay county shall give public notice and g^f]8^ eeM proceed to sell to the best bidder, all the public property except jail owned by the county in the town of Maysville, except the jail, which shall be reserved from sale, and used by the county as a jail until the county commissioners shall think it necessary to Luild a jail at the county seat when located, the proceeds of all such sales shall he applied, to the erection of public buildings at the county seat, when located under the provisions of this act.

Sbc. 7. The county commissioners shall immediately on Buildings to the location of the county seat, proceed to cause to be erect- eereoted ed at the county scat, a suitable court house and other necessary buildings for public uses, which, shall be prosecuted withrall reasonable diligence.

Sec. 8. The county commissioners of Clay county arec°unty comhereby authorized to make a loan of money oa behalf of the£^TM TM*J_ county, of any bonk' or person, aot,to, sspe^ flyc thpusapdey

dollars, and not for a longer term than ten years; which money, when so borrowed, shall be applied to the erection of public buildings, and for no other purposes whatever. Couns where Sec. 9. The spring terms ot the county and circuit courts held. shall be held at the town of Maysville, and the fall terms at

the county seat to be located under the provisions of this act. Gompensa- Sec 10. The commissioners appointed by this act to re

tion of com'ra locate the county seat of Clay county, shall be allowed a reasonable compensation for their services, to be paid out of the county treasury of Clay county. Ifcountyseat Sec. 11. If the county seat shall be located on public is located on jan(j, the commissioners shall inform the county commissioncoumy corn'ra ers thereof, who shall immediately procure the purchase of to purchase said land for the coun y, upon which they shall cause a town to be laid off and the lots sold, the proceeds of which shall be applied to public buildings.

Approved, February 26, 1841.

In force Mar An ACT eoncern1ng county seats and county lines.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, county lines represented in the General Assembly, That hereafter in all case* of division of any county in this State, by petition or otherwise, it shall not be lawful to establish any boundary line within less than ten miles of the seat of justice of the county to be divided. ,. . of Sec. 2. Hereafter no county in this State shall be cur

eounties tailed in its limits so as to reduce the territory to less than four hundred square miles, nor shall any county be created hereafter, the territory of which shall contain less than four hundred square miles. This act to take effect from and after the first day of March next.

Approved, February 27, 1841.

An ACT to locate the County Seat of Stark, aud to make a certain addition to said county. In force, Feb.

27,1841. Sec. 1. Beit enacted by the People of the State of IUineis,n

presented in the General Assembly, That the cast half of Addition range four andall of range five, in townships fourteen and fifteen north, shall be added to and constitute a part of the county of Stark, said addition being nine miles east and west, and twelve miles north and south, out of the south east corProviso. nwrofthe county of Henry: Provided, That an election shall be held in said county of Henry, at the usual places of holding elections, on the first Monday of April next, to vote fot or against a division of said county, and if it shall appear that a majority of the legal voters of said county of Henry are in favor of the territory above described being attached to aw hereafter forming a part of the county of Stark, it shall be considered a part of said county of Stark; but if a majority of the legal voters of the said county of Henry are opposed to the division of said county, then the territory described in the foregoing part of this section shall remain and continue a part of Henry county. The election shall be conducted, no- Re(urns of e_ tice given and returns made in the same manner as now re-]ectjon quired by law in the election of justices of the peace and constebles; Provided, That nothing herein contained shall Proviso, be so construed as to prevent the location of the county seat of Stark county, as provided in the second or any subsequent section of this act.

Sec. 2. That John Dawson, Peter Van Bergen and Wil-Com'rs to foliam F. Elkin, Esquires, all of the county of Sangamon, and coun,y State of Illinois are hereby appointed commissioners to locate the town of Toulon the county seat of Stark; they or any two of them shall meet at the house of William H. Hen-Time an(J derson, in said county, on the second Monday in April next,piaceof meet. or as soon thereafter, as may suit their convenience, and be- ing ing first duly sworn by some justice of the peace, that they are not directly or indirectly interested in, or the owners of 0ath 0f coinany real estate in the county of Stark, nor will not be in any miss'rs way such owner during their services in locating said county seat, and that they will truly and faithfully discharge the duties assigned them by this act, without partiality or favor. They shall then proceed to locate the town of Toulon, the county seat aforesaid, having due regard, in making said location, to the present and future population of said county, , , ., the promotion of the general good of the whole county, the eligibility of the site, and asnear as may be, after duly considering all the other provisions of this act, to the geographical centre of said county. Said commissioners shall before making said location, obtain by donation from the owner or his Donation for legally authorized agent or attorney, at least ninety rods county seat square of land, to be conveyed by deed with general warranty,] to the county commissioners of the county of Stark, and their successors in office, to be disposed of as hereinafter provided; the title, to the land so donated, shall be indefeasi- c, ble, and upon said land so donated shall be located the town and county seat aforesaid. Said commissioners shall receive Compensathe sum of three dollars each for each day they may be ne-tion ofcom'rs cessarily employed in making said location, and in going to and returning from said county, to be allowed by the court and paid out of , the treasury: Provided, however, That an provj80 election shall be held at the different precincts in the county of Stark on the third Monday in April next, at which election poll books shall be opened with two columns, one for and the other against making said location. Notice of said election Vote for joca_ shall be given by the clerk of the county commissioners' tion of councourt. He shall post up at each election precinct, or place tTseat of holding elections, written advertisements, giving at least

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ten days' notice of said election, returns of said election shalr be made on the day succeeding the election to the county commissioners, who shall open and canvass the same, and if it shall be found that a majority of votes given are in favor of said location, then and in that case said location shall be Vote against made; but if it shall appear that a majority are opposed to .ota ion ga.(* location, tnen and jn that case said location shall be

postponed until said county shall determine by a vote of a majority to make said location; and the county commissioners are hereby authorized at any time they may think the lection""1 '"majority of said voters require it, to order an election for the purpose of ascertaining the will of the majority, and the county commissioners shall give notice to the commissionbra appointed to locate said county seal whenever it shall be ascertained that it is the will of a majority of the voters of said county, that it shall be located, and said: locating commissioners are to make the same at any time they shall be notified as aforesaid. County com- Sec. 3. So soon as the county seat is located, it shall be miss'rs to lay the duty of the county commissioners of the county aforeoff&se ot« gajd to jay 0g and |iaye surveved the town of Toulon according to such plan as they may deem most advisable, and then to sell the same on a credit of eight, sixteen and twenty-four months; the purchaser shall give his notes with good personal security, to be approved of by the commissioners, Conveyance who shall execute a bond to the purchaser to convey to him, of lots his heirs or assigns, such lot or lots as he may purchase at

said sale, said bonds are to be conditioned upon the payment Noticeof sale of the purchase money, and not otherwise. Notice of said sale shall be given by advertisements in three public newspapers, at least thirty days prior to said sale, and also, in 9aid advertisements notice shall be given that said commissioners Proposals for will receive sealed proposals for building a court house and county build-j«Ji for saij county, which proposals shall be opened ten days ings after the sale of the lots aforesaid shall have cldsed, and the

contracts given to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders: Proviso .Provided, Said commissioners may not consider all of said bids unreasonably high; the contractor or contractors giving bond and security, to be approved of by the commissioners, for the faithful performance of said contracts; said bonds shall be made to the commissioners and their successors in office. _ f oon.The contractors shall receive the notes of the purchasers of tractors lot8 m payment for the public buildings in the following manner: one fourth at the time of executing their bonds, one fourth when the foundations are laid, one fourth when the buildings are covered in, and the remainder when completed and received. The commissioners shall apply all or so much of the proceeds of the sale of lots in the town of Toulon as shall be sufficient to erect durable and respectable buildings, Male and fe- an(j anv overp\us shall be applied to the building of a female TM e "academy in said town, and the balance, if any, to the building

[of] a male academy in said town. And it is hereby made the do

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