Military Promotions. 103d Ditto.- Lieutenant Thomas Curran M Question, from the East Essex Militia, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Jagger, whose appointment has not taken place.

41h West India Regiment.--Assistant-Surgeon Edward Owen, from the 25th Foot, te be Surgeon, vice Loinsworth, appointed to the 60th Poot.

*6th Ditto.—Lieutenant William Jeffree to be Adjutant, vice Walsh, appointed to the 12th Foot; Lieutenant Robert Gregg, from the Royal West ladia Rangers, to be Lieutenant, without purchase; Hospital-Nate Thomas Kettle, to be Assistant-Surgeon.

8th Ditto. Hospital-Mate Alexander Hamilton, to be Assistant-Surgeon.

4th Ceylon Regiment.-Captain Thomas James, from the 36th Foot, to be Captain of a Company, vice Gillam, who exchanges.

1st Garrison Battalion.—Ensign John Evans, from the 5th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Henderson, who exchanges.

4th Ditto.—Major Alexander Lawrence, from the 19th Foot, to be LieutenantColonel, vice Sir Charles Imboff, appointed Inspector of the Miritia in Guernsey.

5th Royal Veteran Battalion-Assistant-Surgeon Thomas Batt, from the 2d Foot, to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Macredie, promated in the 71st Foot,

The King's German Legion. Ist Dragoons.-To be Cornets.—Regimental Serjeant-Major William Fricke, and Troop Serjeant-Major Henry Bosse.

2d Battalion of Light Infantry.--Lieutenant William Schaumann to be Captain of a Company, rice Neussell, who resigns,

The Duke of Brunswick Oel's Corps. Infantry.-Major F. A. de Hutzberg to be Lieutenant-Colunel, with temporary rank; Major Frederick de Dornberg, from the retired list, to be Major, with tempa rary rank, vice Hutzberg.

De Rall's Regiment.
Captain Nicholas Mulur 10 have permanent rank in the Army.

Chasseur's Britanniques. Joseph Ignace de Goussencourt, Gent, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Schmitt, appointed to the York Light Infantry Volunteers.

Sicilian Regiment. Lieutenant Charles William Thompson to be Captain of a Company, by purchase, vice Wright, who retires.

York Light Infantry Volunteers. To be Lieutenants, without purchase. - Ensign Mark Clancep, vice De Brainey, Billed in action; Ensigns R. J. Hanley, John C. Roberts, William Chambers, and Hamilton Morgan.

To be Ensigns. — Ensign Alexander Schmitt, from the Chasseurs Britanniqnęs, vice Clancey; Ensign Symkath, from ditto, vice Hanley; Johr. Walker, Gent. vice Roberts; John Garden, Gent, vice Chambers; Thomas Fitz Gibbon, Gent, rice Mor gan.

Staff. Captain Thomas O'Neil, of the 9th Foot, to be an Assistant to the Quarter-MasterGeneral of the Forces, (with the rank of Major in the Army) vice Lieutenant-Colonel Paterson.

Ensign John Allen, from the Royal Scots, to be Adjutant of a Recruiting District (with the rank of Lieutenant) vice Dalgety, appointed to the 101st Fool.

Colonel Sir Charles Imhoff, Knt. from the 4th Garrison Battalion, to be Inspector of the Militia in Guernsey, vice Major-General Sir Thomas Saumarez

Hospital Staff. To be Depoty Inspectors of Hospitals.-Doctor Thomas Gray, Physician to the Forces; Staff Surgeon John Robb.

To be Surgeons to the Forces.-Surgeon John Wasdell, from the 66th Foot, rice Robb. Surgeon John A. Knipe, from the 15th Light Dragoons,

To be an Apothecary to the Forces.—Thomas Morton, Esq.
To be Hospital.Mate for General Service. -Robert Goodrick, Gent,

Military Promotions.

Memorandum. Lieutenant George Mills, of the 54th Foot, is superseded, being absent without leave. The under-mentioned Appointments, as stated in the Gazettes of the 12th of March, 1811,

and the 26th of May 1812, have not taken place. Ensign Herring to be Licutenant in the 30th Foot.

Mr. Henry Van Dyck to be Ensign in the 2d Light Infantry Battalion King's Ger. man Legion Mr. John Adam to be Hospital-Mate for General Service.

Erratum in the Gatelte of the 26th of May 181%.

The King's German Legion. 2a Light Infantry Battalion.--For George Drummond, Gent. to be Ensign, vice Fiacke, pronoted, read George Drummond Granie, Gent. to be Ensign, vice Fincke, promoted.


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Royal North Lincoln Militia.
Richard Ellison. jun. Esq. to be Captain. Dated May 27, 1812.
Bartholomew Bean, Gent. to be Ensign. Dated May 30, 1812.

Holland and Boston Local Militia,
John Saul Byron, Esq. to be Captain, vice Tatam resigned. Dated May 29, 1819.
Thomas Broughton, Esq. to be ditto, vice Thirkhill, resigned. Dated as above.
Joseph Smith, Esq. to be ditto, vice Gee, resigned. Dated as above.

George Fitzwilliam Hodgson, Esq. to be ditto, vice Calthorpe, resigned. Dated as above.

Robert Waldegrave, jun. Esq. to be ditto, vice Hart, resigned. Dated as above.
Francis Robinson, Esq. to be ditto, vice Tunnard resigned. Dated as above.
John Smith, Esq. to be ditto, vice Hill, promoted. Dated as above.

South Hants Yeomanry Cavalry.
Richard Cattley, Gent, to be Cornet. Dated May 29, 1812.

Emsworth Volunteer Infantry.
Ensign James Whitley to be Lieutenant. Dated May 29, 1812.
Joseph Lane, Gent. to be ditto. Dated as above.

First Regiment of Surry Militia.
Alexander Spicer, Esq. to be Captain, vice Frizell, dismissed the service. Dated
May, 1812.

First Regiment of Local Militia.
Lientenant and Adjutant Charles Bayley to have the rank of Captaia. Datod
May 8, 1812.

Francis John Budd to be Ensign. Dated October 10, 1811.
George Jonathan Burnhams to be ditto. Dated as above.

Local Militia.--Risbridge Battalion.
Gilbert Affleck, Esq. to be Lieutenant-Colonel. Dated May 1, 1812.

Captain Robert Mapletoft, from the Colneis Battalion, to be Major, vice Afficck, promoted. Dated as above.

Frederick Wing, Esq. to be captain. . Dated March 10, 1811.
Robert Marsey Rolfe, Esq. to be ditto, vice Mathew. Dated May 12, 1812.
Adjutant Charles Guest to be ditto, by Brevet. Dated May 1, 1814.
John Harvey Payne, Gent, to be lieutenant. Dated March 10, 1811.

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Military Promotions.

John Alvis, Gent to be ditto. Dated May 30, 1811.
George Whaley, gent to be ditto, vice Wing, resigned. Dated April 10, 1812..
Simeon llazlewood and John Parker, gents, to be ensigns. Dated May 20, 1811.

John Dennis, gent, to be ditto, vice Parker, deceased;, William Syer, gent. to be ditto. Dated April 10, 1812. Charles Rogers and Bernard Hale, gents. to be ditto. Dated May 1, 1812.

Colneis Battalion.
William Henry Hall, Esq. to be captain. Dated Feb. 1, 1812.
Benjamin Keane, gent. 1o be lieutenant. Dated May 1, 1812.
Charles Dowding, gent. to be ensign.
John Ranby, gent, to be ditto, · Dated Feb. 10, 1812.
Thomas Reeve, gent. to be ditto. Dated May 1, 1812.

Babergh Battalion,
Martin Thomas Cocksedge, Esq. to be lieutenant-colonel. Dated May 1, 1812.
John Parker, Esq. to be captain. Dated April 1.4, 1812.
John Phillips, Esq. to be ditto. Dated May 1, 1812.
Samuel Rufrell, Esq. to be ditto. Dated as above.

Brevet-Captain Thomas Clay, from the Oxford Militia, to be lieutenant. Daled April 2, 1812.

William Bovy, gent, to be ditto. Dated April 10, 1812.
William Fyson, gen. to be ensign. Dated April 3, 1814.
John Pyman, gent, to be ditto. Dated April 10, 1812.

Wright, gent, to be ditto. Dated as above.
Ezra Dalton, gent. to be ditto. Dated April 20, 1812.
Robert Moore, geut, to be ditto. Dated May 1, 1812.

5th Trood of Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry. Robert Rede, Esq. to be captain. Dated Feb. 15, 1806.

Jobu Lee Farr, gent. to be lieutenant; Glasspoole, gent, to be cornei. Dated Jan. I, 1812.

2d Corps of Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry. Francis Hayle, gent. to be cornet. Dated Feb. 10, 1812.

Framlingham Volunteer Infantry. Martin Cottingham, gent. to be Ensign. Dated May 8, 1812. COMMISSION IN TUE SANDOWN CASTI,& VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY, SIGXED BY TUE


William Pittock, gent. to be lieutenant. Dated Dec. 7, 1811. COMMISSIONS SIGNED BY THE LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN,

1st Regiment Royal Carmarthen Local Fuzileers. Second Lieutenant Morgon Williarns to be first lieutenant, vice J. Thomas, resigned. 2d Regiment.-David Thomas, gent. to be second lięntenant, vice Brown, resigned.

Sd Regiment.-Captain Baile, from the late 3d regiment of Carmarthen volunteer infantry, to be captain of a company, vice Harries, resigned. COMMISSIONS IN THE SOUTH HANTS REOINENT OF KILITIA, SIGNED BY THE LORD

LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF HANTS. Robert Gibert Livingstone M.Donald, gent, to be licutenant, vice Lewis, promoted. Dated Dec. 20, 1811.

Robert Rashleigb, gent. to be ensign, vice Stopford, promoted. Dated as above. COMMISSIONS IN THE RADNORSHIRE REGIMEXT OF LOCAL MILITIA, SIGNED BY THS

LORD LIEUTENANT OF THE COUNTY OF RADNOŘ. Edward Rogers, Esq. to be Major. Dated June 17, 1811.

Henry Pateshall Pyefinch, gent. to be Surgeon, vice Moythan. Dated June 1. 1811.

w. M Downl, Printer, Feinberton Row. Rouen soware London.





FOR AUGUST, 1812. .

Portrait of General Sir Ralph ABERCROMBIE.



CIRCULAR NOTICE. Sir Ralph Abercrombie

251 Addressed to Colonels of reginents of Lieutenant-gen, Sir Rowland Hill 259 the line....

298 Military Education

255 | Regulation for granting pensions to OffiCharacter of Plutarch

cers disabled in the service

299 Comparative estimates of the strength of Scale of pensions

300 France and Russia. Part II...... 257 State of French and Spanish armies 273

LONDON GAZETTES. Examination of Officers for commissions 275 Dispatches from Major-gen. Ross 300 Journal of the siege of Tarifa : ....... 277 Lieutenant-gen. Campbell..

302 Summons from Gen. Leval to that fortress 285 Admiral Lord Keitb...

302 Answer, by Don Francisca de Copens. • 285 Captain Usher of his Majesty's ship The siege raised..


303 General orders issued by Col. Skerrett. 290 Lord Wellington


307 SPAIN. Lord Wellington

308 St. Mary's, on the bay of Cadiz 292 Sir Edward Pellew

314 293 Captain Napier of his Majesty's ship Lebrixa 294 Thamey...

316 Seville 295 | Military Promotions



London: Priated by W. M ́Dowall, Pemberton Row, Gough Square, Fleet Street, TOR J. DAVIS, MILITARY CHRONICLE OFFICE, ESSEX STREET, STRAND; AND TO BE HAD OF THE BOOKSELLERS,


SEVERAL letters were received so late in the month that their insertion was necessarily deferred to the next. The following articles are amongst those thus deferred-Memoir on the operations of Sir R. Wilson iu Portugal; Collection of Letters illustrating the principal battles in the Campaigns of 1809, 10, and 11; Military Topography of the seat of War in Russia; and the Journal of the French and Russian Campaign, which terminated with the peace of Tilsit. All these will be given in our next, together with the continuation of the Journal of the Eighty-third Regiment. It would greatly accomwodate us if the excellent writer of this journal would have the kindness to transmit us some more of it with as little delay as possible.

The 12th Number of the MILITARY Classics is published this day; it contains the continuation of Plutarch's Lives,

D'ANVILLE's Mars and GEOGRAPHY of the ANCIENTS is in preparation for the use, of the readers of the Classics.

The Spanish GRAMMAR, for the use of officers, will be ready for delivery, price Two Shillings and Sis-pence, on Monday the 10th of this month (August).

We are employed, at the request of a correspondent, in making a collection, which we think will be acceptable to the greater part of our readers.—The Military Chronicle commenced in November 1810, from which time till the present, all the Gazettes have been given in full. But the present Spanish war commenced in November 1808. It is our purpose, therefore, to print the Gazettes from this date, (Sir J. Moore's expedition) up to November 1810, so as to join on to the commencement of the Military Chronicle. The Military Chronicle will then contain the complete official history of the war in the peninsula. About eight pages in three of our Numbers will coutain them.

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