Portrait of Colonel HENDERSON.

MILITARY BIOGRAPHY. From Lieutenant-general Erskine 382
Colonel Henderson

Major-general Long

389 Lord Wellington 332 Military Promotions

384 Review of military books

Dispatches from rear-admiral Martin

384 Journal of the eighty third regiment 337

Letter froin General Essen .... 385 Life of Marshal Augereau

Military Promotions ..

385 Itinerary from Gibraltar to Granada,

Dispatches from Admiral Lord Keith.: 386 and thence to Ronda


Letter from Sir Hone Popham 386

Sir Howard Douglas Superintendant recruiting officers 362

86 363 Conduct of General Mack

387 Military Promotions ,

387 Illustration of the seat of war

365 Dispatches from Lord Wellington
From Sir James Saumarez


401 War between France and Russia 377 Military Promotions

331 Obituary

403 Dispatches from Lord Welling'on Military Promotions


Dispatches from Lord Wellington 405 Dispatches trom Marquis of Wellington 381 From Admiral Lord Keith

405 Letter from Lieut, gen. Hill 382 || Military Promotiops


Itinerary from Petersburgh to Berlin.: 395

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London: Printed by W. M*Dowall Pemberton Row, Gough Square, Floet-street, FOR J. DAVIS, MILITARY CHRONICLE OFFICE, ESS EX STREET, STRAND; AND



WE shall say nothing more at present to our Readers and Correspondents, than te refer them to the Musary CHRONICLE of next Month, which we presume that in every respect they will find what they wish. The Art of War-the History of the War, and an Obituary on a new plan will all be found. The number of the Military CHRONICLE sold exceeds already wliat could possibly be believed if we were to state it; but I shall not feel myself satisfied till we reach the Seven Thousand; and I intend to make it my effort, next winter (beginning from October) to effect it Two booksellers alone, who will vouch for the truth of what we assert, are in the habit of taking from 15 to 16 hundred of us every month-Messrs. SHERWoov and Jones, and Messrs. GALE and Curtis, Paternoster-row. I can only express my very warm gratitude to the Army.

The unusual length of the Gazettes has compelled us to defer some valuable articles.

Our Supplement which will be published on the 1st of Dext month will contain,

price Two Shillings and Six-pence, THE LIFE OF CHARLES THE TWELFTH OF SWEDEN.-By Voltaire.Printed verbatim from the best English translation; containing the most singular campaigns of that Warrior and Conqueror, the greatest part of which were made on ground which is now the Scene of War between the Einperors Napoleon and Alexander. The price of this book amongst the Booksellers, (in octavo), is Half-a-guinea; it is bere presented verbatim, in royal octavo, price Half-a-crown.

THE SPANISH GRAMMAR, for the use of Officers, has been published some days, and may be had of every bookseller.

The Fourteenth Number of the Military Classics is published this day, and contains the continuation of Plutarch.

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WE must be allowed to commence our present Number with somewhat of a complaint of our correspondents. The materials of this life bave not even reached us yet, though the portrait has been sent, and is by this time engraved, and it is now too late to alter it. It is not the first tiine that this great inconvenience bas happened to us, compelling us to give the portrait in one number, and the life in another, or what is still worse, to insert a brief and hasty sketch. We frequently receive letters of the following kind:

SIR-I had the honour of serving as aide-de-camp to General Abercrom. bie, and I have no doubt that his life will be very acceptable to his old companions in arms. If you will send to

you will receive his portrait for your Engraver, and by the 14th of the month I shall have the honour to send you the materials for his life. I am, Sir, &c.

Upon receiving this promise, the portrait is immediately put into the hands of the Engraver, but the 11th, the 20th, and perhaps the 30th comes, and the materials are not sent, sometimes on the very day only before the publication. The consequence is, that we are compelled to print the bio. graphy, perhaps three or four numbers after the portrait, and to insert a mere temporary sketch that the work may not go forth altogether imperfect.

Our correspondents, therefore, will pardon us for stating, that we have dow adopted the decided purpose of never giving out any portrait to the Engraver, till we actually have the materials or life, and therefore they are requested to send them together. The portraits we can usually procure ourselves, and therefore if they will send us the materials, they will be inserted always with all possible speed. By the desire of many of our correspondents, the lectures on the Art of War, the Review of Military Books, and the Obituary, Marriages, &c. will be resumed and given in our next; and I will venture to add, that our Obituary in the next number will give universal satisfaction. We have incurred a very great expence


arranging parations for it. It will contain every death in the army THROUGH EVERY PART OF THE WORLD.

Our Gazettes are now printed immediately from the office, and therefore we presume to say, cannot possibly contain any errors or omissions. VOL. IV. NO, 23.


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