London Gazette.-- Dispatches from Lord IVellington. colonel, 2 captains, 2 lieutenants, 3 serjeants, 1 drommer, 35 rank and file, killed; 1 major, 4 captains, 11 lieutenants, 3 ensigns, 22 serjeants, 1 drommer, 280 rank and file, wounded. 68th foot, 1 lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 2 rank and file, killed; 2 captains, 14 rank and file, wounded. 74th foot, 3 rank and file, killed; 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, % serjeants, 38 rauk and ble, wounded; 4 rank and file missing. 79th foot, 1st battalion, 1 rank and file wounded; 3 rank and file missing. 83d foot, 2d battalion, 2 rank and file killed; 2 lieutenants, 1 serjeant, 1 drummer, 28 rank and file, wounded. 88th foot, 1st battalion, 2 captains, 11 rank and file, killed; 1 captain, 3 lieatenants, 1 serjeant, 109 rank and file, wounded; 8 rank and file missing. 94th foot, 1 lieutenant, 3 rank and file, killed; 1 lieutenant-colonel, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 21 rank and file, wounded. 95th foot, 1st battalion, 2 rank and file wounded; 2 rank and file missing. 95th foot, 2d battalion, 1 serjeant, 4 rank and file, wounded. Chasseurs Britanniques, 1 serjeant, 4 rank and file, killed; 1 serjeant, 9 rank and file, wounded; 14 rank and file missing. 1st light battalion king's German legion, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 7 rank and file, wounded. 2d light battalion ditto, 1 lieutenant, 5 rank and file, killed; 1 captain, 9 rank and file, wounded. 1st line battalion ditto, 1 rank and file killed ; 1 serjeant, 7 rank and file, wounded. 2d light battalion ditto, 1 rank and file killed; 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 4 serjeants, 36 rank and file, wounded; 4 rank and file missing. 5th light battalion ditto, 1 rank and tile killed; 1 captain, 1 serjeant, 16 rank and file, wounded. Brunswick Oels, 4 rank and file killed; 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, 2 serjeants, 1 drummer, 39 tank and file, wounded; 1 rank and file missing. Total British, 1 general staff, 1 lieutenant-colonel, 1 major, 11 captains, 10 lieutenants, 4 ensigns, 24 serjeants, 1 drommety 335 rank and file, 96 horses, killed; 4 general staff, 8 lieutenant-colonels, 9 majors, 43 captains, 88 lieutenants, 23 ensigns, 3 staff, 136 serjeants, 13 drummers, 2387 rank and file, 120 horses, wounded; 74 rank and file, 37 horses, missing. Total Portuguese, 7 captains, 4 lieutenants, 2 ensigns, 4 serjeants, 287 rank and file, 18 horses, killed; 1 8€ neral staff, 2 colonels, 4 lieutenant-colonels, 5 majors, 19 captains, 13 lieutenants, 27 ensigns, 3 staff, 42 serjeants, 4 drummers, 1432 rank and file, 13 horses, wounded; 1 lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 1 drummer, 179 rank and file, 7 horses, missing. Total Spanish, 2 rank and file killed; 4 rank and file wounded. J. WATERS, Lt. col. and A.A.G.

Names of Portuguese officers killed and wounded, on the 22d July 1812. Killed, 1st dragoons, lieutenant Ato. dias Ferreira. Sth regiment of the line, captain A. R. de Silva; ensign M. de Lemos. 11th ditto, eusign A. P. de Cazal. 12th ditto, captains J. L. de Fonseca, and A. B. Cabral. 15th ditto, lieutenant J. M. Lesta, ensign DI. de C. Alferada. 16th ditto, captain A. P. N. Pinto. 23d ditto, captains L. O. de Beltrao, and F. A. de Sa. 4th Caçadores, captain John Wardlow. 12th ditto, lieutenant J. de Oliviera. Wounded, field-marshal Sir W. C. Beresford, K.B. severely, but not dangerously; colonel Collins, slightly; captain Synge, aid-de-camp to brigadier general Pack, severely. 1st dragoons, lieutenant-colonel Watson, captain A. M. de Menezes. 1st regiment of the line, lieutenant J. A. Belles; ensigns J. Christosmo, and J. Hoban. 3d ditto, J. de S. P. Cardoza, severely. 8th ditto, lieutenant-colonel Conde de Figalia, major F. Eucibio, severely: major Wylde, slightly; captain Marley, severely; lieuteDants J. de Sa, und F. X. Abelho, both slightly; ensign J. A. de Franco, severely; ensigns J. F. de Silva, and J. A. de Cermo, buth slightly; adjutant L. J. de Guvea, slightly. 9th ditto, major Ross; lieutenant A. G. Vievá; adjutant J. Gonsalves, all slightly. 11th ditto, lieutenant-colonel A. Anderson, slightly; major J. C. de Mello, severely; captain J. de Govea Ozorio, severely; captain J. de Pinto, slightly; captain I. Fordao, slightly; ensigns F. de Luiz, and A. J. de Govea, both slightly. 12th ditto,

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19th ditto,

London Gazette.- Dispatches from Sir J. Saumarez. colonel A. de L. de Silveira, severely; captain J. J. de S. Machado, severely; ensigns A. de Lacenda, A. B. de Oliviera, A. D. M. Tudella, and P. Mauriti, all severely; adjutant J. M. Ridoto, severely. 15th ditto, lieutenant Rento Gliz, severely; ensign J. M. Maio, slightly. 16th ditto, captain F. D. S. de Costa; captain J. P. Quiniella, seperely; captains F. de Alpoim, and Webb, both severely; lieutenant G. A. Pereira; lieutenant J. P. M. de Abruim, severely; lieutenant F. B. Martino; lieutenant A. P. Rangell; ensign J. R. Rangell; ensign J. M. de Sande. 23d ditto, captain G. Crawford, slightly; captain J. Barrellier, and lieutenant J. Freiro, both severely; lieutenant T. A. Robucho, and ensign J. A. Almeida, both slightly; ensigns J. M. de Alberquerque, and F. Marello, both severely; ensign C. Cardoza, slightly. 2d Caçadores, ensign J. A. Ferreira, severely. 4th ditto, lieutenant-colonel Williams; captain M Gregor, severely; lieutenant F. de Paulo; ensigns S. de Alvas Montais, severely; and D. D'A, de Costa, severely, 7th ditto, captain F. de P. Rozada, and ensign J. C. V. Horto, both slightly. 8th ditto, unajor Saint Leger Hill and captain Daubrawa, both severely; easign Pereira, slightly. 12th dragoons, lieutenant M. G. de Miranda, brigade-major, missing. (Sigaed)

Jous WATERB, Lieut. col. and A. A, G.

Return of killed, wounded, and missing of the army under the command of his Excellency General the Earl of Wellington, K.B, in an affair with the enenıy's rear-guard near La Serna, on the 23d July 1812. General staff, 1 lieutenant-colonel wounded. 1st dragoons king's German legion, 2 lieutenants, 1 serjeant, 27 rank and file, 40 horses, killed; 1 captain, 1 cornet, 3 serjeants, 24 rank and file, 23 horses, wounded; 1 serjeant, 4 rank and file, 1 horse, missing. 2d dragoons, king's Gernan legion, 1 captain, 1 ser. jeant, 19 rank and file, 27 horses, killed; 1 lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 28 rank and file, 23 horses, wounded; 1 rank and file, 3 horses, missing. Total, 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, % terjeants, 46 rank and file, 67 horses, killed; 1 lieutenant-colonel, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, i cornet, 4 serjeants, 52 rank and file, 46 horses, wounded; 1 serjeant, 5 rank and file, 4 horses, missing.

WAR DEPARTMENT. Admiralty-office, August 15, 1812.- Estract of a letter from Vice-admiral Sir James Saufnarez, Bart. K.B. &c. to John Wilson Croker, Esq. dated on board his Majesty's ship Victory, in Hawke Road, 5th August 1812.-HEREWITH I have the bonour to enclose, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, a letter I have received from Rear-admiral Martin, dated Riga, the 25th ult. transmitting the accompanying official paper, giving an account of a spirited attack by Priuce Bagration, on a large body of the enemy's cavalry, which were colspletely routed, and one thousand men made prisoners.

Extract of a letter from Rear-admiral Martin to Vice-admiral Sir James Saumàrez, dated at Riga, the 25th July 1812.—THIS instant, on any relarn from our advanced post, where Captain Stewart is stationed with a division of guo-boats, I have the satis. faction to learn that a messenger arrived during my absence, with intelligence of the Prince Bagration having attacked Davoust's cavalry in a most spirited manner, the result of which is made public at this place by the inclosed official paper,

Translation.-Intelligence of the operations of the army, which has been received here this day, dated at Polotzk, the 7th (19th) July.-IN the first engagement of consequence which bas taken place, victory has declared itself in favour of our native country and of humanity. Prince Bagration, who was employed in the execution of the movements intrusted' to him, in order to effect a junction with the first army, fell in, on bis march with his avant-garde, with the whole of the enemy's cavalry. The Russian troops, who had long been eager for batlle, fell in upon them, and after the most resolute resistance London Gazette-Dispatches from Sir J. Saumarez. of the enemy, which rendered this battle the more conspicuous, nine regiments of the enemy were completely cut down; above 1000 men, and upwards of 50 staff, and upper odficers, made prisoners. The difficulties which the enemy bad endeavoured to lay in the way of the operations of the second army are now removed. Nothing now standa in the way to prevent these two armies, with their united strength, from preparing for the swarm of their enemies the fate with which every desolating conqueror has ended, so far as the history of nations has taught us. This praise-worthy battle we can consider as the pledge for further brilliant deeds. While pictory will conduct our feelings in a new battle the victims of our opponent will diminish their confidence in the fortune of war, u well as their power and inclination for making resistance.

Admiralty-office, August 15, 1812.-Extract of another letter from Vice-admiral Sit James Saymarez, Bart. and K.B. &c. to John Wilson Croker, Esq. dated on hoard the Victory, in Hawke Road, 7th August 1812.-HEREWITH I transmit a letter I have this morning received by express from Hano, from Rear-admiral Martig, dated Riga the 27th ultimo, informing me of the junction of General Barclay de Tolli, commanderin-chief of the Russian army, with the corps of Prince Bagration.

Extract of a letter from Rear-admiral Martin to Vice-admiral Sir James Saumarez, dated at Riga, the 27th July 1812.-GENERAL Barclay de Tolli, the comwander-in. chief of the Russian army, has announced his junction, by forced marches, with the corps of Prince Bagration at Witepsk, where the messenger who is just arrived, left him on the 24th instant. The Emperor Alexander bad himself reached Smolenski, probably to stimulate, by his presence, the natives of that loyal province to exertions suited to the danger with which they are threatened. The emperor's activity and earnestness in the prosecution of the war, affords an admirable example to bis subjects who, in Old Russia, are devoted to his cause. The nobles of Moscow bave offered to raise one hundred thousand men at their own expence, besides a voluntary contribution of two millions of silver rubles, to be at the emperor's disposal. We learu by the same messenger, that the peace with Turkey is ratified.

Admiralty-rffice, August 15, 1812.-Copy of another letter from Vice-admiral Sir James Saumarez, Bart, and K.B. &c. to John Wilson Croker, Esq. dated on board the Victory, in Hawke Road, 8th August 1812.-S1R,--HEREWITH I enclose a copy of intelligence of the operations of the Russian army, published at Riga, 15th (27th) July 1812, which I received yesterday evening from Rear-admiral Morris, to whom it had been transmit. ted by Rear-admiral Martin, in'a merchant vessel, which you will please to lay before their lordships. I am, &c.


Translation.--Intelligence this day received of the operations of the army.—THE objects of the battle, which ihe advance of Prince Bagration's army victoriously sustained with the enemy, is accomplished. The first west army has effected a junction with that of Prince Bagration, and now both hasten mutually to the attack of the enemy. At the same time the agreeable intelligence of the final conclusion of peace with the Ottoman Porte, is received. With united force the Russian armies now stand opposite the enemy, whose operations have hitherto been confined to preventing their junction, but which objects they have been unable to accomplish. Their brethren in arms on the Danube, now turn from their conciliated opponents towards them, to take part in their deeds, from the result of which, Russia has to expect immortal glory, and oppressed Europe the dawn of freedom.

(Signed) Esses,, and Geo. Gov. of Riga.

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