London Gazette.- Dispatches from Sir Homc Popham. killed, and fifty taken, who had been left wounded on the field of battle, and the Spanish prisoners were liberated. Qu the 6th, Sir Home Popham arrived off Castro, where a twenty-four-pounder, and a company of marines had been landed by Sir George Colierfrom the Surveillante, to assist Colonel Longa in an attack on the place. Information was however received of the approach of two thousand five hundred French troops, whose arrival obliged Longa to retire, and the parties landed from the squadroa were again re-embarked without loss. In the evening the enemy were seen marching into the town. On the 7th the enemy were driven from the town by the fire of the squadron, and took post on the bills, and preparations were made for a landing, and attack on the castle on the following morning, which accordingly took place on the 8th, when the commandant of the castle surrendered with one hundred and hity men, the remainder of the enemy's force having marched towards Larido. Twenty-six guns of different sizes were found in the town and castle of Castro; those in the former were withdrawn, and the latter was put into a state of defence, and garrisoned by the marines and Spanish artillerymen of the Iris, captain Christian. On the 10th the squadron proceeded of Puerta Galletta, to co-operate in an attack upon it with the Spanish troops under Longa; and on the 11th much firing was kept up against the batteries; but the enemy being found to be stronger than the Spaniards had expected, the attack was abandoned. Duo ring the morning, captain Bloye of the Lyra, landed with a party of marines, and knocked off the trunnions of the guns in the Bagona battery, and destroyed one mounted on a height. On the 12th the Venerable anchored off Castro, which had been reebly attacked by the enemy the evening before; one of the imperial guards was wounded, and brought in a prisoner. On the 15th, the enemy's moveable column having been drawn by a faint to Santona, from whence it could not reach Guetaria, in less than four days, another attack was intended to be made upon the latter place, in concert with the Guerillas under Don Gaspar, and with the promised aid of one of the battalions under Géneral Mina, Early in the morning of the 18th, one twenty-four pounder under lieu. tenant Groves, and a howitzer under lieatenant Lawrence, of the marine artillery, were landed from the Venerable, and mounted on a bill to the westward of Guetaria, under the directions of captain Malcolm, of the Rhin, while the honourable captain Bouverie landed with two guns (one short twenty-four-pounder and one twelve-pounder cartonade) from the Medusa, and after many difficulties in drawing them up, mounted them on the top of a hill to the eastward. The Venerable's guns began firing at noon, and continued till sun-set, when those of the enemy on that side were silenced; and the Medusa's were put in readiness to open on the following morning. During the night, however, intelli.' gence was received of the approach of a body of French troops, which afterwards proved to be a division of between two and three thousand men, that had just arrived at Saint Sebastians from France; and was immediately sent forward by forced marches to Guetaria. The uncertainty with respect to the enemy's force, and the disposition of the Gue. rillas to oppose their advance, prevented the reembarkation of the guns and men landed from the squadron, until the retreat of the Spaniards, after some skirmishing with the superior numbers of the French, in which the latter are stated to have suffered severely. Captain Bouverie then destroyed the two guns from the Medusa, and re-embarked with all his men, and every thing belonging to the guns. Captain Malcolm was detained longer, by a message brought to hio by one of Don Gaspar's aid-de-camps, stating that the enemy had been beaten back, and urging him to remain in his battery; finding, however, that the enemy was advancing fast, lie gave orders to re-embark, and brought of his party, with the exception of three, midshipmen and twenty-nine men, who were taken prisoners, but fortunately, without baving one man killed or wounded: Sir Home > Military Promotions,

Popham had sent to propose an exchange of the men taken on this occasion, for some of the French prisoners on board the squadron, and was in hopes of succeeding in this proposal. The Spaniards lost a captain of artillery, and had a serjeant and ten men badly wounded. Those in want of surgical aid were received on board the Venerable. The detachment expected from general Mina's army arrived the morning after the action, and joined Don Gaspar, having marched eighteen Spanish leagues in two days.

WAR OFFICE, July 28, 1812. 1st regiment of life guards, cornet Edward Trant Bontein, from the 12th light dragoons, to be cornet and sub-lieutenant, by purchase, vice Adair, promoted. 3d regiment of dragoon guards, lieutenunt J. J. C. Harrison, from the 7th foot, to be cornet, by purchase, vice Macklin, promoted. 4th ditto, Richard Crookshank, gent, to be compet, without purchase, vice Horn, promoted. 5th ditto, licutenant John Hewett, from the 25th light dragoons, to be lieutenant, without purchase. Sd regiment of dragoons, Jolin Jones, esq. to be paymaster, vice Dodgson, deceased. 13th regiment of light drågoons, cornet John Pym to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice lord Darslı, promoted in the 92d foot. 14th ditto, cornet Henry White to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice T. T. Ellis, who retires; Daniel James Webb, gent. to be cornet, without purchase, vice White. 15th ditto, captain the honourable Archibald Macdonald, from balf-pay of the 10th light dragoons, to be captain of a troop, vice Williams, who exchanges.

Coldstream regiment of foot guards, lieutenant-colonel Henry Loftus, from the staff in America, to be captain of a company, vice Cooke, who exchanges; gentleman-cadet Henry Gooch, from the royal military college, to be ensign, without purchase. 1st régiment of foot, ensign James Conran to be lieutenant, without purchase, rice Halliday, who retires; lieutenant M. H. Reynolds, from the Donegal militia, to be ensign, without purchase. 5th ditto, ensign James B. Hamilton to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Dundas, who retires. 6tla ditto, serjeant-major Jobn Price to be adjutant (with the rank of ensign), vice Clarke, who resigns the adjutantcy onls. 18th ditto, Samuel N'Caul, gent, to be ensign, without purchase; ensign Henry Vereker to be adjutant, vice Wood, who resigns the adjutantcy only. 23d ditto, second lieutenant Williaru Lloyd to be first lieutenant, vice Leonard, killed in action; W. T. Graham, gent. to be second lieutenant, vice Lloyd. 25th ditto, J. W. C. Reid, gent. to be ensign, vice Jameson, deceased. 28th ditto, John Delmar, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Maxwell, appointed to the 2d dragoon guards. 29th ditto, Edward Ruffo, gent. to be ensign, by purchase, vice Ensor, appointed to the 3d West India regiment. 31st ditto, lieutenant John Edwards, from the king's county militia, to be ensign, without purchase. 33d ditto, lieutenant William Hewett, from the Bourbon regiment, to be lieutenant, vice Andersop, deceased. 37th ditto; to be ensigns, without purchase, lieutenant Percy Scott, from the South Cork militia; ensign Samuel Hamilton Walker, from the Longford militia. 39th ditto, lieutenant Samuel Curtis, from the Donegal militia, to be ensign, without purchase. 4Qth ditta, lieutenant William Queade to be captain of a company, vice Porter, appointed to the 3d royal veteran battalion. 42d ditto, Thomas DI Niven, gent. to be ensign, without purchase, vice Crawford, promoted in the 1st garrison battalion. 430 ditto, Thomas Tierney, esq. to be paymaster of thc 1st battalion, vice Richárds, deceased. 45th ditto, lieutenant James Henry Reynett to be captain of a compairy, without purchase, vice Scott, placed upon half-paj. 47th ditto, hospital-niale Thomas M‘Curdy to be assistant-surgeon, vice James, deceased. 80th ditto, Richard Robertus Hålahan, gent. to be cpsige, without purchase, vice Richard Halaban, vrhose'appointment liús not takeń * *

Military Promotions.

place. 81st ditto, yenileman-cadet John Smith O'Donnell, from the royal military college, to be ensign, without purchase, vice Inlach, pronoted in the 85th fout. 85th ditto, ensign James Imlachi, from the 81st foot, to be lieutenant, vice Appelius, dismissed. 89th ditto, captain Robert Spunner, from the 5th West India regiment, to be captain of a company,, vice Orde, who resigns; ensign John Petrie, from the Carlow militia, to be ensign, without purchase. 96th ditto, Colin Campbell, gent to be ensign, without pur, chase, vice Barney, promoted in the Chasseurs Britanniques. 1020 ditto, quartermaster-serjeant William Haven to be quarter-master, vice Field, appointed to the 5th royal veteran battalion. 40 garrison battalion, ensign Joséph Crawford, from the 428 foot, to be lieutenant, vice Jones, placed upon ball-pay. Ist royal reteran battalion, ensign John Martin, from the 5th royal veteran battalion, to be ensign, vice Rage, promoted in the 7th royal veteran battalion. 3d ditto, captain William Poster, from the 40th foot, to be captain of a company, vice Schackerley, appointed to the 9th royal ve teran battalion. 5th ditto: to be ensigns, ensign Hamiltou Earle, from the 6th garrison batialion, vice Kewin, appointed quarter-master; quarter-master William Field, from the 102d foot, vice Martin, appointed to the 1st royal veteran battalion. 6th ditto, Jientenant Poter Perry, from the 8th royal veteran baitalion, to be lieutenant, rice Macalpine, whose appointment has not taken place; quarter-master-serjeant Alexandes Mackenzie to be ensign, vice Grant, placed on the retired list. 9th ditto, captain W. Hope Schackerley, from the 38 royal veleran battalion, to be captain of a company, vice Mac Pherson, deceased: to be ensigns, quarter-inaster Robert Forsyth, from the royal Hibernian school in Dublin, vice Brownhill, placed on the retired list; serjeant Robert Beavan, from the Aberdeenshire militia, vice Hamilton, placed on the retired list. Royal West India rangers, ensign Dngal M'Vicoll to be lieutenant, without purchase, vice Gregg, appointed to the 6th West India regiment; John Cooke, gent, to be ensign, vice MʻVicoll. The King's German legion: 2d dragoons, John Uessler, gent. to be cornet. The duke of Brunswick Oel's corps: infantry, lieutenant Louis Nassau to be captain of a company (with temporary rank) vice Keiche, dead of his wounds: to be lieutenants, ensign William Ritterholm, vice Gillern, promoted; ensign William Meyer, vice Nassau: to be ensigns, serjeant Frederick Berg, vice Ellertein, deceased; serjeant Augustus Gruttemann, vice Ritterholm; serjeant August Dinar, vice Meyer. York light infantry volunteers, William Alexander Anderson, gent to be ensign, without purchase, vice Fitz Gibbon, whose appointment has not taken place.

Brevet.— To be majors in the army, captain John Owen, of the 61st foot; captain P. M. Hobart, of the 36th foot.

Staff.-- Lieutenant-colonel Henry Frederick Cooke, from the Coldstream regiment of foot guards, to be inspecting field officer of militia, in Nova Scotia, vice Loftus, who exchanges.

Hospital Staff.-To be hospital-mates for general service, Thomas Clark, gent. Georgi Scott, gent. Robert Dundas, gent. Stephen Burke, gent. Frederick Dix, gent. Thomas W. Jeston, gent.

Memorandum.--Lieutenant Tennent, of the 78th regiment of foot, is superseded, being absent without leave.

Coinmissions in the Dorsetshire regiment of militia, signed by the lord lieutenant, major Richard Tucker Steward to be lieutenant-colonel, vice Pitt, resigned, dated July 7, 1812; Nathaniel Tryon Suill, esq. to be major, vice Steward, promoted, dated as above,

M.Mall, Printer, Pemherico how, Gourh Square, London.

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