London Gazette.--Dispatches from Lord Wellington.


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Royal Engineers-Lieutenants Lascelles and De Salabury. 1st batt. 4th foot-Captain Bellingham, Lieutenant Stavely. ed batt. 5th foot-Major Ridge.

ist batt. 7th fool-Major Singer, Captain Cholwick, Lieutenants Ray, Fowler, and Pike.

ist batt. 23d foot-Captain Maw, Lientenant Collios.
3d batt. 27th fuot-Captain Jones, Lieutenants Levinge, Simcoe, and Whyte.
2d batt. 38th foot-Ensigo Evans.
1st batt. 401h foot-Lieutenants Ayling and Greenshuld.

Ist batt. 430 foot-Lieutenant-Colonel M'Leud, Lieutenants Harvest and Taggart.

2d batt. 44th foot-Lieutenants Unthank and Argent.
1st batt. 45tb foot-Captain Herrick, Ensigns M’Donald and Collins.
ist batt. 48th foot-Captain Brooke, Lieutenant Chilicoat, and Ensiga Barker.

1st batt. 52d foot-Captains Jones, Madden, and Poole; Lieutenants Booth and Royal.

5th batt. 6oth foot-Lieutenant Sterne.
2d batt. 83d foot-Captain Fry.
1st batt.ssth foot-Captain Lindsay, Lieutenant Mansfield, and Lieut. M'Alpin.
94th foot-Ensign Long.
is batt. 95th foot-Major O'Hare, Captain Diggle, and Lieutenant Stokes.
3d batt. 95th foot-Lieutenants lovenden, Carey, Allix, and Croudace.
1st batt. 40th foot-Mr. O'Brien, a volunteer.
Wounded-77th foot-Lieutenant-General Picton, slightly; Major-General
the honourable C. Colville, severely, oot dangerously.

81st foot-Major-General Kempt, slighty.
1st batt. 59th foot-Major-General Walker, severely.
6th foot-Major-General Bowes, severely, not dangerously.

7th West India Regiment of foot-Major the Hon. H. Pakenham, Assistant Ad. jutant-General, severely, not dangerously; Major Brooke, Permanent Adjutant Quarter-Master-General, severely, not dangerously.

81st foot-Captain James, Deputy-Adjutant-General, severely, oot dangerously.

92d foot-Brevet. Major M‘Pherson, Brigade-Major, severely, not dangerously.
28th foot-Captain Potter, Brigade. Majur, severely, not dangerously.
45th foot-Captain Campbell, Brigade-Major, slightly.
30th foot-Captain Machell, Brigade-Major, severely.

71st foot-Captain Sottiswoode, Aide-de Camp to Major-General Culville, se. verely.

5th foot-Captain Bennett, Aid-de-Camp to Major-General Kempt, severely.

50th foot-Lieutenant Johnstone, Aide-de-Camp to Major-General Walker, slightly

18th Hussars-Lieut. Harris, Aid-de-Camp to Major-General the Hon. C. Slewart, very slightly.

Kiog's German Artillery-Lieut. Goeben, severely. Royal Engineers--Captains Nicholas and Williams, and Lieutenant Emmelt, severely

Ist Royal Scots--Lieutenants Rea and O'Neil, acting Engineers, slightly.

1st batt. 4th foot_Major Faunce, slightly; Captains Williamson, Wilson, Burke, and Hanwell, severely; Lieutenant Salvin, slightly; Lieutenants Dean, Brown, and Shepperd, severely ; Convoy, slightly : Craster, severely; Boyd, slightly; and Aley, severely; Ensigns Rawlins and Arnold, severely.

2d batt. 5th. foot-Captain Doyle, Lieutenant J. Pennington, and Ensign Hopkins, severely.

ist batt. 7th foot--Lieutenant-Colonel Blakeney, Captain Mair, Lientenants St. Pol, Moses, Devey, Barrington, Lester, Russell, and George, severely; Lieutenants Henry, Baldwin, and Knowles, slightly.

ist batt. 23) foul-Captains Lerkey and Stainforth, severely; Captain Hawtyn, slightly; Lieutenants Johnstone, Harrison, Tucker, G. Brown, Farmer, Brownson, Walker, Fielding, Whaley, Holmes, secoud Lieutenants Winyates and Llewelyn, severely.

3d batt. 27th font- Major Erskine (Lientenant-Colonel), Captain Ward (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely · Lieutenant Gordon, slightly; Lieutenants A Tbompson and Radcliffe, severely ; Lieutenants Moore, Hanley, Pollock, and Weir, slightly ; Ensign Phillips, severely; Ensign Warrington, severely (since 'dead); Adjutant Davidson, severely.

London Gazette.- Dispatches from Lord Wellington.

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2d batt. 30th foot-Major Grey (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely (since dead); Cantain Hitelin, slightly ; Captain Chambers, severely; Lieutenants Baillie and Ne. ville, and Ensign Pratt, slightly.

2d batt. 38th foot-Captain Barnard, severely ; Lieutenants Dagill and Law. rence, slightly ; Ensign Ried, severely.

Ist balı. 40th foot-Ljentenant-Colonel Harcourt, Major Gillies, and Captain Phillips, severely ; Captain Bowen, slightly; Lieutenants Street, Grey, Moore, Turton, Butler, Miller, Anthony, and Toole, severely; Lieutenant Gorman, slightly; Ensign Jolsoson, severely.

3st balt. 43d Foot-Major Wells, severely; Captains Ferguson and Stroad, slightly; Lieutenants Pollock, Rideout, and Capell, severely; Lieutenant W. Freer, right arm anlputated; Lieutenant Oglander, left arm amputated; Lieutenant Madden, severely ; Lieutenants Hodgson, O'Connel, and Cook, slightly; Lieutenants E. Freer, Considene, and Baillie, severely.

2d bait. 141h foot-Lieutenant-Colonel H. G. Carleton, Captains Berwick, Bragh Jervoice, severely; Lieutenant Mead, slightly; Lieutenant Sinclair, severely ; EDsigo O'Reilly, slightly.

Įst batt. 45th fooi-Captajos Lightfoot and O'Flaherty, slightly; Lieutenants Powell, Reynett, and Metcalf, severely; Lieutenant: M'Pherson, Dale, and Munroe, and Ensigo Stewart, slightly ; Ensign Jones, severely.

ist bati. 481h foot-Lievtenant-Colonel Erskine, severely; Major Wilson, and Cap. tain Bell, slightly; Captain French, severely ; Captain Turnpenny, slightly; Lieutenant Brook, sererely' ; Lieutenants Stroud, Cuthbertson, Robinson, Armstrong, Wilson, and Pountney, slightly; Ensigns Thatcher, Johnston, Boorke, and Thomson, slightly.

ist batt. Soth foot--Lieutenant M'Carthy, Acting Engineer, severely.

Ist batt 52d foot-Lieutenant-Colonel Gibbs, Major Mein, and Captain Camp. bell, severely ; Captaia Merry, severely (since dead); Lieutenants M'Nair, KinJoch, and York, slightly ; Lieut. Blackwood, severely; Lieutenants Davis and Royds, slightly; Licat. Barlow and C. Dawson, severely; Ensign Guwler and Ad. jutant Winterbottom, slightly.

5th batt. 6oth foot-Lieutenant-Colonels Williams and Fitzgerald, and Lieutenant Gilsa, slightly; Adjutant Brooetz, severely.

74th fuot-Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Power French, and Captain Langlands, sererely ; Caplain Thomson, slightly ; Lieutenant Grant, severely ; Lieutenant Pattison, slightly ; Lieutenant King, severely; Lieutenant Ironside, slightly,

771b foot-Lieutenant-Colonel Duncan, slightly; Lieutenant Clark, severely; .Lieutenaut Pennefather and Adjutant Jones, slightly.

2d hatt. 83d foot-Lieutenants Bowles, O'Neil, and Bloomfield, severely ; Lieutenant Barry, Ensigns Vavasour, and Fitzgibbons, slightly; Ensign Lane, sererely.

ist batt. 8stlı foot-Captain Murphy, severely; Captain Peschall, very slightly; Captain Dauern, slightly'; Captains Colborn, Whitelaw, W. Stewart, and Ensigo Gratton, severely.

94th foot-Lieutenant Bogue, severely.

Ist batt. 95th foot-Captains Crampton and Balvaird, severely ; Captains Gray and M‘Dermed, slightly; Lieutenants Johnston and Gardner, severely ; Lieutenant Fitzmorrice, slightly; Lieutenants Manners, M.Pherson, and Forster, severely.

3d batt. 95th foot--Lieutenant Macdonald, severely; Lieutenant Stewart, slightly ; Lieutenant Worsley, severely; Lieutenant Farmer.

Brunswick (el's-Captain Girswald, severely; Lieutenant Kunowsky, slightly. 40th foot--Volunteer Widenham, slightly. 4.3d foot Volunteer O'Connell, severely. 451h foot-Volunteer Percy, slightly. 83d foot-Volunteer Illers, slightly. 95th foot Volunteer Lawson, slightlg. KILLED-3d Regiment Line, Portuguese-Lieutenant A. de Silviera. lith ditto-Lieutenant-Colonel MʻDonnell, 91st British. 23d dittoEnsign D. de Cavallo. Ist Caçadores-Lieut. J. M. St. Valez. 3d ditto-Captain Morphew, R. W.I. R. Brit. sth dirto--Captain de Bruning, Y. Lt. I. sth ditie--Lieutenant Piuto de Lousao. WOUNDED—79th British Regiment-Brigadier-General Harvey, severely.

44th ditto-Captain Peacocke, Brigade-Major, severely ; Lieutenant Alvaro de Costa, Aide-de-Camp to Brigadier-General Harvey, severely.

Royal British Artillery-Major Tulloch.

London Gazette.-Dispatches from Lord IVellington.

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4:24 batt. 11th Line-Major Anderson, slightly; Captain J. de Mattos, severely; Captains F. de Almeida, J. Maria, and Lieutenant J. V, de la Serda, slightly ; Lieutenants Clements, El Piato, M. dos Santos Cebral, and Ensigos J. de Guvon, M. Tavary, Oliva, and J. D'Averida, severely; Ensiga Gos Bernido, slightly.

), , severely. 21st Line-Lieutenant Peruva, severely.

23d Line-Captain R. Felix, Lieutenant J. Rebocho, and Ensign J. Mendorca, slightly; Lieatenant A. Madeiras, and Ensigos Pedro Re Bocha and E. Serviera, severely.

1st Caçadores—Major Algeo (late 34th British); Captain M'Donald (71st British), severely; and Ensign Rebello.

3d ditto.-Lieutenant-Colonel Elder (late 95th Britisb), Major P. de Silviera, Captaio I. Ignacio, Captain Dobbin (27th British), Lieuts. M. Paxato and J. c. Aindarhlo, Ensiga J. Fexeira.

7th ditto. -Captain O'Hara (47th British), Lieut. R. Carmacho, severely; Lieut. A. Graves, Ensign J. Joze de Almeida, slightly.

stb ditto.--Captain J. F. de Magelaens, severely; Licut. J. W. Candoso, Eusign J. Lecha, slightly. Return of Ordnance, Ammunition, and small Arms, found in the City of Badajoz,

when taken by assault by the Allied Army under the command of his Ercellency the Earl of Wellington, K. B. on the evening of the 6th of April, 1912.

Camp before Badajoz, April 8, 1812.

Spanish Brass Guns. 39 twenty-four-pounders, 19 sixteen-pounders, 17 twelve-pounders, s ninepounders, 12 eight-pounders, 4 six-pounders, 39 four-pounders.

Spanish Brass Mortars. 7 twelve-inch, 5 ten-ioch, 7 six-inch.

Spanish Brass Howitzers.
Il eight-inch, 9 six-inch.

Ammunitiou and small Arms. 5481 maskets with bayonets, 163,000 musket-cartridges, 10 tons of loose musketballs, 12,000 lbs. of gun.powder, 23,650 twenty-four-pounder round shot, 3,200 eighteen-pounder ditto, 12,847 sixteen-pounder ditto, 3,167 twelve-pounder ditto, 92,850 eight-pounder ditto, 50 six-pounder ditto, 20,200 four-pvuuder ditto, s11 twenty-four-pounder grape-shot, 10 eighteen-pounder ditto, 60 sixteen-pounder ditto, 30 sixteen-pounder case-shot, 183 four-pounder ditto, 150 sixteen-inch sbells killed, 70 sixteen-inch empty shells, 60 twelve-iuch ditto, 165 ten-inch ditto, 100 eight-inch ditto, 75 six-inch ditto. With a quantity of materials for making gun-carriages.



Licut.-Cul, Royal Artillery. His Excellency the Earl of Wellington, K. B.'

Commander of the Forces, &c.

ERRATA. For signature to “ Operations of Sir D. Baird's Division," read J. P. iuslead of S. P. Line 11, page 13, for's now," read none. Ditto, ditto, for the force,” read this force. Line 19, page 19, for “ dress-room,” read mess-room. Line 35, page 19, for " Orreusa,” read Orrensa. Line 3, page 20, for " our Spaniards," read the Spaniards. Line 34, page 20, for “ insufficiency," read inefficiency. Line 25, note, page 14, for “couri bridle," read short bridle. Line 4, note, pige 15, for “transplanting," read transporting. Line 7, note, page 17, for“ figs,” read pigs.







FOR JUNE, 1812.







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