Nay, startle not to hear that rushing wind,

Wherewith this place is shaken: Attend a while, and thou shalt quickly find,

How much thou art mistaken;

If thou think here
Is any cause of fear.

Seest thou not how on those twelve reverend heads

Sit cloven tongues of fire ? And as the rumour of that wonder spreads,

The multitude admire

To see it: and
Yet more amazed stand

To hear at once so great variety

Of language from them come, Of whom they dare be bold to say they be

Bred no where but at home,

And never were
In place such words to hear.

Mock not, profane despisers of the spirit,
At what's to you

unknown : This earnest he hath sent, who must inherit

All nations as his own :

That they may know
How much to him they owe.

Now that he is ascended up on high

To his celestial throne, And hath led captive all captivity,

He'll not receive alone,

But likewise give
Gifts unto all that live;

To all that live by him, that they may be, In his due time, each

one, Partakers with him in his victory,

Nor he triumph alone;

But take all his
Unto him where he is.

To fit them for which blessed state of glory,

This is his agent here : To publish to the World that happy story,

Always, and every where,

This resident
Embassador is sent.

Heaven's lieger upon earth to counter-work

The mines that Satan made, And bring to light those enemies, that lurk

Under sin’s gloomy shade:

That hell may not
Still boast what it hath got.

Thus Babel's curse, confusion, is retrieved ;

Diversity of tongues
By this division of the spirit relieved:

And to prevent all wrongs,

One faith unites
People of different rites.

O let his entertainment then be such,

As doth him best befit: Whatever he requireth think not much

Freely to yield him it:

For who doth this
Reaps the first-fruits of bliss.


GRACE, Wit, and Art, assist me; for I see
The subject of this day's solemnity
So far excels in worth,

That sooner may
I drain the sea,
Or drive the day

With light away,
Than fully set it forth,
Except you join all three to take my part,
And chiefly grace fill both my head and heart.

Stay, busy soul, presume not to enquire
Too much of what Angels can but admire,
And never comprehend :

The Trinity
In Unity,
And Unity

In Trinity,
All reason doth transcend.
God Father, Son God, and God Holy Ghost,
Who most admireth, magnifieth most.

And who most magnifies best understands,
And best expresseth what the heads, and hands,
And hearts, of all men living,

When most they try
To glorify,
And raise on high,

Fall short, and lie,
Groveling below : Man's giving
Is but restoring by retail, with loss,
What from his God he first received in gross.

Faith must perform the office of invention,
And Elocution, struck with apprehension
Of wonder silence keep.

Not tongues, but eyes
Lift to the skies
In reverend wise,

Best solemnize
This day : whereof the deep
Mysterious subject lies out of the reach
Of wit to learn, much more of art to teach.

Then write non ultra here; Look not for leave
To speak of what thou never canst conceive
Worthily, as thou shouldst :

And it shall be
Enough for thee,
If none but he

Himself doth see,
Though thou canst not, thou wouldst
Make his praise glorious, who is alone
Thrice blessed one in three, and three in one.


Turn in, my Lord, turn in to me;

Mine heart's a homely place ;
But thou canst make corruption flee,

And fill it with thy grace :
So furnished it will be brave,
And a rich dwelling thou shalt have.

It was thy lodging once before,

It builded was by thee: But I to sin set ope the door,

It render'd was by me. And so thy building was defaced, And in thy room another placed.

But he usurps, the right is thine :

O dispossess him, Lord.
Do thou but say, this heart is mine,

He's gone at the first word.
Thy word's thy will, thy will's thy power,
Thy time is always ; now's mine hour.

Now say to sin, depart:

And, Son give me thine heart. Thou, that by saying, Let it be, didst make it, Canst, if thou wilt, by saying, Give't me, take it.

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