The Southern Reporter, Volum 45

West Publishing Company, 1908

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Side 134 - Nothing can call forth this court into activity, but conscience, good faith, and reasonable diligence : where these are wanting, the court is passive, and does nothing. Laches and neglect are always discountenanced, and therefore from the beginning of this jurisdiction, there was always a limitation to suits in this court.
Side 4 - August, the case went to trial, and the jury returned the following verdict: "We, the jury, find the defendant guilty as charged In the indictment" No term of imprisonment or punishment being assessed or fixed by the jury.
Side 385 - ... (3) powers which he might have exercised for his own benefit, but not those which he might have exercised for some other person; ... (5) property which prior to the filing of the petition he could by any means have transferred or which might have been levied upon and sold under judicial process against him...
Side 142 - The thresher company, however, plants itself upon the so-called "trust-fund" doctrine .that the capital stock of a corporation is a trust fund for the payment of its debts; its contention being that such a
Side 381 - The governor shall have power, in case of insurrection, invasion, tumult, riot or breach of the peace, or imminent danger thereof, to order into the active service of the state any part of the militia that he may deem proper.
Side 151 - This is an action by a passenger against a common carrier to recover damages for a personal injury alleged to have been sustained by the passenger through the negligence of the carrier's servants in and about the carnage of the passenger.
Side 328 - ... such entry or distress or to bring such action shall have first accrued to some person through whom he claims ; or if such right shall not have accrued to any person through whom he claims, then within twenty years next after the time at which the right to make such entry or distress or to bring such action shall have first accrued to the person making or bringing the same.
Side 384 - This entire policy, unless otherwise provided by agreement endorsed hereon or added hereto, shall be void if the interest of the insured be other than unconditional and sole ownership...
Side 303 - The General Assembly shall not remit the forfeiture of the charter of any corporation now existing, or alter or amend the .same, or pass any other general or special law for the benefit of such corporation, except upon the condition that such corporation shall thereafter hold its charter subject to the provisions of this Constitution.
Side 26 - Jurisdiction may be defined to be the right to adjudicate concerning the subject-matter in the given case. To constitute this there are three essentials: First, the court must have cognizance of the class of cases to which the one to be adjudicated belongs; second, the proper parties must be present; and, third, the point decided must be, in substance and effect, within the issue.

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