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Side 50 - An act to facilitate the reorganization of railroads sold under mortgage, and providing for the formation of new companies in such cases...
Side 46 - Articles of agreement taking effect as of May 1, 1853, were filed May 17. 1853 ; the first board of directors elected July 6, and the whole line delivered to the new company August 1, 1853. The Buffalo and Lockport.
Side 46 - HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD COMPANY. This company was organized by the consolidation on November 1, 1869, of the New York Central Railroad Company and the Hudson River Railroad Company. THE NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY. This company was organized under a special law passed April 2, 1853, authorizing the consolidation of the railroads between Albany and Buffalo as follows: THE ALBANY AND SCHENECTADY. THE SCHENECTADY AND TKOY.
Side 49 - Lyons on the main line, a distance of fourteen miles, and has been leased and absorbed under authority of law. The Two Hudson River Bridges, Crossing the Hudson River between East Albany and Albany, are owned nominally by a separate organization called the "Hudson River Bridge Company.
Side 47 - The Syracuse and Utica Direct was organized under the general law and filed articles January 26, 1853. It was merged in the New York Central Railroad Company under the act of 1853. The Syracuse and Utica was chartered in 1836, and opened July 3, 1839. The Rochester and Syracuse was a consolidation, August 1, 1850, of the Auburn and Rochester and the Auburn and Syracuse.
Side 49 - April 24, 1867, lease dated November 1, 1871, and expires December 31, 1970. Annual rent, eight per cent, on $989,000, cost of the road. The Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and Pittsburgh Railroad, Lease dated January 3, 1873, expires January 3, 2273. Annual rent is interest on -$2,900,000 bonds, at seven per cent., and one and one-half per cent, on 13,000 shares of stock. The...
Side 46 - Albany and Schenectady, Chartered in 1826 as the Mohawk and Hudson, was opened September 12, 1831, and was the first railroad built in the State of New York. In 1847 the name was changed to the Albany and Schenectady. The Schenectady and Troy, Was chartered in 1836 and opened in 1842. The Utica and Schenectady, Was chartered in 1833 and opened August 1, 1836.
Side 46 - April 2, 1853, authorizingthe consolidation of the railroads between Albany and Buffalo as follows : The Albany and Schenectady. The Schenectady and Troy. The Utica and Schenectady. The Mohawk Valley. The Syracuse and Utica. The Syracuse and Utica Direct. The Rochester and Syracuse. The Buffalo and Rochester. The Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Falls.
Side 48 - ... opened April 1, 1854, and leased to the New York Central September 1, 1858, at six per cent, on $1,000,000 stock. The entire Capital Stock has since been purchased by, and the road merged with that of the New York Central and Hudson Elver Railroad Company.
Side 47 - Rochester, chartered in 1836, was opened in August, 1841, and the Auburn and Syracuse, chartered in 1834, was opened in June, 1838. The Direct Line was opened in 1853. The Buffalo and Rochester was a consolidation (December 7, 1850), of the Attica and Buffalo and the Tonawanda. In 1852 this company opened a direct road from Buffalo to Batavia, keeping that part of the Attica and Buffalo line between Attica and Batavia as a branch. The Attica and Buffalo was chartered in 1836 and opened in 1842, and...

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