abouts kindly communicate with F. W. Fer- Present address of A. Frank Dillinger. ree, 2220 Columbus av., Springfield, Ohio. Mrs. Andrew Dillinger, mother of A. Frank Present address of Roy Connor, last

Dillinger, died May 23, 1914. The estate heard of working for the Frisco lines.

of Andrew Dillinger can not be settled until Twenty-one years old, black hair, brown

they find the whereabouts of A. Frank Dileyes, upper front tooth gold crowned. Roy,

linger. Anybody knowing his whereabouts if you see this, write me; important news.

please communicate with Miss Kate E. DilYour mother. Mrs. FANNIE CONNOR,

linger, or his wife, Mrs. A. Frank Dillinger, Kennesaw, Ga.

335 Lyon st., Ottawa Ont., Canada. Present address of E. H. Skinnell, opera

Present address of H. R. Minor, who left tor, last heard from about one year ago,

home June 9th, last heard of at Detroit, working as ticket agent for the N. Y., N.

Mich., June 18th. When last seen he wore H. & H. at Hartford, Conn. His mother is

a light checked suit, initials H. R. M. on very anxious to hear from him. Anyone

inside coat pocket, gray flannel shirt with knowing his whereabouts kindly communi

two or three uniform C. & O. buttons on cate with J. F. Skinnell, 269 Gray st., Dan

front. Height about 5 feet 6 inches; weight ville, Va.

about 145 pounds, very heavy dark hair. Present address of Sylvester C. Bird, em

Any information as to his whereabouts will ployed last winter by A. C. L. and S. A. L.

be greatly appreciated by his father.

T. M. MINOR, at River Junction, Fla. He deserted his wife last October; son slowly dying of con

Richmond, Ind., sumption in the Connecticut Hospital for

Dispr. C. & O. Ry. Insane. Anyone knowing his whereabouts kindly communicate with Mrs. Josephine

LOST OR STOLEN. Bird, Saugatuck, Conn.

Card No. 41278. Cert. 2866, Div. 2, for Present address of Jas. B. Darrah, opera- term ending June 30, 1914. tor, better known as Bert Darrah. Last Card No. 36179, Cert. 2782, Div. 2, for heard from at Hiawatha, Utah. He has term ending June 30, 1914. been missing about four years and his fam- Card No. 9217, Cert. 881, Div. 14, for ily are very anxious to locate him. Anyone term ending June 30, 1914. knowing of his whereabouts kindly com- Card No. 18192, Cert. 2821, Div. 31, for municate with his sister, Miss Vera Darrah, term ending June 30, 1914. 1006 N. Meridian st., Indianapolis, Ind.

Card No. 570, Cert. 2906, Div. 53, for Present address of T. E. Marshall, teleg

term ending December 31, 1914. rapher; has lived in Eastern Oklahoma the

Card No. 7523, Cert. 1911, Div. 8, for past few years and has not been heard from · term ending December 31, 1914. since Christmas. Medium height, slender

Card No. 4044, Cert. 2734, Div. 23, for build, dark hair, eyes and moustache. His term ending December 31, 1914. family is very anxious to hear from him. Card No. 7626, Cert. 324, Div. 27, for Any information should be addressed to

term ending December 31, 1914. Mrs. E. M. Humphreys, Cordell, Okla. Card No. 2651, Cert. 1135, Div. 97, for Present address of Grover M. Foster,

term ending December 31, 1914. last heard of working for the Independent

Card No. 8309, Cert. 2438, Div. 59, for Tel. Co. of Dakota, at Bismarck, N. D., as

term ending December 31, 1914. lineman. Has experience in railroading and

Card No. 2908, Cert. 375, Div. 129, for may be working at that. Age about 21 term ending December 31, 1914. years; height about 6 feet; weight about 165 Card No. 5709, Cert. 269, Div. 94, for or 170 pounds; brown eyes and dark brown term ending December 31, 1914. hair.

Have important news for him and Card No. 8524, Cert. 3353, Div. 126, for will appreciate any information.

term ending December 31, 1914. J. B. FOSTER,

Card No. 8987, Cert. 240, Div. 21, for 1621 Richmond st., Mattoon, Ill. term ending December 31, 1914.



[blocks in formation]

September 9th is the date set to hold the Rally Day of the members of Locals and Grand Division, and any non-members at Fraternity Hall, Jamaica, Long Island, N. Y.

We desire to spend a most enjoyable day together, and a very interesting program is being prepared, and the sisters of Local No. 16 are planning elaborate entertaining, and will give any visitor a royal welcome.

We desire the 0. R. T. divisions to help their wives to attend this meeting by getting them passes and seeing that they can get together in parties to attend.

When arriving in the city of New York take Subway express train to Flatbush station, Brooklyn. At this station the express trains for Jamaica can be taken, and they run every twenty minutes.

All the expense the visiting sisters will be under will be their car fare in New York, which is a trifle, same as in any other city. We hope that everyone who can will

Meeting will commence at 11:00 a. m., and close in time to meet all trains for home.

stand what it costs to join and the assessment fees.

Rates will be computed by the month, as follows: Series A, $150.00—One month, 14c; 2 months, 27c; 3 months, 40c; 4 months, 54c; 5 months, 67c; 6 months, 80c. Series B, $300.00—One month, 27c, 2 months, 54c; 3 months, 80c; 4 months, $1.07; 5 months, $1.34; 6 months, $1.60.

Add the 50c initiation fee to the above amounts per month.

Blanks can be obtained by applying to the Grand Secretary and Treasurer direct. and will save time. If possible, remit both initiation and assessments when sending in filled out applications.

If not accepted, money will be refunded promptly. A receipt for the money will be given until the certificate is issued.

All applications are properly examined, and in every way this department is conducted along the same business lines as the Mutual Benefit Department of the 0. R. T.


July, just past, has been one of the busiest months in the history of the Ladies' Auxiliary, and the M. B. D. has taken on such interest all over the country that we are making a splendid showing. Many have sent for the circular letter which has given them all desired information. So many inquiries have come for rates per month that I am giving them in these notes so that all may have them and better under

It would be impossible to give all the items of interest going on in the Auxiliary, and many of the local officers desire to make their own write-up, and I will leave the room for them.

I am so pleased with the way the members have paid up the new term that I desire that you keep right on with sending in your dues, so that time may be given to the many other matters that need attention.

Be sure to note the new address of the Grand Secretary and Treasurer, which is Halethorpe, Baltimore County, Md.

Yours fraternally,

Mrs. FLORENCE P. PIERCE, Grand Secretary and Treasurer,


In any


helping to stamp out this evil. They may not have votes to enforce a demand for reform, but they can assist, collectively and individually, in awakening the public conscience, to the end that this system he abolished.




In looking over The RAILROAD TELEGRAPHER for July, I was much impressed by the cartoon, “Gradually Pushing It Up." I do not see why this could not also be applied to the Ladies Auxiliary to the (). R. T. More members are joining every day, and thus we're gradually gaining and pushing the other side of the scales up to a larger Mutual Benefit Department, which is being handled so ably by the Grand Secretary and Treasurer. become more thoroughly organized and uniderstand the principles of unionism better we should then become one factor in heining to raise the scale to a higher minimum, by soliditary, when our (). R. T. brothers are demanding an honest wage and fair treatment scale.


As we


state of society founded interdependence there is no such thing as absolute independence. Our lives are so interwoven with the lives of other people, many of whom we never know or think of, that they can not but feel the effects of what we do. Organized labor, as a body, realizes this responsibility, and one of its great problems is to make us, individuals, realize that we are indeed our brothers' keepers.

Ignorance is not bliss; it is often a crime. We have no right to rob our fellowworkers of the fruits of their labor or to place a burden of poverty, ignorance and disease on future generations because we "didn't know."

Did you ever wonder when you bought a broom where it was made? Do you know that a great percentage of brooms and scrub... bing brushes are made in prisons ? Made under a most pernicious system of contract labor, where the State gets barely enough to pay the expense of keeping the prisoner; the poor, unfortunate prisoner gets nothing except, maybe, tuberculosis or some other horrible disease and a distorted viewpoint; his family are left to shift for themselves, possibly becoming a burden on the community, while the contractor grows rich. And why shouldn't he grow rich, when he gets the labor for the bare cost of poor food and clothing for the workmen (the State-you and I -pay for the housing)? Certainly, he can sell his goods for less than can the honest manufacturer who pays his employes a living wage, thereby driving him out of business and depriving honest workmen of an honest means of livelihood. He takes pains, however, that it is only a little below the honest manufacturer's lowest possible price. He is greedy for every nickel he can get out of us. And we, poor, berighted mortals, that are, patronize him. Yet, some say, "where ignorance is bliss"

The same condition exists in the manufacture of tinware, overalls, shoes and other things.

The women of organized labor have a wide field for good work before them in

Providence, Local No. 4. The July meeting of Local No. 4 was held at "The Breezes," the summer home of Sis ter Conant, near Apponaug.

Fifteen members and eleven visitors en joyed the hospitality of Sister and Bro. Conant. Bathing and boating were indulged in and the cool breezes from the bay made a comfortable and ideal day for an outing

clam chowder with all the "fixins." watermelon and ice cream in abundance was served by Sister Conant and her mother, Mrs. Carey, while Bro. Conant was kept busy dispensing lemonade.

A short business meeting was held under the trees in the afternoon.

A rising vote of thanks was given to Bro and Sister Conant and her mother for their Splendid hospitality at this meeting

A committee to assist the brothers of Div. 35 on their annual field day in August was appointed by President Mrs. Bessie Meh ring, consisting of Sisters Urs. Welch, Mrs. Joslin, Mrs. Conant, Mrs. Weeks and Mrs. Brenner.


Proposal for a joint meeting or rally day with Local No. 16 sometime in September was discussed and approved. Members of Local No. 4 to leave Providence and return same day and spend some hours with Local No. 16 on their invitation at Jamaica, L. I. It is hoped that as many as can do so will go on this excursion. Some of our Grand Officers are expected to be present and this is a great opportunity to meet and hear of the progress and plans for future advancement of the Ladies' Auxiliary.

Many members attended the services Memorial Sunday, July 12th, given by Div. No. 35, and an admirable programme was rendered as a tribute to departed brothers.

The regular meeting. September 17th, will be held at the residence of Sister Mrs. J. D. Vanderbeek, 284 Montgomery ave., Provi dence, R. I. Take Pawtuxet car. “CA."

assistance that any of you can give me Speak to the ladies with whom you come in contact, and I will appreciate the names of any who are eligible, so that I may write them personally

Ladies, don't wait for me or any one else to invite you to join. This organization is for you and membership in it is a duty you owe to the 0. R. T. Don't wait for the others to join and get things going-you join, and we will soon have a local that will compare favorably with any. When I see accounts of the meetings held by other Locals I wonder how any one can stay out and miss all these good things.

Bro. Gorman, our genial General Chair man of Div. No. 146, has given us his un qualified approval and much material assist ance by talking to the brothers when he is out on the road.

Bro. Pye has promised us a list of the (. R. T. members on Div. No. 146. with the married ones specified, in so far as he knows. If I fail to write any lady on this division, you can blame Bro. Pye for it Address all applications to me.

Secretary and Treasurer.

Cragford, Ala.

[blocks in formation]




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