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You must strike with a force that equals 10 ounces of weight to make the type print on the average typewriter. Yet a gentle tap runs the Silent Seven Oliver-a tap that equals 612 ounces only. Thus the Oliver writes with a touch one-third lighler than that of the average standard machine. The facts we give you come from laboratory tests—conclusive proof of science. One Day Less

Pay 17c a Day
Labor in Three

New Book FREE You can run the Oliver with 342 ounces The price of this new Oliver—the Silent less energy every time you tap the type keys. Seven-has not been increased a dollar. Yet

In a single day this relieves you of effort we give you by careful estimate 25 per cent equal to the labor of

added value! And we moving a 5-ton load. The.

let you buy it on our And every three

popular purchase plan days you produce as

- payments that equal

but 17 cents a day. much work with a

Typewriter day's exertion less than The Standard Visible Writer

Send for the brandon average typewriter.

new Silent Seven Book Yet clean, clear text with perfect alignment

that fully pictures and describes this typealways—work you will be proud of-work

writer. Let us fully inform you of points employers pay top salaries for.

that others dare not give. A postal brings

it postpaid by return mail free. Write today The Silent Seven

without fail. Gives All This

Valuable Agencies Open Link your ability to this master achieve

To More Telegraphers ment—the new Silent Seven Model. Visible reading, visible writing, regular or Printype,

Apply today for the exclusive sale of the Oliver interchangeable carriage and the lightest in your community. touch known.

Scores of telegraphers and others are cashing

in full time and spare hours this way. It has the universal arrangement of keys.

No experience is necessary.

For we train you Yet no other typewriter has so few keys to

at home through the Oliver School of Practical

Salesmanship. And we let you buy sample typeoperate. It gives you our famous automatic

writers on monthly payments at the wholesale spacer that advances the paper to another price if you mean business.

The delay of a day may let someone else get line without your having to remember. No

your territory. Time to write is now! other machine does this.

The Oliver Typewriter Co., 1127 Oliver Typewriter Bldg; Chicago


Back row, left to right-A. W. BLACKWELL, T. Barlow, F. OUELLETTE, F. A. MALCOLM, J. W. CASE. Middle row, left to right-O. A. Cowan, A. O. TALBOT, E. N. GRANGER, G. E. McTaggart, W. M. MIDDLETON, A. E. McNAMARA, P. A. DONALDSON. Pront row, left to right-F. A. PARENT, L. M. EDDY, General Chairman; D. CAMPBELL, Third Vice-President; R. W. GROVES.


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