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NOTES FROM THE GRAND SECRE. The members are working for the prizes, TARY AND TREASURER.

and much interest is being taken in the ALTIMORE CITY celebrated the one

contest. hundredth anniversary of the writing

The Grand Secretary and Treasurer is of the “Star Spangled Banner" by

now located in another suburb of Baltimore, Francis Scott Key.

Halethorpe, Balto. Co., Md., and has a Among the many important things adver

room fitted up for the exclusive use of tised about the city was that the telegraph

the Ladies' Auxiliary, as an office, and is instrument was invented in Baltimore by

equipped with everything to make an upProf. S. F. B. Morse on May 27, 1844. Also

to-date office. All members in Grand Divi

sion note the new address. Also all memthat Baltimore is the birthplace of America's system of railroads.

bers who have not paid their dues and as

sessment fees do so as soon as convenient. The transportation of the hundreds of visitors from all parts of the country nor

The Mutual Benefit Department is on the the celebration itself would not have been

increase in interest, and all information has made possible but for the invention of the

been given in these notes from time to telegraph instrument. The papers were full

time. Any further information, together of the progress and growth of the city and

with blanks, can be secured from the Grand its commercial value, but never one word

Secretary and Treasurer direct. about what brought about these conditions.

Yours fraternally, Never one word about the men who have

Mrs. FLORENCE P. PIERCE, learned to handle the invention and have

Halethorpe, Balto. Co., Md. given to the world their services. It is the telegraph operator that has made the City

Northern Pacific Ry. of Baltimore what it is today. May the time come when credit may be given where Think it is time to call on members of it is due.

Dakota Division to assist me in work of The Executive Board has changed the securing new members. Each one ought to prize list to read as follows:

consider it their duty to speak to one next All members securing three or four new to her and at all times be ready to put in members may receive their membership card a good word for the Ladies' Auxiliary. In for the next term.

order to become firmly established we will All members who do not desire the L. A. have to turn into an organized band of emblem pin for the five new members may boosters and workers. Once we become receive their membership card for the next numerous enough to be heard from socially term.

we will not lack for members. I appeal to Ten new members will secure a solid every member to assist me. Let's remember silver spoon, with letters L. A. engraved thinks, hopes and maybes will not be suffiupon the handle.

cient to bring desired result. Let us see Members securing fifty new members will how progressive we can be during the balreceive six of the solid silver spoons.

ance of 1914.

Through some error the name of Sister Lucksinger, of Cleveland, N. D., was not given in The TELEGRAPHER. We welcomed her a couple of months ago.

Pleased to also welcome Sister Rotramel, of Beulah, N. Dak.; am sure she will be a valuable addition to our forces, as Bro. Rotramel has not lost a card in twenty years.


L. C., Cert. 23.

same; Sister Mrs. Joslin, first prize in ball batting contest; Sister Mrs. Gardner, second prize in same. As a full account will probably be given by the correspondent of Division No. 35, I have only mentioned that which relates to Local No. 4, for our space is limited.

The committee from Local No. 4, Sisters Mrs. Welch, Mrs. Joslin, Mrs. Brenner, Mrs. Conant and Mrs. Weeks, exerted themselves to make everything pleasant, and the expressions of pleasure heard from all attested to their success in helping to make this outing one of the best field days of Division No. 35.

"C. A.," Correspondent No. 4.



Providence, Local No. 4. The meeting of Local No. 4, August 20th, was held at the home of Sister Callis, at Louissett, with a good attend

Our president, Mrs. Mehring, brought the charter, which came since our last meeting, and also brought the silver spoon, which was awarded Local No. 4 in the prize contest, and both were duly admired.

Sister Brenner made a fine beginning toward winning a prize by presenting four applications for membership, which were accepted. Several more have signified their intention to join us at our next meeting.

A salad supper was served by Sister Callis, who spared no effort of hospitality to make this meeting pleasant. As it commenced to rain after the meeting the social hour was pleasantly spent indoors.

A number of the members are intend ing to take the trip to Jamaica, L. I., September 9th, by invitation of sisters of Local No. 16.

Our meeting October 15th will be with President (Mrs.) Mehring, No. 75 Peck Street, Attleboro, Mass. Let us have a full attendance. We will soon have a hall for our meetings, as our membership is increasing so rapidly that we have almost outgrown the homes.

Many members attended the outing of Division No. 35 at Crescent Park, August 19th. Members of Local No. 4 who won prizes in races and games were: Sister Mrs. Payne, first prize in egg race; Sister Mrs. Brenner, first prize in fiftyyard dash; Sister Mrs. Brenner, first prize in baseball distance throwing; President Mrs. Mehring, second prize in

Local No. 16. Bro, and Sister James Wyler are receiving congratulations upon the birth of a lovely baby boy.

First Vice-President Sister Hilley and family spent three weeks' vacation on the Jersey coast at Long Branch. Sister Mrs. T. F. Gafney accompanied them.

General Chairman Sister Hudson and family have been spending two weeks' vacation in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Sister Mary Gafney enjoyed weeks' vacation at Lakewood, N. J.

Notwithstanding the very hot weather our August meeting was well attended. It was also one of our most active meetings. Every member present took interest in the proceedings. One new candidate elected to membership and two regularly elected members received obligation. Much business of importance was transacted. Sisters Mrs. Cecelia, Miss Mary, and Mrs. T. F. Gafney, served luncheon after adjournment.

Local No. 16 will hold an open meeting, box party and drawing for quilt Saturday evening, October 10th, in Fraternity Hall, Jamaica. All sisters are expected to make a special effort to attend, and bring their friends with them. The quilt was donated by Sister Mrs. Charles Gray. Present indications point to one of the most successful entertainments of this kind ever held by Local No. 16.

Mrs. J. E. SHIELDS, S. & T.

Southern Pacific, Local No. 18. (ur last meeting was held with the brothers, on July 12th, Memorial Day, in honor of our departed Bro. Thurston, the founder of the 0. R. T. Although there were only a small number present, we had a very pleasant and instructive day. The life of Bro. Thurston was one of great accomplishments and shows what a great struggle took place before our great Order was placed upon a firm footing. However, don't let us stop working now, and think all has been done that can be done, for no organization can stand unaided. It behooves the ladies to ever keep up all the interest they can, so that the brothers will accomplish greater things and never become discouraged.

Our next meeting will likely be held in October, as the distance being great and the sisters prefer to go when their busbands do, it makes it more pleasant for all.

I just received the dues of one sister, who had sent them to Sister Walters, our general secretary and treasurer, and they were returned on account of Sister Walters' address being given as Ashland, Cal. Her correct address is Ashland, Cal., 443 Allison Street. There has been a mistake in the directory in some way.

I wish to say to all the sisters that I received one of the prize silver spoolis, and they are certainly lovely. Sister Pierce used such excellent judgment in choosing the design. I wish every sister might secure one or more. They are indeed worth working for.

A few new applications have gone in last month, and I hope for more this month. There are lots of sisters who hang back, and only promise. Brothers, why don't you see to it that they fill out their papers at once? I am sure they would if you would only assist us in pointing out the values, and we are all farsighted enough to see the benefits.

Bro. and Sister McMullen, of Mojave, are now visiting friends and relatives in South Dakota and Illinois. They intend to stop at Yellowstone also, and will probably be gone about three months. We all wish them a good time.

I have not received any items so far from any of the sisters. I would be so glad to get them, any little items that you think of will be of interest.

On account of sickness I was unable to get in a write-up last month.

Let me, again, urge everyone to put their shoulder to the wheel. Don't let an opportunity escape, boost for the Auxiliary.

Though the war may dampen the ardor of business for awhile, it will not affect us in this movement, and our Order will be just as successful, or otherwise, as we ourselves make it.

With best wishes to all the sisters and brothers.

Mrs. W. E. BLUME,

General Chairman.

Local No. 27.

I wish to thank the brothers of Division 140, M. C. R. R., for their hearty co-operation and financial aid which made Local No. 27 a possibility.

Three meetings have been held since this local was organized, and much interest shown.

Although our number as yet is small, we are sure to grow, and hope the ladies will not wait to be asked personally to join us, but drop Sister McKenzie, at Lincoln, a card, and application blanks will be sent at once.

We also hope the brothers will continue their efforts in our behalf, in helping us to secure many new members.


Secretary and Treasurer.

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