The History of the Supernatural in All Ages and Nations, and in All Churches Christian and Pagan Demonstrating a Universal Faith Part Two

Kessinger Publishing, 1. sep. 2004 - 492 sider
1863. Part Two of Two. Howitt explains in the Preface that what he intends by the Supernatural is the operation of those higher and more recondite laws of God with which being yet but most imperfectly acquainted, we wither denominate their effects miraculous, or, shutting our eyes firmly, deny their existence altogether. Contents: Magic in Its Relation to the Supernatural; The Supernatural in the Greek and Other Eastern Churches; Supernatural in the Waldensian Church; The Supernatural Amongst the So-Called Heretics and Mystics of the Middle Ages; The Spiritualism of Luther and the Early Reformers; The Supernatural and the Church of England; Present Materialized Condition of the Church of England and of General Opinion; The Miracles in the Churchyard in Paris in 1731 and Subsequently; The Supernatural and the Church of England continued; Spiritualism in North America; Spiritualism in England; Opposition to New Facts; The Philadelphian Brethren; Spiritualism Amongst the Dissenters; George Fox and the Friends; Madame Guyon and Fenelon; The Prophets of the Cevennes; The Wesleys, Whitefield, and Fletcher of Madeley; Bohme, Swedenborg and Irving; The Moravian Brethren or Unitas Fratrum; A Chapter of Poets; and Miscellaneous Matters. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing. Other volumes in this set are ISBN(s): 1417948930.

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