Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons: Chiefly of the Present and Two Preceding Centuries ...

T. Cadell Jun. and W. Davies, 1798

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Side 50 - His line is uniformly grand. Character and beauty were admitted only as far as they could be made subservient to grandeur.
Side 237 - King thefe €C twenty years there ; for the whole country fell " fuddenly to him, not one town ftanding out. " When the King of Spain told the Count Oli...
Side 134 - He then turned to the people, and stretching out his hands, cried with a very loud voice, " Good Christian people ! for God's love be well aware of these men ; else they will beguile you, and lead you blindfold into hell with themselves.
Side 50 - ... far as they could be made subservient to grandeur ; the child, the female, meanness, deformity, were by him indiscriminately stamped with grandeur. A beggar rose from his hand the patriarch of poverty; the hump of his dwarf is impressed with dignity ; his women are moulds of generation ; his infants teem with the man ; his men are a race of giants. This is the
Side 287 - s were chiefly Romans and Florentines; men, we were told, whom fometimes misfortune and fometimes inclination, but more frequently extravagance and neceflity, drive from their refpcdive countries, and who, having relations or friends in St. Marino, eftablifh themfelves in that cheap city, where they fubfift on the wreck of their fortunes, and elude the purfuit of their creditors. Next morning Bonelli having invited feveral of his fellowcitizens to drink chocolate, we learned from them, that the morality...
Side 150 - ... have no place in his countenance, his eyes only do betray as much as can be picked out of him. He maketh me oft think of Solomon's saying, — ' Heaven is high ; the earth is deep ; a king's heart is unsearchable.
Side 279 - About two o'clock in the afternoon, we left the Borgo to climb up to the Citta, carrying our fwords in our right hands ; a precaution which the company we had juft left warranted in this modern republic, but which, as...
Side 13 - The first thing that I would therefore suggest to you is, that you ought to be grateful to God, and continually to recollect that it is not through your merits, your prudence, or your solicitude, that this event has taken place, but through his favour...
Side 421 - Much has been faid of the honour he received " by expiring in the arms of Francis the Firft. *' It was indeed an honour, by which deftiny in *' fome degree atoned to Francis for his difafter

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