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461 v.

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the ninth Letter of the Alphabet. - 1618. Canones de Literarum E, ICANES. -1785. The Fall of the Modern I. See PANTHEON, 1785. V, I, apud Arabes Natura et Permutatione. 341 r. 1721. Vindiciæ ICCIUS, Portus, supposed to be Vissan in Picardy. -1626. P. I. Anglicanæ A, E, I et U Pronunciationis. 69 l. Richard Day, who Julii Cæsaris demonstratus. 221 p.-1694. Dissertatio de P.u I.o. 388 printed several works in London after the year 1578, was the first, or a. 0.-1694. Julii Cæsaris P. I. illustratus. 413 f.-1694. Julii Cæsaris P. mong the first who attempted to correct the indiscriminate use of the letters I. 868 v.-1792. Observations on the Situation of the ancient P. I. 626 i. I and J, and U and V, as may be found exemplified in the work of P. ICE.-1666. How to preserve I. and Snow by Chaff. 671.-1671. Baro, entitled, “ De Fide ejusque Oriu,” &c. 76 r. 292 f. In 1589, Some Experiments; shewing the Difference of 1. made without Air from George Bishop printed the “ Frenche Academie," in which these letters that which is produced with Air. 805 f.-1682. New Experiments and are used with propriety. 116 s. 777 n. It was not till several years after Observations upon the Icy Noctiluca. 142 w.-1684. On Salt and Fresh this last date that the improvement was adopted by Louis Elzevir, who, as Water I. 610 0.-1709. Account of the Icy Mountains of Switzerland. he became afterwards better known, has commonly received the merit of 174 6.-1716. Dissertation sur la Glace, 660 0.-1798. New Expesetting the first example.

riments on I. 707 m.—1740. Description de la Maison de Glace à St. I, the pronoun of the first person.--1799. The History of My Father; Petersburg. 578 g. . 1746. A Monument of Thankfulness; being an or, How it happened that I was born; a Romance in 12 chapters. 578 Account of a Miraculous Preservation of nine men, in a small boat, which 1.-1811. Thinks I to Myself; a Novel. 695..-1812.

I'll consider was enclosed within Islands of Ice, about 70 leagues from land, and conti. of it; a Satirical Tale. Lond. 3 vols. 12mo. 21s.--1813. I can't afford nued in distress 28 days. 404 w. - 1775. Progress of making I. in the it; and other Tales.

East Indies. 73 y. — 1793. On the Method of making I. at Benares. IACIIIADES, JOSEPH. See JACHIADES, J.

970 e.-1793. Demonstration of our great Orb of Light the Sun, to be IAMBIC, a form of verse. 1586. 1.a Græca, de Thermis Pythiis. absolutely no other than a Body of I. 728 1.-1800. On the supposed 855 v.--1602. Auriacus et I.i. 481 0.-1629. 1. libri duo. 79 s.--- Benefit of the Application of I. in Burns. 567 n. — 1804. Two Cases N. D.-The Inventor of I. Verses. 39 s.

of Gout, said to have terminated in death, in consequence of the external IANTIE.-1798. I.; or the Flower of Carnarvon.

233 0.

use of I. and Cold Water. 571 m. 1805. Important Discoveries and IAPIS.-1748. A Commentary on the Character of I. by Atterbury. Experiments elucidated, on I., Heat, and Cold. 458 c.-1805. On the 951 f.

relative Capacities for Heat of I. and Water. 535 4.-1805. Discussion IASCELINA.-1797. I. ; or the Rewards of Benevolence; a No. on the Cause of the Figure of a Man which was formed on the I. of the vel. 480 d.

Pond in Halnaker Park. 470 i.--1815. Explanation of the Effect proIATROMASTIGÆ.—1611. De Medicina et Medicis, adversus duced by a Mass of I. on a Thermometer, in a focus of a reflecting Miret Pseudiatros. 313 i.

ror. 286 y.-1816. On I. found in the Bottoms of Rivers. 576 e. IATROMATHEMATICA.---1602. Dissertatio I.

ICEAD.-1794. The I. ; a Mock Heroic Poem. 442 9. IATROPOLOGIA.—1549. Scholia in I.m. 534 w.

ICELAND, an Island lying to the west of Norway, between 63 and 65 LATROSOPHIA.-1614. I.æ Miscellanea. 859 b.

north latitude. -1607.

Islandiæ et Gronlandiæ Descriptio. 121 p. IBBOTT, BENJAMIN, D.D.--1727. Against Dr. I.'s Sermon. 860

1670. On a Crystal-like Body sent from I. 80 a.--1675. 'Account of 6.-1776. A Life of Dr. I. 532 o.

I., from the Latin. 115 a. - 1689. Grammatica I.ica Runolphi Ionæ. IBERIA.-1808. Ode to I. 536 e.-1812. I. ; a Poem. 355 w. 494 0.--1733. Schedæ de I.iæ, Lat. 45 k. — 1755. Of a Shower of IBIS, an Egyptian deity. - 1488. Epist. et in l.n. 723 12. —

- 1536. Dust falling on a Ship between Shetland and I. 965 y.-1758. Natural Comm. in Ovidii Epistolas, et Librum in I.n. 61 %.--1569. Invective History of I. ; containing a particular and accurate Account of the diffe. against I.

723 s.-1569. Quid, his Invective against Ibas. 923 k. - rent Soils, Burning Mountains, Minerals, Vegetables, Metals, Stones, 1658. Ovid's Invective or Curse against I., faithfully and familiarly trans- Beasts, Birds, and Fishes; with the Dispositions, Customs, and Manner of lated into English verse; and the Histories therein contained, being in Living of the Inhabitants; interspersed with an Account of the Island. number two hundred and fifty (at the least), briefly explained, one by one; Also a Meteorological Table, with remarks and a map. 517 c. – 1770. with Natural, Moral, Poetical, Mathematical, and some few Theological System of Runic Mythology, and other Pieces from the Ancient I.ic Applications. Whereunto is prefixed, a Double Index; one of the proper Tongue. 637 y. - 1772. Relation d'un Voyage dans la Mer du Nord Names herein mentioned; another, of the common Heads from thence de- aux Cotes d'I.e. 915 w.-1777. Sciagraphia Historiæ Literariæ I.icæ, duced; both pleasant and profitable for each Sort, Sex, and Age, and very &c. i. e. A Sketch of the Literary History of I.; containing a Catalogue useful for Grammar Schools. 553 d. - - 1661. Liber in I.n. 723 s. - of the Works printed, or in MS., which have been composed by the Writ1805. Some Account of two Mummies of the Egyptian I., one of which ers of that Country. This contains useful and original information respectwas in a remarkably perfect State. 740 o.

ing the above country. 332 m. - 1780. Letters on I.; containing ObIBRAHIM, the illustrious Bassa.--1641. ou l'illustre Bassa. 841 servations on the Civil, Literary, Ecclesiastical, and Natural History, AnW.-1677. I., the illustrious Bassa; a Tragedy. 846 t.

tiquities, Volcanoes, Basaltes, Hot Springs, Customs, Dress, Manners of VOL. IV.


27 v.

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