Biennial Report of the Dairy and Food Commissioner of Wisconsin

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Side 43 - drug," as used in this Act, shall include all medicines for internal or external use, antiseptics, disinfectants, and cosmetics. The term " food," as used herein, shall include all articles used for food or drink by man, whether simple, mixed, or compound.
Side 217 - ... in imitation of yellow butter produced from pure unadulterated milk or cream of the same : provided, that nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit the manufacture or sale of oleomargarine in a separate and distinct form and in such manner as will advise the consumer of its real character, free from coloration or ingredient that causes it to look like butter.
Side 15 - In conferring upon Congress the regulation of commerce it was never intended to cut the States off from legislating on all subjects relating to the health, life, and safety of their citizens, though the legislation might indirectly affect the commerce of the country. Legislation, in a great variety of ways, may affect commerce and persons engaged in it without constituting a regulation of it within the meaning of the Constitution.
Side 44 - No person shall, by himself, his servant or agent, or as the servant or agent of any other person...
Side 43 - If, when sold under or by a name not recognized in the United States Pharmacopoeia...
Side 43 - If any substance or substances have been mixed with it, so as to lower or depreciate, or injuriously affect its quality, strength, or purity; (2) If any inferior or cheaper substance, or substances have been substituted wholly or in part for it...
Side 15 - We are of opinion that it is within the power of a state to exclude from its markets any compound manufactured in another state, which has been artificially colored or adulterated so as to cause it to look like an article of food in general use, and the sale of which may, by reason of such coloration or adulteration, cheat the general public into purchasing that which they may not intend to buy. The Constitution of the United States does not secure to anyone the privilege of defrauding the public.
Side 29 - Whoever by himself, or by his servant or agent, or as the servant or agent of any other person...
Side 29 - No dealer in milk, and no servant or agent of such a dealer, shall sell, exchange, or deliver, or have in his custody or possession, with intent to sell, exchange, or deliver...
Side 201 - ... of one per cent ash or mineral matter, the same being the product of the material from which said vinegar is manufactured. And all vinegar shall be made wholly from the fruit or grain from which it purports to be or is represented to be made, and shall contain no foreign substance, and shall contain not less than four per cent, by weight, of absolute acetic acid.

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