Legislative Documents, Volum 20,Utgave 111,Deler 2-115


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Side 307 - No adjudication under the provisions of this act shall operate as a disqualification of any child subsequently to hold public office or as a forfeiture of any right or privilege or to receive any license granted by public authority...
Side 286 - ... or to a justice of the supreme court in the judicial district in which the said institution is located, for an order for the transfer and commitment of said child to another incorporated school, reformatory or institution, authorized by law or designated by the state board of charities to take the custody of any such child and governed or controlled by persons of the same religious faith as the parents of the said child, when practicable, or if not practicable, to such public institution as shall...
Side 153 - A duly attested transcript of the birth certificate filed according to law with a registrar of vital statistics or other officer charged with the duty of recording births, shall be conclusive evidence of the age of such child.
Side 284 - ... as is governed by persons of the same religious faith as the parents of the child, or may make any disposition of the child 6 PL 488.
Side 239 - means the money rate at which the service rendered is recompensed under the contract of hiring in force at the time of the accident, including the reasonable value of board, rent, housing, lodging or similar advantage received from the employer.
Side 434 - An action to annul a marriage, on the ground that, the consent of one of the parties thereto was obtained by force, duress, or fraud, may be maintained, at any time, by the party whose consent was so obtained.
Side 220 - ... for a first offense by a fine of not less than twenty nor more than fifty dollars; for a second offense by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than two hundred and fifty dollars, or by imprisonment for not more than thirty days...
Side 355 - The Legislature shall provide for a state board of charities, which shall visit and inspect all institutions, whether state, county, municipal, incorporated or not incorporated, which are of a charitable, eleemosynary, correctional or reformatory character...
Side 157 - ... years of age, who are habitual truants from instruction upon which they are lawfully required to attend or who are insubordinate or disorderly during their attendance upon such instruction, or irregular in suc"h attendance. Such school or room shall be known as a truant school; but no person convicted of crimes or misdemeanors, other than truancy, shall be committed thereto.
Side 375 - States, under sentences of imprisonment in any court of the United States, sitting within this state, until such sentences be executed, or until such delinquent shall be discharged by due course of law, conditioned...

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