Training Bulletin, Volumer 12-26

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919

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Side 4 - ... important work in the other departments throughout the factory. The selection for these assignments is determined by their physical condition and their mechanical development and aptitude. The instructor explains thoroughly the nature of the new employment, points out the advantages accruing to the employees because of their increased earning capacities; introduces them into the new department, points out in detail the various operations conducted therein, and painstakingly explains the scope...
Side 37 - DAVISON'S Hosiery and Knit Goods Trade A DIRECTORY OF THE HOSIERY AND KNIT GOODS MANUFACTURERS OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA - AND INCLUDING Jobbers, with Names of Buyers, Large Eetailers, Hosiery and Knit Goods Dyers, Knitting Yarns; Raw and Thrown Silk; Cotton, Wool and Silk Waste; Manufacturers...
Side 36 - Conciliation, Arbitration, and Sanitation in the Cloak, Suit, and Skirt Industry in New York City; Industrial Courts in France, Germany, and Switzerland (1912).
Side 4 - ... work, because all new employees are carefully tested in the school and assigned to operations which the instructor found they could do best. The details of instruction, encouragement, and careful supervision may be gathered from the practice of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company: As the young women pass through the Employment Department they are placed in this Training School under the supervision of a competent instructor and are thoroughly grounded in the operation performed in that particular...
Side 60 - Statement of the hosiery manufacturers of the United States as to prices of hosiery from 1900 to 1910. Printed for the use of the Select committee of the Senate on wages and prices of commodities. 'Washington, Govt.
Side 73 - Review, Sept., 1919. p. 135-161.) Vocational Education UNITED STATES. Bureau of Education. List of references on vocational education. Aug., 1919. 16 p. (Library leaflet no. 7.) VF UNITED STATES. Department of Labor, Training Service. Training in the men's suit and overcoat industry. An outline of the organization and conduct of training for cutters, pressers, machine operators, and hand sewers in the industry. 1919. 83 p. charts. (Training Bull. no. 16.) VF Wages NATIONAL Industrial Conference Board....
Side 15 - PM The remainder of the second day is spent in teaching the students how to use micrometers. We have also chartered a sufficient supply of these from our tool stock for this purpose. Third Day 7 AM-12 M.
Side 59 - ... third and fourth fingers back of the grip; at the same time hook up the scabbard with the thumb and first two fingers of the left hand, thumb through the upper ring, fingers supporting it; drop the left hand by the side. This is the position of carry saber dismounted.

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