The Trial of Lieutenant Charles Bourne: Upon the Prosecution of Sir James Wallace, Knt., for an Assault : Also the Law Pleadings, the Arguments of Counsel, and the Speech of Mr. Justice Willes Upon Passing Judgment

S. Bladon, 1783 - 266 sider

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Side 14 - In contempt of our said Lord the King, in open violation of the laws of this kingdom, to the evil and pernicious example of all others in the like case offending, and against the peace of our said Lord the King, his crown and dignity.
Side 73 - ... of Christianity, has not made our natures capable of forgiving or forgetting them. I must plead for the infirmities of human nature, and beseech your Lordships once more to consider what the honour of an officer is ; consider that, and say what punishment this gentleman deserves. You have before...
Side 15 - May, in the faid eighth year of the reign of our fovereign Lord George the Third, now King of Great-Britain, &c.
Side 11 - ... againft the peace of our faid lord the king, his crown, and dignity, and allb againft the form of the ftatute in fuch cafe made and provided.
Side 16 - Great-Britain, &c. with force and arms, at the parifh aforefaid, in the county aforefaid, in and X x upon *, $ upon William Allen the younger, in the peace of God, aftd our faid Lord the King, then and there being, felonioufly, wilfully, and...
Side 11 - York, did falfly, feditioufly and fcandaloufly print and publifh, and caufe to be printed and publifhed, a certain falfe, malicious...
Side 11 - King there being, in contempt of our faid Lord the King and his laws, to the evil example of all others in the like cafe offending, and againft the peace of our faid Lord the King, his crown and dignity.
Side 16 - Thomas watson with his aforesaid sword of iron and steel of a value of iii shillings iiij pence, which he then and there had and held in his right hand...
Side 15 - SMITH, of the parifh of St. Martin in the Fields, in the county of Middlefex, Gentleman ; for impYdve'ments'in the internal bracings of piano-forte's, fo as to admit the introduction of a' drum, tambour, or tambourine, with fticks or beaters thereunto belonging.
Side 15 - Wallace, then and there being in the peace of God and our faid lord the king...

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