Ecclesiastical records of England, Ireland, and Scotland, from the fifth century till the Reformation, with prolegomena and notes by R. Hart

1836 - 80 sider

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Side 203 - And all Priests and Deacons are to say daily the Morning and Evening Prayer either privately or openly, not being let by sickness, or some other urgent cause.
Side 280 - II, c. 5, which enacts, that whoever procures at Rome, or elsewhere, any translations, processes, excommunications, bulles, instruments, or other things which touch the king, against him, his crown, and realm, and all persons aiding and assisting therein, shall be put out of the king's protection, their lands and goods forfeited to the king's use, and they shall be attached by their bodies to answer to the king and his council: or process of prcemunire facias shall be made out against them as in...
Side 47 - The counsel which they shall intrust me withal, by themselves, their messengers, or letters, I will not knowingly reveal to any to their prejudice. I will help them to defend and keep the Roman papacy, and the royalties of St Peter, saving my order, against all men.
Side 167 - This is a hard saying who can hear it?' And they went back, and walked no more with him. It seemed unto them hard that he said: 'Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, ye have no life in you.
Side 203 - And the curate that ministereth in every parish church or chapel, being at home and not being otherwise reasonably hindered, shall say the same in the parish church or chapel where he ministereth, and shall cause a bell to be tolled thereunto a convenient time before he begin, that the people may come to hear God's Word and to pray with him.
Side 230 - Likewise all Deans, Masters of Colleges, Archdeacons, and Prebendaries, in Cathedral and Collegiate Churches, (being Priests or Deacons,) Doctors in Divinity, Law, and Physic, Bachelors in Divinity, Masters of Arts, and Bachelors of Law, having any Ecclesiastical Living...
Side 41 - And, if the archbishop shall fail in doing justice, the cause shall at last be brought to our lord the king, that by his precept the dispute may be determined in the archbishop's court; so that it ought not to proceed any further without the consent of our lord the king.
Side 284 - ... his legs and arms drawn and extended with cords to the four corners of the room, and upon his body laid as great a weight of iron as he can bear, and more.
Side 45 - Roman church, and to our lord pope Innocent and to his catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom of Ireland, with all their rights and appurtenances, for the remission of our...
Side 187 - Si quis dixerit, in ministris, dum Sacramenta conficiunt, et conferunt, non requiri intentionem saltem faciendi quod facit Ecclesia ; anathema sit.

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