In April of the tenth year of Meiji, Tokio Kaisei Gakko was united to Tokio Igakko (Medical College) to form Tokio Daigaku (University of Tokio) which was divided into the four Departments of Law, Science, Medicine, and Literature.

The Departments of Law, Science, and Literature were established in the former Kaisei Gakko, and the Department of Medicine in the former Igakko. Tokio Eigo Gakko (Tokio English Language School) was made Tokio Daigaku Yobimon (Preparatory School to the University of Tokio) and put under the control of the Departments of Law, Science, and Literature. Mr. Hiroyuki Kato, Sori of the former Kaisei Gakko, was appointed Sori (President) of the Departments of Law, Science, and Literature, in Tokio Daigaku; Mr. Arata Hamao, Vice Director of the former Kaisei-Gakko, was appointed Sori-Ho (Vice-President) of the same Departments of Law, Science, and Literature, and in addition to his duties as Vice-President was made Shukan (Principal) of Tokio Daigaku Yobimon, Mr. Ichizo Hattori, Director of the former Eigo Gakko, was appointed Shukan, of Tokio Daigaku Yobimon, and immediately after, the office of Sori-Ho of the Departments of Law, Science, and Literature, was assigned to him in addition to his duties as Shukan. All instructors in the former Kaisei Gakko and Eigo Gakko became respectively professors in the Departments of Law, Science, and Literature, and teachers in the Yobimon.

On the 14th of April, Mombusho put Koishikawa Shokubutsuyen (Koishikawa Botanical Garden), which formerly belonged to the Educational Museum, under the control of Tokio Daigaku.

In June of the same year, a University Magazine, called Gakugei-Shirin, was first published, and it was determined that thereafter it should be continued monthly, collecting various opinions of learned men, either native or foreign.

From September of the same year, the modified and newly added courses of instruction were practically pursued.

In October, Toshokan (the University Library) was newly built.

On the 19th of December, certificates were given, with appropriate ceremony, to the three students who had completed the course of Chemistry at the annual examination of the last academic year, and this was the first occasion of giving certificates to the students of the University.

In this year, Mr. Edward. S. Morse, Ph. D. of America, Professor of Zoology and Physiology in the Department of Science, discovered a shell-heap in Oimura, Yebaragori, in the province of Musashi. By digging out the shell-heap, he found there a great many fragments of ancient pottery, and human bones, as well as those of beasts. After this, discoveries of ancient pottery, &c., of a similar nature, were made in several places, namely, Koishikawa Botanical Garden ; Otsukamura, Yashirogori, Higo; Okudaira, Shidagori; Hitachi ; Hakodate, Ojima ; Otaru, Shiribeshi, &c. They are all of great value to the science of Archæology as well as to that of Paleontology.

In May of the 11th year of Meiji, Mombusho modified the regulations, by which the duties of Sori are defined and enumerated, and thereby considerably extended the authority of the Sori.

On the 8th of July, certificates were given to the sixteen students, who had completed their respective courses, six being in Law, seven in Chemistry, and three in Civil Engineering. Thus the number of students, who had finished their special courses, exceeded by thirteen the number of those who receivel certificates in the previous year.

In September, Kansliotai (Observatory) was newly built at Motofuji-cho, Hongo.

In December, the power of granting degrees was vested in Tokio Daigaku by Mombusho. In early times the system of granting degrees to students existed, but had been abandone:l for a long period. This re-establishment of the system of granting degrees is to be regarded as a remarkable event in the history of Japanese Education. Five distinct degrees were then established, namely, Hogakushi, Rigakushi, Igakushi, Bungakushi, and Seiyakushi.

On the 24th of the same month, certificates were given, with appropriate ceremony, to the five students who had completed the course of Physics in French.

In February of the 12th year of Meiji, it was decided to erect new buildings for the accommodation of the Departments of Law and Literature, on the ground of Monbusho, situated in Motofujicho, Hongo.

On the 4th of April, Mr. Ichizo Hattori, Vice-President, was appointed President of the Osaka Special College.

In May, the three students who had completed their respective courses, viz., Law, Chemistry, and Civil Engi. neering were sent to England, and one who had completed that of Physics, to France, by Mombusho to continue their studies.

The 10th of July was the first occasion of conferring degrees. Fifty-five students who had finished their respective courses received them, and the ceremony was more elaborate than had been customary in giving certificates.

The degree of Hoyakushi was conferred upon fifteen, and that of Rigakushi upon forty. On this occasion, Gen. Grant, Ex-President of the United States of America, who was then visiting this country, was present by invitation.

In September, the regulations of the terms and examinations were modified, and the rule for elective studies was added with the object of providing studies for those whose time does not allow them to follow a regular course.

On the 31st of March of the 13th year of Meiji, the name of Hakubutsujo (Museum) was given to the place for the collections of Mineralogical, Geological, and Biological specimens. This building stands on the ground of the Tokio Foreign Language School. The models and specimens pertaining to other branches of study, previously distributed anong the lecture rooms and laboratories, were transferred to this Museum. Since July of the following year, it has been open every Sunday to the public.

On the 13th of April of the same year Mr. Arata Hamao, Vice-President, was appointel First Junior Secretary of Mombasho. On the 22nd of the same month, Mr. Hiroyuki Kato was promoted to the position of officer of the third rank in Mombusho, retaining the office of President, and on the 23rd, Mr. Ichizo Hattori, President of the Osaka Special College, was appointed Vice-President of the University, as well as Principal of the Preparatory School.

On the 3rd of June, Mr. Ichizo Hattori was appointed First Junior Secretary of Mombusho, retaining the former

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