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Select Works from Standard Authors Published on the
First and Fifteenth of Each Month Yearly Subscription
$12 $ Single Copies 50 Cents No. 34, May ist,
1892 * Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y.,
as Second-Class Matter.

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A BRIEF examination of this volume will convey & clearer idea of its contents than any statement could do, yet a few words may be permitted concerning the aim of the authors.

It is for those who are more or less interested in the politics of the United States, but who have neither time nor opportunity for seeking information in various and out-of-the-way places, that this book has been prepared. The main facts in the political history of the federal government from its foundation to the present moment are given under appropriate headings and in alphabetical order. The formation of the Constitution, its growth and interpretation, have been explained. The rise and fall of parties have been recounted. Famous measures, national movements and foreign relations have received full attention. Especial care has been exercised in describing the practical workings of the government in its various branches, and numerous lists of the more prominent officials are furnished. There will also be found accounts of the origin and meaning of political slang expressions, familiar names of persons and localities, famous phrases, and the like.

Most of these facts are scattered in volumes not generally accessible; many of them that circulate chiefly by word of mouth are hard to find explained in print; some are of such recent date that they have been recorded

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