35 cents.

parts of the country to see the Lincoln Freie Presse / trees

, as they knew all attempts to

grow English walnuts in the North GERMAN WEEKLY

from other varieties had been failLINOOLN, NEB.

ures. These they found perfectly Takes the place of 280 County weaklle at 1-10 the cost. Great saying in book- hardy, very good bearers, and the keeping. postage and electros. Rate,

nuts the finest they had ever eaten. Actual average circulation 133,992

“They were so delighted that they asked father to raise them some trees from his old ones, re

alizing that these would be thorFollow the lead of the World's

oughly acclimated. The requests greatest adver

were so persistent that father did tisers-

so, the result being that these trees

are now well distributed as ornaPOPULARIZE

mental trees about the country and YOUR TRADE

have proven to be perfectly hardy MARK

throughout the United States and

parts of Canada. We are now Send illustration for quotations

planting groves of these hardy

trees on our farms. Our booklet, Success

"We have a few of these young ful Advertising Ideas -FREE

trees ready for transplanting. I The Old King Cole

have written thinking you would

be interested in having some for Papier Mache Co.

your home grounds or farms." We reproduce this Canton, o. familiar Trade Mark

The Schoolmaster's tree-buying friend informs him that this letter has been so effective that it has actually produced responses from men and women living in apartment houses, whose only place to plant a tree would be in a flowerpot on the fire-escape, unless they filled the bathtub with soil and let the tree grow out through the win

dow! In fact, it is hard to imag5000 4-Page Folders 33/8" x 61/4" page, beautifully lithographed in

ine anyone with the least love of one color

$20.00 open country and growing things, The same in two colors......

.. $40.00 who could read that letter without Specially Designed Cover

wanting to plant one of the proPage and Copy Help Free

geny of the famous seven.





$1.Per Page Per Thousand




The writers of books on business correspondence are very fond of telling us to be original. “Avoid the stereotyped phrase" is their


GUMMED LABELS motto; “strike out for yourself ;

and Express Shipments

express your own personality.'
Sometimes, however, the School-
master suspects that we are apt
to overdo the originality motif.
For instance, here's a letter which
a friend of his received the other
day in response to an innocent
inquiry for prices on a contem-
plated purchase:

It was good of you to send us your inquiry, and offer us an opportunity of trading with you, but we do not carry

[blocks in formation]

any stock on hand whatever; we make entirely to order only.

We are more than sorry we can't even give you a quotation. It would surely be an injustice to tell our prices, you in turn accept them, and favor us with your order, and we unable to even give you an approximate-indeed, any idea, when shipment could be made.

The kernel of truth in the matter is in the fact that we have contracted to our full capacity for possibly a year to come, with our works running while the clocks toll the full twenty-four hours each day.

We want your good house to trade with us, but not unless the transaction could be closed with the seal of your good will. Our promises, and in consequence, your disappointments would, indeed, could maltreat a quest of our industrial household.

I am going to ask you to think of us now and then for future business, and add the hope that you will be tardy in crasing our name from your memory. Thank you! In the full spirit of appreciation.

And the man who received the missive is still holding his head and wondering!

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

SQUARE-TOP PAPER CLIPS periority to thousands of

samples and prove your own satisfaction that they are the BEST and MOST ECONOMICAL.

Packed 10,000 to bor

F. O. B. Buffalo 10,000.

150 per 1,000 50,000.

10c per 1,000 100,000.

.8%2c per 1,000 500,000.

8c per 1,000 Buffalo Automatic Mfg. Co. 457 Washington St., Buffalo, N. Y.

[blocks in formation]

Classified Advertisements

HELP WANTED WANTED: I want an intelligent printing salesman. Where is the most intelligent man in America in this line? GENERAL PRINTING CORPORA. TION, FORT WAYNE, INDIANA.

Publicity man, press agent. Good man. State qualifications and experience in full. P. O. Box 34, Cranford, N. J.

Western agency has an opening for a young man between the ages of 21 and 27 who is able to make snappy layouts and write copy under direction of a bigger man. State age, experience and send samples of work with first letter. Box 611, care Printers' Ink.

I WANT A MAN with an idea, specialty, novelty or publication, in the Printing, Lithographing, Binding or Paper Line, that will keep my Hundred Thousand Dollar Plant so busy on my own stuff that I can cut out, eventually, competitive work for others. It's the finest plant on the Pacific Coast. Box 606, care Printers' Ink.

Young man, bright, educated, aggres sive in advertising department large re tal organization; unusual opening fo: someone who wants to learn--where conditions are favorable to a gooc future. Apply by letter only for in terview. Advertising Department The Bedell Company, 19 West 34th St. WANTED-Business manager for daily newspaper in northwest. Must have man who can show results and who is capable of earning a salary of $5,000. Prefer a man between the ages of 30 and 40. Also, prefer man who could become stockholder in corporation, even for a small investment. However, the purchase of stock is not a requirement. All correspondence confidential.

Ad. dress Box 605, care Printers' Ink. Wanted-Assistant in advertising department large National advertiser. Must be bright, energetic worker with good initiative and fairly broad experience covering publication, street-car and out-door mediums. Want man with trained artistic judgment in developing and handling color work of all kinds. Must also be accurate and thorough in supervising and following up accounting and service_details large, varied appropriations. Excellent opportunity. Give full details in first letter, which will be considered confidential, Box 622, Printers' Ink.

MONTHLY MAGAZINE OF NA TIONAL CHARACTER WITH BIG FUTURE WANTS ADVERTISING MANAGER ON COMMISSION. Must be experienced and familiar with the field. Can be worked in conjunction with another publication. Address, E. P. C., Box 1500, New York

Advertising Writer Wanted


[blocks in formation]


WANTED Must be a man of experience and judgment, who is a master at boiling down copy. Address JJ.K., Box 608, Printers' Ink


COPY MAN Fastest growing eastern agency handling large volume of mail order advertising is looking for a successful mail order copy man. Must be able to demonstrate record. This is one of the big oppor. tunities in the agency field. Write give ing full particulars first letter, which will be treated in confidence. Address Box 626, care Printers' Ink.

An automobile establishment with countrywide reputation for the quality of its literature wants a man who can write, as Assistant Advertising Manager.

get the

No artists in hyperbole need apply. The man we want must know how to use simple words forcefully-how to

facts home without flourish. House organ work, requiring fluency and great originality also required. This position will pay the right man a good salary. Applicants will be expected to state past experience in full and submit specimens of workmanship. Address Box 615, care Printers' Ink. Live Wire Middle West Adv. Agency has opening for experienced Copy and Plan Man between the ages of 25 and 40, who has behind him a proved record for results. We do not want a mere word-juggler but a man who can plan the campaign, write the copy and follow it through to completion should this be necessary

This man will be paid whatever he can make himself worth and his future opportunities for development will depend solely upon his own ability to produce.

In answering, state age, give experience in detail, send photograph and samples of work, state salary expected and how soon you can go to work. Box 612, care Printers' Ink.


MISCELLANEOUS PRINTERS' INK Sets or Single; Sell or Rent

S&M Inc. 450-4th Ave. N. Y. Advertising plays and educational industrial pictures are made and distributed by the E. I. S. Motion Picture Corp., 205 W. 40th St., New York City.

PUBLISHERS' OPPORTUNITY A publication printer, producing several high class magazines, desires to annex one or two others of moderately sized circulation. Box 607, Printers Ink. Can You “Sell” to Adv. Agencies ? Tell your business

story to every N. Y. C. Adv. Agency in the most efficient and economical way, $10.00 Covers Everything. Want FACTS? SCHWORM-MANDEL Inc., 450—4th Ave., N. Y.

PRESS CLIPPING BUREAU, 106-110 Seventh Avenue, New York City, sends newspaper clip.. pings on any subject in which you may be interested. Most reliable bureau. Write for circular and terms.

POSITIONS WANTED COPY WRITER, age 32, wants place with agency or as advertising manager, Strong on agricultural copy and direct literature. $50 per week. Box 619, care P. I. Opportunity desired with N. Y. firm. Have advertising and agency experi

Lay-outs, dummies and plans. Can assist with copy. Age 23. Address Box 610, care Printers' Ink. COPY WRITER. University man, having three years' experience as sales, man, several years' office work, would like position under direction of highgrade advertising man. Box 609, P. I.

I WANT A START Any beginner's position. Beginner's salary expected. Can run typewriter. College education; editorial experience, Age 20. Box 621, care Printers' Ink,

AD ARTIST Layouts, figures, designs, capable taking charge department. Ideas with punch. Twelve years newspaper and agency. Reliable.' Box 617, care Printers' Ink.

A CERTAIN PUBLISHER says of my work: "It is Salesmanship with a capital S." If you want a sales manager better write me now. I know advertising, too. Box 614, care Printers' Ink

Advertising and Sales Manager Highly recommended executive, systematizer and organizer seeks position offering future based results obtained through combination experience. Speaks French, German, English; knows mail order business and European market. Aggressive. Box 616, care P. I. Advertiser-Printer-Accountant If I were to mention the name of the large industrial corporation or that of the noted president with whom I am closely associated this ad would bring scores of replies. Present salary $6,000; expectant of more or less. portunity is of far greater importance. Box 620 care Printers' Ink.

I am no miracle worker, but I do know how to sell advertising space; nine years' experience has taught me the fine points. Not subject to draft. Good reasons for leaving present position. Box 628, care Printers Ink.

SPECIALTY SALESMAN Capable of earning $5,000 per annum, knows the basic principles of advertising, salesmanship and management. Ready for position with agency, publisher or rated, ambitious firm. Salary and bonus. Analyst, Box 625, Printers' Ink.

AS AN EXECUTIVE in your organization this young man would fit in very nicely. Age 31, married. Seven years with an agency that specializes in agricultural advertising. Last three years as member of the firm. Knows the farm market thoroughly. Excellent correspondent and auditor. Salary moderate. Address "A.," Box 624, care Printers' Ink. Practical experience has given applicant exceptional knowledge of sales ideas and layouts for large advertisers. Knows art work, engraving, printing and how to use them.

Three and one-half years with large Mail Order Company. Now employed as Assistant Sales and Adver. tising Manager. War order has limited chances. Desires position as service man with agency, large printery or in manufacturer's advertising department. Best references. Box 618, Printers' Ink. Young man,

27, married, wishes to locate with an Agency in New York City or Philadelphia. He is, at present, connected with a National Advertiser, but prefers Agency field, with greater opportunities for development in adver. tising. Three years general advertising experience. A capable artist at layouts and design (part of present work) backed by three years of previous study in this country and abroad. Can call for an interview. Box 613, care Printers' Ink.


[blocks in formation]


Advertising Manager

of three million dollar concern, experienced in modern advertising and inerchandising methods, desires new connection with established company. Age 27, married, seven years' practical sales and advertising experience. Have success. fully bandled Direct, Trade Journal and General Advertising Campaigns. Thor. ough knowledge of printing and engrav. ings. House Organ Editor. Box 630, care Printers' Ink.

A real op

PRINTERS' INK, July 5, 1917

Your Future Partners : House Policies That Develop Them.

Edward Mott Woolley

How Some Well-known Concerns Are "Forcing" the Selection of Men
Who Have Unusual Potentialities.

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