Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Volum 18

Royal Society of New Zealand., 1886
Includes proceedings of member institutes of the Society and of the Society's Science Congress through v. 84, 1956/57.

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Side 53 - If a straight line meets two straight lines, so as to make the two interior angles on the same side of it taken together less than two right angles...
Side 59 - ... but he knows this as of Here and Now ; beyond his range is a There and Then of which he knows nothing at present, but may ultimately come to know more. So,, you see, there is a real parallel between the work of Copernicus and his successors on the one hand, and the work of Lobatchewsky and his successors on the other.
Side 377 - ... existence as a luminary would be prolonged by calling into requisition a limited, though may be large, store of energy in the form of separated matter. The true solution of the problem will be furnished by a theory, according to which the radiant energy which is now supposed to be dissipated into space and irrecoverably lost to our solar system, could be arrested and brought back in another form to the sun itself, there to continue the work of solar radiation.
Side 59 - ... is just as well known, if the Euclidean assumptions are true, as the geometry of any portion of this room. ... So that here we have real knowledge of something at least that concerns the Cosmos; something that is true throughout the Immensities and the Eternities.
Side 158 - Antennae f of forewings, in male serrate, clothed with extremely long fine cilia (5-6), basal joint elongate, without pecten. Labial palpi moderately long, smoothly scaled, recurved, second joint hardly thickened or somewhat rough beneath, terminal joint as long as second, acute. Maxillary palpi obsolete. Posterior tibiae clothed with long hairs above. Forewings with vein 1 furcate, 2 absent (coincident with 3), 8, 4, 5 approximated, 6 rising out of 7 or separate, 7 to costa.
Side 59 - ... future eternity. He knows, indeed, that the laws assumed by Euclid are true with an accuracy that no direct experiment can approach, not only in this place where we are, but in places at a distance from us that no astronomer has conceived ; but he knows this as of Here and Now ; beyond his range is a There and Then of which he knows nothing at present, but may ultimately come to know more.
Side 59 - ... properties as space and time everything was accurately known. The very constitution of those parts of it which are at an infinite distance from us, 'geometry upon the plane at infinity...
Side xii - ... for their own management, and shall conduct their own affairs. 8. Upon application signed by the Chairman and countersigned by the Secretary of any Society, accompanied by the certificate required under Rule No. 1, a certificate of incorporation will be granted under the Seal of the Institute...
Side xv - Thursday of each month during the months from March to November inclusive. 35. Members of the Institute shall pay one guinea annually as a subscription to the funds of the Institute. The subscription shall be due on the first of November in every year. Any member whose subscription shall be twelve months in arrear shall cease to be a member of the Institute, but he may be restored by the Council if it sees fit. 37. Members may compound for all annual subscriptions of the current and future years...
Side 387 - FL8., and EA Wallace, FLS The members now on the roll of the Institute are : — Honorary members 80 Ordinary members — Auckland Institute ... ... ... 804 Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute ... 121 Wellington Philosophical Society ... 250 Westland Institute 110 Philosophical Institute, Canterbury ... 149 Otago Institute ... ... ... 161 Southland Institute ... ... ... 70 Nelson Philosophical Society 100 Total 1,295 The volumes of Transactions now in stock are : Vol. I. (second edition), 895; Vol.

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