he had done so more than once, and that, in fact, it was the burden of his exhortations to Herod. Herod could not endure this. Aware that his life was wrong, he would not so battle with his favourite sin as to put it right. He therefore smothers conscience, and immures John in the dungeon, that he may sin in quiet and at pleasure overhead. (3) Still he cannot get rid of the matter so. He would satisfy conscience if the matter would but admit of compromise. He restrains Herodias, who would have made short work with John, (see Mark vi. 19.) He fell in with the common estimate of John, that he was a prophet, (v. 5.) He feared John himself, and when he heard him, did many things gladly, (Mark vi. 20;) perhaps from a desire to compromise and atone for his great outstanding sin. (4) Sin was meanwhile cherished, and, as a necessary result, increased its power over him. In the circumstances, his conscience could not but be weakened and darkened, and evil could not but be gaining force and momentum in those assaults upon him, which might at any time sweep him away. (5,) Evil at length triumphs. The struggle had been going on. John was still alive, and Herod conversing occasionally with him. Herodias knows of it, and lays her plans accordingly. A “convenient day," (see Mark vi. 21,) a day with circumstances suitable for her fell purpose, soon comes round. The feast, the dance, are all contrived and arranged by her. The sinful oath, the request, the compliance, although reluctant, are all parts of the sad tragedy, all downward steps to that point and state, where the restraints of principle and conscience are finally snapped, and sin and evil are triumphant, (see v. 6-11.)

III. Connect all this with the history of Jesus. The fame of Jesus reaches Herod; and conscience, which had been smitten in John's dungeon, rises, we might almost say, from the dead, and assails him with its terrors. v. 1, "He,” that is, he himself; he, and no other, has risen from the dead; and Mark vi. 16, “ whom I beheaded.” In both there is the emphasis which conscience, goaded by fear and guilt, compelled him to give. Still he does not accept Jesus; and in the latest scenes of the Saviour's life, the guilty part which Pilate performs with a reluctance which almost gains our sympathy, certainly our pity, Herod commits with a ready flippant malignity, (see Luke xxiii. 8-11,) which shews how evil had gained upon him.

In closing, refer again to John,-his work, his faithfulness, his martyrdom for truth. Dwell specially upon sin in connection with Herod—its nature, its danger,

Warn specially against only one sin, “that rotting inward slowly moulders all;" and, in closing the lessons of the year, point to the Saviour, who was called Jesus, because He was to save His people from their sins.

Memory Exercise—Shorter Catechism 52.—Paraphrase lix. 1-4.

Subject to be Proved–The Fear of Man bringeth a Snare.

its power.

Text for Non-Reading Classes. “But when Herod's birth-day was kept, the daughter of Herodias danced before them, and pleased Herod. Whereupon he promised with an oath to give her whatsoever she would ask.” —Matthew xiv. 6, 7.

















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