Science without Religion is insane; Reason without Revelation gropes about in the dark; and Philosophy loses her holy ordination as priestess of the Most High, unless she be faithful in her office as the bearer both of incense and of light.

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Intelligence. GLASGOW SABBATH SCHOOL UNION. Statistics' Committee submitted drafts - The ordinary meeting of Directors of the Statistical Schedules proposed was held on Monday evening, 21st to be issued at the close of the year, October. Preliminary to the business, which were approved of. and in keeping with the proposal of SOUTHERN DISTRICT SABBATH the London Sabbath School Union, SCHOOL UNION. — The bi-monthly a short meeting for special prayer meeting of this Union was held in was held. Reports of the proceed- Buchanan's Temperance Hotel, on the ings of the following District Unions evening of the 23rd September, at were read, - viz., Middle, North- 8 o'clock. It was intimated that the Eastern,

Partick and Hillhead, Rev. Dr. M‘Auslane, of London, South-Eastern, Southern, and North- would preach the Annual Sermon Western. On their own recommend on behalf of the Union about the ation the Publications Committee middle of December. The letter on were empowered to raise, if possible, Sabbath School entertainments was £50 to assist in supplying Sabbath submitted to the meeting, but there School Societies with the Library was no remedy agreed upon for the Books of the London Union at a evil complained of. It was reported greatly reduced rate, and to have that Mr. Morrison, of the Free the scheme carried out immediately. Normal School, had kindly consented The completed Lesson Sheet for 1873 to conduct the Model Lesson Class was submitted, and approved. The during November and December. Public Meetings Committee reported Several communications from Moderthe arrangements for the Model ators of Kirk-Sessions and Sabbath Lesson Class. In addition to Mr. School Societies were read by the Morrison taking charge of it during President, generally favourable to November and December, on the the celebration of the Lord's Supper South-side, Mr. Richard Chalmers by Sabbath School Teachers. The had agreed to conduct it, during circular on Universal Prayer having January and February, 1873, in the been placed before the meeting, it West-end, and Mr. Ć. D. 'Wason, was resolved, that on Sabbath, 'the during March and April, in the 20th day of October, a Specal Prayer East-end. A quantity of copies of the Meeting be held in Erskine Hall

, and Report of the Perth Convention pro- that printed notices be circulated

now being printed, was among the teachers, setting forth the authorized to be purchased. The nature of the meeting. A general


outline of the proceedings at the Stephen's Church, for the purpose of Perth Sabbath School Convention holding a conference of the teachers was given by the President, Mr. of the district on matters relating to Aird, and Mr. M'Callum made a few Sabbath school work. Mr. Gray preremarks on the impressions of the sided, and after devotional exercises, gathering

conducted by the Rev. John Douglas, SOUTH-EASTERN SABBATH SCHOOL Mr. J. N. Cuthbertson read a paper UNION.—The usual bi-monthly meet-on a few Personalities to Sabbath ing of this Union was held on School Teachers, Mr. William Keddie Thursday evening, 10th October— gave an address on Local Schools and James Templeton, Esq., in the chair. District Visitation, and the Chairman A letter from the General Union gave a short account of the proceedregarding a proposal to hold all Sab- ings of the Sabbath School Convention bath school entertainments between at Perth. The meeting, though thinly the 15th December and 15th January attended, was altogether most agreewas read, and the matter referred to able, the addresses being more than Schools' Committee, with the sugges- usually interesting and instructive. tion, that from 15th December to 15th MIDDLE DISTRICT SABBATH SCHOOL January would probably be found UNION.—The usual bi-monthly meetthe most suitable time. Another ing of this Union was held on 8th letter from the General Union, invit- October — Mr. John Steel in the ing special prayer for the scholars of chair. The Committee appointed to our schools, was also laid before the make arrangements for Music Class, meeting. It was agreed to order reported, that having been unsuccessfifty copies of the report of the Perth ful in procuring the Hall of AnderConvention. Messrs. Wm. E. Robert- sonian University, they were unable son and James Miller, representatives to carry out the instructions of last of this Union at the Convention in meeting. The Committee was reapPerth, gave interesting and sugges- pointed, with full powers to arrange for tive reports of the proceedings. It a Music Class if a suitable Hall could was remitted to the Public Meetings be obtained. The Magic Lantern hay. Committee to arrange for a social ing been put into thorough working meeting of the Union, to be held in order, it was intimated that Societies November.

would shortly be advised of the terms NORTH-WESTERN SABBATH SCHOOL on which they could have an exhibi. UNION.-The Union met on the tion of it to their scholars. The Halfevening of Tuesday, the 8th October. Yearly Prayer Meeting was held in The Directors and representatives the Hall of the Free Tron Church, met at 7.30, and considered the on 22nd September, about 100 being subject of Sabbath school enter- present. The Visitation Committee tainments, attention to which had submitted a circular offering to visit been solicited by the General Union Societies at their Business Meetings, and the Western District Union. and suggesting several subjects for A unanimous opinion was expressed consideration. One of the Delegates as to the desirability of putting down to the Convention at Perth handed Soiree Hunting on the part of the in a written report of the proceedings, scholars;

but the meeting was not so and the Delegates were awarded a unanimous as to the adoption of the vote of thanks for their attendance. suggestion, that in order to do so Mr. Laird gave an interesting report of these entertainments should be held the business which had occupied the in one week. At the close of the attention of the General Union at consideration of this subject, the its recent meetings. A circular from Directors and representatives ad- the Western Union, and a letter from journed to the large hall of Free St. the Secretary of the General Union, was read to the meeting, regarding | Sabbath of the month, and only to Sabbath School entertainments. Va regular attenders. The consideration rious opinions were expressed, but of the stationary or retrogressive it was ultimately decided to request character of Sabbath schools in the the Visitation Committee to ascer-city, adjourned from last meeting, tain if Sabbath School Societies would was then taken up; and the Secretary, be willing to carry out the sugges- in accordance with instructions, read tion of the Western Union, and have a statement compiled from the Statistall their entertainments in one week. ics of the North-Eastern District for The circulars from the London Sunday the last three years. Comparing 1869 School Union and General Union with 1870, there was an increase of 10 were also read, suggesting special teachers, 324 children on roll, and prayer on certain days for Sunday 396 in attendance. Comparing 1870 schools; and representatives were re- with 1871, there was a decrease of quested to see that the matter was 15 teachers, an increase of 204 childbrought before their several Societies. ren on roll, and a decrease of 332 in

NORTH-EASTERN DISTRICT UNION. attendance. Comparing 1869 with -The ordinary meeting of this Union 1871, there appears to be a decrease was held on the evening of Monday, of 5 teachers, and an increase of 528 7th October. There were present 13 children on the roll, and 64 in attendDistricts, and Mr Salmon, the presi- ance. The following facts were also dent, occupied the chair. After the brought out:-I. TeachersIn 7 sousual routine business, the Convener cieties, the number of_teachers has of the Visitation Committee reported remained stationary: In 4 of these that arrangements had been completed the number of scholars has also refor the usual visits being paid to mained stationary, while 3 shew schools in the District. The Chair- an increase. In 10 societies, the man made a report regarding the number of teachers has increased. Institute under the care of Free St. In 8 of these the number of scholars John's congregation, for the establish- has also increased, while 2 shew a ment of which they had received decrease. In 14 societies, the num£100 from the legacy of £300 given to ber of teachers has decreased. In 9 the Union by the Trustees of the late of these, the number of scholars has Alex. Mitchell, Esq. Two rooms in also decreased, while 5 shew an inDuncan St. had been specially fitted crease. II. Scholars.-In 14 socie. up for the purpose; £45 had already ties there has been an increase both been subscribed of the £60 required on roll and in attendance.

In 8 by the terms of the Bequest; 32 societies there has been a decrease young men had already expressed a both on roll and in attendance. In desire to join, and it was being opened those societies where there has been that evening by Professor Keddie. an increase of both teachers and A letter from the secretary of the scholars, the proportion is 12 on roll General Union anent Sabbath school and 10 in attendance per teacher. In entertainments was then read. From those societies where there had been the statements of those present, it a decrease of both teachers and schowould appear that in a majority of lars, the proportion is 28 on roll, cases Soirees take place during Jan. and 20 in attendance for each teacher. uary and February. It was therefore -Consideration of the above statesuggested that February be named ment led the meeting to the conclusion as a suitable month within which all that practically the schools had made such entertainments might be held. no advance during the last three It was also suggested in connection years, and that this could be accountwith this subject, that Periodicals ed for only by a deficient supply of should be given uniformly on the first teachers. The responsibility for this rested upon congregations, and the The matter was remitted to the visitonly remedy was to stir up the ing Committee to report to next churches to deeper earnestness and meeting. greater zeal on behalf of the Sabbath THE JESUIT FATHERS. —According school. It was afterwards resolved to the Edinburgh Courant, a number to hold the Annual Social Conference of the Jesuit Fathers expelled from of teachers in the district on Friday, Germany have arrived at the Jesuit 220 November.

establishment in Lauriston Place, PARTICK AND HILLHEAD SABBATH Ed urgh. SCHOOL UNION.—The bi-monthly THE GUILDFORD MISSION—THE meeting of this Union was held on 10th OLD SOLDIER.–We have received October. A letter from the General our annual communication from Mr. Union referring to entertainments Robert Macdonald, an old soldier, was read. It was thought desirable and formerly a Sabbath school teacher that these should be arranged to take in Glasgow, who has for twelve years place about the same time, to prevent conducted a Mission school for boys children wandering from school to in Guildford, Surrey, reporting the school in the hope of sharing in them progress of that useful enterprise. all. It was accordingly agreed to The opening of the new hall and recommend the Societies connected schools in the month of September with the Union to have their enter- last, attracted a large assembly of all tainments during the second week classes of the inhabitants of the townof February. The proposal to have the Mayor of Guildford presiding. a Social Meeting in connection with The meeting was commenced with the Union was discussed; it was devotional exercises. The school was ultimately agreed that it should be instituted in 1860, to provide secular deferred till March. Circulars from and religious instruction to poor the Glasgow Sabbath School Union boys, and, where possible, to procure and London Sunday School Union, for them suitable employment. It is on the subject of Universal Prayer unconnected with any sect or party, on behalf of Sabbath Schools, were and the varied and respectable attendlaid before the meeting. It was in- ance at the meeting shews the general timated that a prayer meeting of the confidence in which it is held. The teachers had been arranged for the number of boys presently on the roll evening of the Fast-day, in the Hall is 500, most of whom, according to of Newton Place Church. The con- the annual report, would, but for the vener of the Visiting Committee school, be wandering in the streets. reported that arrangements had been The Rev. F. Paynter, Rector of made for visiting the different Sabbath Stoke, said he felt it to be a great schools during the winter, most of honour and privilege to assist in any the Societies having signified their way in furthering such a good work. willingness to receive deputations He believed it to be a work for God, from the Union. It was reported on and in the man God had raised up behalf of the Visiting Committee that they had a very efficient instrument they had arranged to have a model for carrying it out. It was not every class during the months of November, one who had the knack of drawing December, January, and February, children of a class such as come to on Thursday evenings, in the Hall of these schools; and when a man came Newton Place Church. Dr. Morrison, forward that had the knack, whose Messrs. Ashcroft, Begbie, and Bis- heart was filled with love to those sett, had agreed to take part in poor children, and whose work was conducting it. Some conversation so manifestly owned and blessed by took place as to the boundaries of the God, the least they could do was to districts of the various Sabbath schools. bid him “God speed," and to do what

lay in their power to assist him. | evening there was a tea meeting, The Rev. Mr. Tate, of Send and where the ladies shewed their interRipely, said, that day was his own est in the school and its work. The harvest thanksgiving, and he did not expense of obtaining the new premises, think he could have had a more by transforming part of an old facappropriate beginning for his evening tory, leaves a deficiency of about service than having been permitted £150; but we hope the worthy old to take part in a meeting like the soldier will soon be relieved from this present. For twelve years Mr. Mac- burden. Any assistance, he assures donald has been sowing seed in much us, from former friends and scholars faith and patience. He was a true in Glasgow, (his school was in a back hero. It was comparatively easy to court behind Knox's church, Portland carry on a work when one was ap- Street,) will be especially acceptable. plauded, when every effort was ap- Mr. Macdonald mentions to us that preciated, and the eyes of the public he finds it absolutely necessary, for were on us; but not so easy to go on the protection of his youthful charge, day after day, and night after night, to urge them to abstain from strong holding on the even tenour of our way, drink and tobacco-smoking, the latter without encouragement or notice, and practice amongst boys leading to the feeling perhaps sometimes that our former. Referring to the fruits of motives were misunderstood and mis- the religious instruction and superinterpreted—to say what was right intendence in the school, he writes: must be done, and should be done, –“Did you only hear the earnest under all costs and circumstances. prayers of some of those youths and This was a true harvest thanksgiving young men, who some years ago were He said, “God bless such a work." ringleaders in wickedness, their love Mr. Macdonald had great courage, and humbleness of heart would do for he was an old soldier.-In the you good.”



THE PASSAGE OF THE JORDAN.-Joshua iii. The Israelites had a terror of the walled towns of Canaan. The spies sent by Moses returned with this amongst other disheartening intelligence, " The cities are walled and very great.” Of a different spirit were the two trusty spies of Joshua, who returned from their exploration of Jericho with the cheering and assuring report, “ Truly the Lord hath delivered into our hands all the land; for even ali the inhabitants of the country do faint because of us. Forthwith the order was issued by Joshua, to prepare for the passage of the Jordan. The order, as recorded in chap. i. 11, is considered to belong to this place, as following upon the return of the spies, which seems the more probable, as it is succeeded by the expression of the people's readiness to follow their leader with all alacrity and obedience, (i. 16-18.) : Verses'1.6.–From their camping ground the Israelites removed to the border of the river, where three days were employed in the necessary preparations. They were required to make ready victuals, and “ sanctify,” or solemnize themselves. To-morrow,” meaning the fourth day, “the Lord will do wonders among you," said the faithful commander. The river was fordable during most part of the year; it was now in the flood of harvest time; and, by the way, the winnowing of flax on the flat house-top of Rahab's inn, affords a corroborative testimony to the season. A leader with less faith in the promise of God would have looked at the vast encumbered host, and, without the means of embarking them on the turbulent

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