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the wreck of the steamer“ Bohemian," when the mother said she must let go, and be drowned. Her little girl said, Hold on a little longer, mother! don't let go now: Jesus walked on the water and saved Peter, and perhaps He will save us. The little girl's words so strengthened her mother, that she held on a few moments more, when a boat was sent to them, which took them safely to shore.

109. Expect opposition. At a certain council of war, it was remarked by a lord present, that the enemy had many pieces of ordnance planted in a certain place, where it would be very dangerous to fight. My lords,” said the valiant commander, "if you fear the mouth of a cannon you must never come into the field.” So the Christian must nerve himself for strong opposition from the great enemy, if he seeks to be useful to his Master. He cannot stand up manfully for Jesus without having many seeking to cast him down, and the worst foe of all will be found in his own bosom.-S. S. Teacher.

110. Love and hate.—Love and hate live and grow together in the heart. When they wax, they wax together; when they wane, they wane together. I mean real love of good and real hate of evil. If you

increase in love of good, you will also, and by the same act, increase in the loathing of evil; if you have learnt to loathe sin more, you have also, at the same moment, learnt to rejoice more heartily in holiness.-Arnot. LESSON LII.-Points for illustration :- Tribulations (111, 112)—“for

the elect's sake"-forewarned and forearmed-Jesus shall come

again (Acts i. 11)-the gathering together. 111. Tribulations.—We never know how near we are to danger. We are like blind men wandering near the edge of a precipice, the mouth of a well, or the margin of a deep pit; and then God, by a severe wrench, it may be, and a violent jerk that puts us to some pain, and gives us a severe shock, plucks us from the ruin that we saw not. Oh what hairbreadth escapes from destruction, effected, perhaps, by some distressing visitation, shall we in eternity be made to understand that we experienced on earth! We now often stand amazed at some sore trial; we cannot conjecture why it was sent; we see no purpose it was to serve, no end it was to accomplish; but there was an Omniscient Eye that saw what we did not and could not see, and He sent forth this event to pluck our feet from the net which had been spread for them. How we shall adore God in heaven for these preventing mercies that came in the form of some dark and inexplicable event, but which filled us at the same time with lamentation and woe !-J. A. James.

112. Definition of Tribulation.—We all know, in a general way, that this word means affliction, sorrow, anguish; but it is worth our while to know how it means this. It is derived from the Latin tribulum, which was the threshing instrument or roller whereby the Roman husbandmeu separated the corn from the husks; and tribulatio, in its primary significance, was the act of this separation. But some Latin writer of the Christian Church appropriated the word and image for the setting forth of a higher truth; and sorrow, distress, and adversity being the appointed means for the separating, in men, of their chaff from their wheat-of

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whatever in them was light, and trivial, and poor, from the solid and the true—therefore be called their sorrows and their griefs tribulatiothreshings; that is, of the inner, spiritual man, without which there could be no fitting him for the heavenly garner.-Trench. LESSON LIII.—Points for illustration :—The unknown time (113)—

watch (114, 115)—be ye also ready (116)—the portion of the unpre

pared—the reward of the wise. 113. The hidden future.-God will not suffer man to have the knowledge of things to come: for if he had prescience of his prosperity, he would be careless, and understanding of his adversity, he would be senseless.-Augustine.

114. Duty of watchfulness.—A believer's watchfulness is like that of a soldier. A sentinel posted on the walls, when he discerns a hostile party advancing, does not attempt to make head against them himself, but informs his commanding officer of the enemy's approach, and leaves him to take the proper measures against the foe. So the Christian does not attempt to fight temptation in his own strength : his watchfulness lies in observing its approach, and in telling God of it by prayer.Mason.

115. Watchfulness.—When Pompeii was destroyed there were many buried in the ruins of it, who were afterwards found in different situations. There were some found in deep vaults, as if they had gone thither for security; others were found in the streets, as if they had been attempting to make their escape; there were some found in lofty chambers. But where did they find the Roman sentinel? They found him standing at the city gate, with his hand still grasping his war weapon, where he had been placed by his captain. And there, where the heavens threatened him—there, where the earth shook beneath him—there, where the lava stream rolled, he stood at his post; and there, after a thousand years had passed away, he was found. So let Christians learn to stand to their duty, willing to stand at the post on which their Captain has placed them, and they will find that grace will support and sustain them.

116. Getting ready for heaven.—"Mamma,” said a child,“ my Sunday school teacher tells me that this world is only a place in which God lets us live a little while that we may prepare for a better world: but, mother, I do not see anybody preparing. I see you preparing to go into the country, and aunt Eliza is preparing to come here; but I do not see any one preparing to go to heaven. If everybody wants to go there, why don't they try to get ready?






















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