you have stated. I understand that the 9th and Royals have arrived at Lisbon.

· I am also much obliged to you for recollecting my wishes in favor of Campbell. I am very anxious for his promotion which the Duke of York certainly intended he should have. • I can give you no news.

The French threaten us on all points, and are most desirous to get rid of us. But they threaten upon too many points at a time to give me much uneasiness respecting any one in particular, and they shall not induce me to disconnect my army.

· I am in a situation in which no mischief can be done to the army, or to any part of it; I am prepared for all events; and if I am in a scrape, as appears to be the general belief in England, although certainly not my own, I'll get out of it.

• Believe me, &c. Lieut. Colonel Torrens.'


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Rep. 146.2

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