Whale and other fish oil of American fisheries, and other articles, the produce of said fisheries


Woad or pastel
Wood, log
Wood, Brazil
Wood, Brazilletto

Wood, Nicaragua
Wood, red

Wood, cam

Wood, Sandal, dust

Wood, all other, used in dyeing

Wood, unmanufactured, except mahogany, rose, and satin
Wire, brass, suited to the manufacture of pins




Register's Office, July 2, 1841.

T. L. SMITH, Register

No. 6.

Articles subject to duties less than 20 per cent., either specific or ad valerem, to be raised to a duty of 20 per cent. by the proposed bill.

Articles subject to a duty of five per cent. ad valorem.

Blankets, woollen, the value of which at the place whence exported, shall not exceed 75 cents each.

Matting usually made of flags or any other material
Wire, silvered or plated

Articles subject to a duly of ten per cent. ad valorem.

Silk, all manufactures of, or of which, silk shall be a component material, coming from beyond the Cape of Good Hope, except sewing silk Saddlery, common tinned, and japanned

Articles subject to a duty of twelve per cent. ad valorem.

Wire, square, used for umbrella stretchers, cut in pieces not exceeding the length for stretchers

Articles subject to a duty of 12 per cent.

Brazil paste

Brazil pebble for spectacles

Bristol stones

Furs, dressed

Gold lace

Laces, thread and cotton


Raw silk

Veils, lace

Whalebone, of foreign fishing

Articles subject to a duty of 15 per cent.

Almond paste
Amber beads

Articles, all, not specified in the act of the 14th July, 1832, either as free, or as liable to a different duty, (that is to say, than 15 per cent.,) and which, by the then existing laws, were liable to an ad valorem duty higher than 15 per cent., to pay an ad valorem duty of 15 per cent. Balsams, cosmetic


Baskets, of straw or grass

Beads, wax or amber

Beads, all others, not otherwise enumerated

Bergamot, essential oil of

Blue, Prussian

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Copper, brazier's

Copper bottoms, cut round and turned up on the edge, &c.

Down of all kinds

Duck, sail

Emetic, tartar

Fancy or perfumed soaps
Feathers, for beds

Gold leaf

Grass baskets

Hair bracelets

Hair, brooms of

Hair cloth, and hair seating

Hair, not made up for head dresses

Lemon, essential oil of


Lavender, essential oil of

Lead, all manufactures of, not otherwise specified, or of which lead is a component material

Leaf, gold

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Roses, essential oil of
Salad oil

Seating, hair, and haircloth

Shell boxes

Soaps, fancy or perfumed, shaving and others, including Windsor and washballs

[blocks in formation]

No. 7.

Articles paying a duty of less than 20 per cent. ad valorem continued at their present duties by the proposed bill.

41 1940 24#adoregorgan 10 #29000


Acid, muriatic

Acid, sulphuric, or oil of vitriol

Acid, tartaric


Aqua fortis

Blue vitriol


Carbonate of soda

Corrosive sublimate



Gold and silver and other watches, and parts of watches.
Gold and silver lace, and all articles composed wholly or
chiefly of gold or silver -

Gems and precious stones, and pearls of all kinds, when set
Jewellery of gold, pastes, &c.
Lead, nitrate of

Lead, red, ground in oil'
Lead, white,
Lead, sugar of
Magnesia, sulphate of
Potash, bichromate of
Potash, chromate of
Potash, prussiate of
Salts, glauber
Salts, Rochelle

Sulphate of quinine
Sublimate, corrosive

Stones, precious, of all kinds, set

Saltpetre, refined

Present duty.

12 per ct. 3 cts per lb.

15 per ct.

2.50 per cwt. 12 per ct. 4 cts per lb. 15 per ct. -$15 per ct. $15 per ct. 15 per ct. 2.00 per cwt. 124 per et.

124 per ct.

124 per ct.
191 per ct.

124 per ct.
5 cts per lb.

5 cts per lb.

5 cts per


15 per ct.

15 per ct.

12 per ct.

12 per ct.

12 per ct.

2 cts per lb.

15 per ct.

15 per ct.

15 per ct.

12 per ct.

3 cts. per lb.

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