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Strings for musical instruments




Tartar, crude


Teutenague or Tutenag (an alloy of copper and zinc)

Tin foil, used in dyeing

Tin, in pigs and bars

Tin, in plates and sheets

Tips of bone or horn

Tortoise shell

Trees and plants


Tools of trade of persons arriving in the United States

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Wearing apparel, and other personal baggage in actual use, of persons

riving in the United States

Whale and other fish oil of American fisheries, and other articles, the pro

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Wood, cam

Wood, Sandal, dust

Wood, all other, used in dyeing

Wood, unmanufactured, except mahogany, rose, and satin
Wire, brass, suited to the manufacture of pins

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No. 6.

Articles subject to duties less than 20 per cent., either specific or ad valerem, to be raised to a duty of 20 per cent. by the proposed bill.

Articles subject to a duty of five per cent. ad valorem.

Blankets, woollen, the value of which at the place whence exported, shall not exceed 75 cents each.

Matting usually made of flags or any other material

Wire, silvered or plated

Articles subject to a duly of ten per cent. ad valorem.

Silk, all manufactures of, or of which, silk shall be a component material, coming from beyond the Cape of Good Hope, except sewing silk Saddlery, common tinned, and japanned

Articles subject to a duty of twelve per cent. ad valorem.

Wire, square, used for umbrella stretchers, cut in pieces not exceeding the length for stretchers

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Almond paste

Amber beads

Articles subject to a duty of 15 per cent.

Articles, all, not specified in the act of the 14th July, 1832, either as free, or as liable to a different duty, (that is to say, than 15 per cent.,) and which, by the then existing laws, were liable to an ad valorem duty higher than 15 per cent., to pay an ad valorem duty of 15 per cent. Balsams, cosmetic

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Copper, brazier's

Copper bottoms, cut round and turned up on the edge, &c.

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Lavender, essential oil of

Lead, all manufactures of, not otherwise specified, or of which lead is a

component material

Leaf, gold

Lemon, essential oil of

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Soaps, fancy or perfumed, shaving and others, including Windsor and


Straw baskets

Tartar emetic

Tiles, building

Tiles paving

Tooth powder

Tobacco, unmanufactured



Wax beads

Windsor soap.


Register's Office, July 2, 1841.

T. L. SMITH, Register.

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