For commencing dyke to Drunken Dick shoal, for preservation of Sullivan's island, and site of Fort Moultrie," Charleston harbor, South Carolina

For Fort Pulaski, Savannah river, Georgia

For repairs of Fort Marion, St. Augustine, Florida
For continuing sea-wall at St. Augustine, Florida

For Fort Pickens, Pensacola harbor, Florida.
For Fort Barrancas, Pensacola, Florida

$30,000 00

35,000 00

20,000 00

5,000 00

20,000 00

45,000 00

For Fort Morgan, Mobile Point, Alabama

40,000 00

For Fort Livingston, Barrataria bay, Louisiana

30,000 00

For repairs of other forts on the approaches to New Or

leans, Louisiana

[blocks in formation]

For defensive works, and barracks, and purchase of site at or near Detroit, Michigan

50,000 00

For purchase of site, and for barracks and defensive works at or near Buffalo, New York

50,000 00

For fortifications at the outlet of Lake Champlain, and purchase of site

75,000 00

For defensive works, barracks, and other necessary buildings, and purchase of site for a depot at or near the junction of the Mata wankeag and Penobscot rivers, Maine For contingencies of fortifications

25,000 00

15,000 00

55,500 00

25,000 00

75,000 00

100,000 00

For incidental expenses attending repairs of fortifications -
For current expenses of ordnance service -
For purchase of ordnance and ordnance stores
For armament of fortifications

For purchase of saltpetre and brimstone

For preventing and suppressing Indian hostilities, viz: For balance required, in addition to the sum applicable out of the amount appropriated at the last session of Congress, for arrearages of pay due Florida militia called into service by the Governor of the Territory in eighteen hundred and forty

For arrearages of pay due Florida militia, commanded by Brigadier General Read, for six months in the service of the United States, commencing November, eighteen hundred and forty, and terminating April, eighteen hundred and forty-one

For arrearages of pay due to a battalion of Georgia militia
for service on the frontiers of Georgia and Florida, in
eighteen hundred and forty and eighteen hundred and

For the Quartermaster's Department the sum of -
For surveys in reference to the military defences of the
frontier, inland and Atlantic

For arrearages due for roads, harbors, and rivers, where
'public works and improvements have hitherto been
made, and for the protection of public property now on
hand at these places, and for arrearages for surveys and
completing maps authorized by the act of March third,
one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine

20,000 00

19,388 02

297,213 92

78,495 99 440,040 00

30,000 00

40,000 00

For defraying the expenses of selecting a suitable site on the Western waters for the establishment of a national armory, a sum not exceeding

For the construction or armament of such armed steamers or other vessels for defence on the Northwestern lakes as the President may think most proper, and as may be authorized by the existing stipulations between this and the British Government

H. R. No. 9.

$5,000 00

[ocr errors]

.100,000 00

An act making an appropriation for the purchase of naval ordnance and ordnance stores, and for other purposes.

For the purpose of purchasing ordnance and ordnance stores for the use of the Navy of the United States

H. R. No. 10.

For carrying into effect an act making appropriation for the pay, subsistence, &c., of a home squadron

H. R. No. 17.

An act making appropriations for outfits and salaries of
diplomatic agents, and for other purposes.

For outfits of ministers to Russia, Spain, Mexico, and
Brazil, and of chargés d'affaires to Portugal, Denmark,
Sardinia, Naples, Chili, and Texas

600,000 00

789,310 00

63,000 00

For salaries of ministers to Spain and Brazil, for the residue of the current year

[ocr errors]

For salaries of the secretaries of legation to the same places

Also, so much as may be necessary to pay, for compensa

tion, to the clerks and other officers in the service of the two Houses, the librarian and assistant librarians of Congress, the gate-keeper and lamp-lighter, for the services rendered by them during the present extra session, three months' additional pay; and to the messengers, assistant messengers, pages, and laborers of the two Houses and Library of Congress, and to the hostler of the House of Representatives, the usual allowances made at the close of each session; and to each of the police of the Capitol the same as to the messengers, to be paid under the direction of the Committee on the Contingent Fund of each House. And the regular pay of the messenger of the office of the Secretary of the Senate and office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives shall be equal to the pay of any other permanent messenger employed in the Capitol

8,000 00

1,800 00

26,477 50

For completing the contract for printing and binding the catalogue of the library

H. R. No. 22..

For carrying into effect an act to provide for repairing the
Potomac bridge

H. R. No. 29.

For carrying into effect an act to provide for placing Greenough's statue of Washington in the rotundo of the Capitol, and for expenses therein mentioned.

H. R. No. 30.

For carrying into effect an act making provision for the
Post Office Department

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15,806 00

20,100 00

497,657 00

$5,043,705 02


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